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Everything Comes In a Pair!!?

I don't particularly like even number. 
I have 3 adorable children and almost all friends I know would ask me if I'd want one more child, just to make the number EVEN!!! lol

He**, no!! 3 is a crowd!! ^^

So what comes in a pair do I mean by that!!!? Here, I'd love to share a fancy restaurant w/ you. I mean fancy only because it gives not only an architectural aesthetic in its interior design but also the creativity of both the food, and the cocktail they served!! 



The cold steel and the wood give it a very urban decay look!

Chicken tight stuffed w/ rice. 
(Pardon me, I can't type Chinese)
Seafood Rocks. (My fave.)

First round of our cocktail!

Our second round of cocktail!! 

I like their hand-written cocktail ingredients coasters!...yes, ah, hand-writting!!

This is the side/bottom look of their home-made pudding....w/ ricotta specially yummy!! ^^
I told my cousin that I can only have two round of cocktail .... well, you know... age? Nop, just don't like drink "FAT" into my body. lol
Thanks to my cousin who took me there!!

After one pair of Karen Walker, here comes another...."Rover" in orange!!
Nay, I wish I could have it!! ^^

Love this Chanel 226 reissue in black..... I don't have to worry about a thing carrying it around!!

Time to do work-out........ 
Stay tuned for more excellent BARS in Taipei!! ^O^
xoxo Rachel


blingmistress said…
Hey Rachel

I've been lurking on your blog for the longest time! Glad to see you are back in Taipei(I recently made the move to Taipei from Australia) and am loving it!

I was at Karen Walker on the weekend too and saw so many new things I would love to have but alas my wallet said no!!!

I stumbled across this shop called Enigma today Near Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT and they've got some amazing clothes! And pretty affordable too!

I thought you might like the clothes there as I've seen your ensembles on tpf and on here and the clothes at Enigma are made of good fabrics!

And by the way, if you havent been already, the macarons in BellaVita across from A4 Xinyi Mitsukoshi is fantastic :)

Hope you have heaps of fun with the kids :D and looking forward to your recs on bars in Taipei

litlstrawberry said…
hi, Doreen:
I am glad you finally leave me a comment and a great one!!! ^^

I hope you do get yourself used to the weather in Taipei as my eyes get itchy every morning... (allergy I assume)

Hum..since you are from Australia, is KW a big name there then?

Thanks for sharing a nice store w/ me....I bet that is a great store just by knowing the location of it. ^^

I haven't been to tpf for quite some time except I shared my excitement of Chanel 226 before I flow back here. :)

Ah, you know what, I will be BellaVita the coming two days.... to meet up my old friends. I am very excited as I get to do "window shop more" and catch up w/ friends at the same time. (Well, I'd wish I can do plain window shopping but as today, I already saw ONE tweed jacket that catches my eyes.) bad bad bad.....

right, the lounge, I hope I can go another round this week!!! ^^
blingmistress said…
Hi again Rachel, the weather here is killing me! I am used to dry weather so the humidity kills!

And what bout the rain and then sun and then it rains again? argh, that said though,the weather today was perfect for a day out.

Karen walker is pretty big in Australia and the diffusion label, Hi there by Karen Walker(I can see that you took pics at the KW store) is much cheaper but that also means that the fabrics are less divine and most are made in China but hey,the price difference is huge! And Hi there by Karen walker was supposedly only for Myer (a department store in Australia equivalent to a less prestigious Bloomingdale's) so I wonder how it made its way over here!

There are so so many great stores around the Zhongxiao Dunhua area( I live very close to them so it's very tempting) and there is this store that sells vintage jewellery (very 80s,lotsa chunky and gold necklaces and earrings) that just opened up and the prices are amazing! Starts from about $350TWD!!! I can give you directions if you are interested :)

I work around the Xinyi area at the moment and am always around BellaVita and A9 and A11(for Chanel and Prada) so maybe I'll bump into you some time :) A little Taipei tpf meet with macarons from Paul :)

Wow, tweed jacket, where did you see that? Not Chanel I hope for the sake of your wallet?:P

Hope you'll update with heaps of new clothes and shoes soon!

P/S: I found out about Stella Luna from your blog way back and got obsessed when I moved to Taiwan so thank you!

litlstrawberry said…
Wow, Doreen: thanks for telling me about the diffusion label as I did notice but "careless" to ask!!

Hum..and it is interesting as things are popular in Austria is not quite the same in USA. As i love Ksubi but I am not sure if it is that big brand in rest of states except for New York!!

ha.. nop, just give you peace of mind, the tweed jacket is not from Chanel. It is a popular runway brand of Japan. "20,000,000 fragments"...something like that.
Say if you'd pay NTD31000 for more hip and young look of tweed jacket rather than pay $4850 for Chanel??

I think I would... geez.... I really shouldn't think about that jacket at all!! :P

oh, sure, I will be meeting my friends in Bellevita tomorrow and Thursday afternoon. I'd hope we'd bump into each other. ^^
blingmistress said…
wow, looks as if we are online at the same time!

Ksubi was bigger in Australia when it was still known as Tsubi then. They sell Ksubi here too, saw it at Eslite ,same floor as Karen Walker. I wore a lot of the skinnies with the zips a couple of years back but got addicted to Nudie and Cheap Mondays instead.

Ah, I have heard of that 20,000,000 fragments label. Pretty amazing stuff. Never knew they had it here :) I'm sure the tweed jacket is amazing though!!! Chanel tweed jackets are amazing but I really can't justify the price at the moment(would rather save for a bag!)

Need to stop shopping but Taipei is pretty good for it!
Love the look of the ricotta cheese dessert and those 'handwritten' cocktail ingridient lists!!!

What are YOU thankful for? Come share a story and win a little thankful something!
Betsy C. said…
Rachel - eating out is so much fun in Taipei. I'm living vicariously thru your travel adventures. :D So how are the girls adjusting to the temperature/humidity in Taiwan? What do they do daily?

I'd love to see what you've discovered in terms of bars and other fun eats.
litlstrawberry said…
ha, Betsy:

yes, I think I probably need to go to the gym more often living in Taipei. hahha.

I wish I could explore more lounges here in such little time.... ^^ but I am sure I will exhaust all the possible way of finding the good eats and good food here!!! :)
litlstrawberry said…
BTW, Betsy:

girls stay w/ me most of the time during the day as they have swimming class and I gotta go to gym too.

If I have meet-up w/ friends, I'd like to go by myself.... :P

Are you going down to Disneyland w/ kids this summer?
susanh98 said…
hey rachel;
good to see you having fun in tpe! i went to check out bellavita too on tuesday i think. the first day after all the bad weather! hahaha. i was surprised how empty it is...but i guess since it's all high end nobody really shops there. your coctails made me want some! i love mojitos.
can't wait to see your finds in tpe! :)
if you find any good place to buy stuff please do share!
Haute World said…
My, the restaurant and the food they serve look fantastic! I'd probably be way too tempted with the cocktails as well ;-) Fab outfit, especially loving the Chanel reissue!
Betsy C. said…
Hi Rachel - That's great that you've signed them up for activities while you are there, and staying on your exercise regime as well. :D Otherwise, you can't be drinking and eating, right? :D I like to go meeting with friends on my own as well, it just seems to make it easier on everyone.

We have no definite plans yet this summer. DH is starting a new project in July so I'm just going to wait and see how flexible it can be and if we can take some time off. I really enjoy visiting SoCal so I hope we do get to go.

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