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02 June, 2010

The Jeans Shorts and the Blazer!!

I am always so meticulous about the details of packing every single outfits w/ its proper shoes. Couple of my friends are visiting Paris soon. They are so proud to tell me that they only need 1 or 2 or maybe 3 pairs of shoes taken along w/ them to Paris!! 

Oh, well, I said, there is not much event to attend nor friends to visit, shoes is not important! Money/Cards is the only thing needed to bring along to Paris!! ^O^

Then, I was debating myself: should I fly w/ Maxi dress w/ sandals or shorts w/ heels tonight? 

I believe I saw the trend of wearing "long blazer" is coming up this A/W.  Just like last year, I incidentally bought clog heels from Max Mara and it is a HIT all the way to this summer!!! ^^ Somehow I was bored wearing clog and didn't wear much in s/s.

Taipei is also a tropical country w/ its sultry weather, I expect to be sticky and sweat a lot first thing I get off the plane!!! :P 

OPTION 1 aka My ODJ.

I probably don't even need this long blazer....I am leaving her behind!!

 The Vince top is curved hem and somehow it gets pulled up when I stretch my is not a body-suit! ^^

1. Top: 
  • Vince black box-cut bat-sleeves tee
  • Kay Park Gray blazer w/ shoulder details 
2. Bottom: Genetic jeans distressed shorts
3. Shoes: Manolo Blahnik black embossed sandal
4. Bag: PS1 yellow clutch

No matter what, I think a pair of black heels/sandals or some sort is a MUST in my trip from now on!! 


free people maxi dress
Lilith polka dot dress
J crew knitting long cardigan w/ satin pockets 
Chanel 2010 matte black reissue 226 w/ SHW 
Hermes white CDC 
Chanel s/s 2010 rose flip flop 
Which one would you vote for plane comfy outfit!!? :P 

Ah... you know what, gotta run!! Must finish my Power Yoga and TRX for tonight before I get on the plane!! ^^

Stay slim, girls!!
xoxo Rachel


Mona P said...

I love both looks, but would go for the Option 2. That is because I think you'll be more comfortable running around the 3 kids on the plane and in the airport wearing flip-flops rather than heels. But again that is a more practical version. If you love Option 1, go for it!

Have a safe flight!

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Mona: I decide to go for Maxi dress .....
Just get back from work-out and going to change to maxi.... easy breezy outfit on the plane..
You are right, it is much easier to walk in the airport and on the carpet..except I don't think I will walk at all in the cabin... :)

Oh, my son joins us next week w/ hubby. Only girls flight w/ me tonight to Taipei!!!

You have a good evening and thanks!!

lipp said...

Another vote for option 2.

Betsy C. said...

I vote for #2 b/c it seems easier for flight.

Sounds like you are all set for TPE and Indonesia. Have a fun and safe trip!

Btw, I'm so envious of your friend Renee who got the 226 for $2K. *sigh*

litlstrawberry said...

Yes, Betsy, lipp, I did wear that layered maxi dress after all!! It's darn cold in the lounge and probably in the cabin!! I am glad I layered and can be shedded off after I arrive in Taipei!!
It is 12:40 am and I am so sleepy.......

dos3n said...

i love the 1st look, but i think 2nd one might be more suitable for the flight back.

Michael St. James said...

I love the denim shorts look...soooo HOT! That blazer is awesome too. Have fun on your trip!

janettaylor said...

Great look!

janettaylor said...

Love the 1st combo!

Savvy Gal said...

I like the long dress, although shorts are super cute too. I agree with you, going to Paris, a gal just need MC, or Visa. I figure if I don't have it, I am sure to find it there, right?! Beside why weight myself down going when I need the room to come back. : )

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Savvy girl: I saw your jewelry is up and running which is awesome!!! I really like some of the pieces and please keep up the good work!!

I believe I only bring like 2 or 3 Paris alone w/ me when we visited in Pairs in 08'. But I didn't buy a lot of shoes back ...instead, I do get something I am lust for~~~

it is always great to travel to Europe to experience different vibe!!

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Catherine, Mike, and Janet!! ^^

No matter what, those two outfits are so practical when visiting tropical countries or any resort in the whole world, right!!!!


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