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01 June, 2010

Done Packing and Done Shopping this summer in USA!!!

Now I am totally free to fly back to Taipei and Indonesia tomorrow. I have only one CL heels from Barney left to pick up after I get back.  Other than that, I don't think I'd regret missing any sales here in USA.

Finally I finished packing my shoes and I do bring one pair of sneakers and am going to find a great yoga instructor in Taiwan.... to continuing my journey of fighting the gravity!! ^^

A surprise!!

I think my Chanel bags collection is completed w/ this 226 matte black reissue in silver chain!! 

total 7 pairs of shoes... (for a month stay in Taipei and Jakarta and one week in one of its inner island!!) ^^

These are my two new babies, CL (an exception for me to pick up today) and Manolo!!

My ODJ. 

1. Top: BCBG embroidery polka dot cami.
some nylon/polyester navy shirt
2. Bottom: Drie Van Norton 09' cropped pants
silk skirt w/ drawstring (forgot the brand)
3. Shoes: Manolo Blanhik embossed snake skin sandal
4. Bag: PS1 yellow 


I am going to alter this pants to a slimmer fit on me!!

I still can't decide what to wear on the plane....and I wish I am going to bump into my used-to-be coworkers when flying w/ business class. ^O^

Have a good afternoon!!
xoxo Rachel


amelie said...

Have a safe flight - don't forget to enjoy Ly-Chee while in Taipei(I miss that so very much)!!!

Betsy C. said...

OMG! when did you get the reissue?! yes, your C collection is now definitely complete. i'm still yearning for it in GHW and have yet to find one. i'm actually hoping for a older version though and not brand new.

i'm excited that you've included dries van noten in your collection. i've always admired his prints and dresses (from browsing thru other fashion blogs) and i've actually scoured ebay for interesting pieces. the other day, i believe i saw one dress at the NM Last Call in milpitas, but it wasn't my size. i'm patiently waiting for my time for a Dries Van Noten dress or heels... :D

You definitely pack pretty light! I'm a giant fan of your YSL Tribute. Such a versatile color.

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Enjoy your vacation R! My in laws are also in Indonesia now for 2 months vacation (MIL is Chinese from Indonesia). They are staying at Jakarta and Lombok....enjoy!

Congrats on your 2 new pairs of sale shoes.

I'm packing now for my Paris trip, but I only wear 1 pair of shoes and I want to bring empty luggage as much as possible! LOL!

Have a great summer!


litlstrawberry said...

hehe, amelie: in fact, I just bought some at Marina food supermarket. Those lychee are really juicy and sweet...almost have to watch that sugar hidden in those fruits when indulging them. :)

Thanks. I am sure I will make great use of the time in Taipei.

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Betsy: that's the OLD style. This new shipment is actually the re-make of those OLD style. They do come in GHW and SHW and since it is this spring's new shipment, I am sure you will find GHW anywhere in Nordstrom@@!!!!!!! Call around, I know my sa has quite a few in stock.

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Mia: Bon Voyage!!

Yes, you don't need lots of shoes in Paris... well, in fact, I don't think I need that many shoes in Taiwan neither..but I guess I won't be buying for shoes, I better have enough for myself then. hehe... do enjoy yourself in ever corner in paris and took as many pictures as possible!!!

We are staying at Lake Toba for at least 5 days in Indonesia... family vacation w/ hubby's whole family and my parents are coming alone. We might need to charter a plane to fly there from Jakarta!!! ^^

I guess i will talk to you after you get back from Paris!!!

Betsy C. said...

Rachel -- I meant that I want one 226 matte finish with GHW from the earlier years (earlier than 2008 if I get lucky)... so not really brand new. :D

What are you plans in Indonesia? Are you staying at a resort with family? Or are you just staying at inlaws home?

litlstrawberry said...

So, Betsy, you mean you want to get a vintage one? Renee has one from 2001 or 2002... :) I don't remember hers is Silver or gold HW...but she is lucky cause' it is only $2000 by then!!

yes, we are staying at Lake Toba for 5 days!! it is a beautiful small island in Indonesia!

dos3n said...

have a save trip back! love those new manolos, and love your new bag even more! lucky lucky girl.

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Just 7 pairs of shoes for the whole months?? Woah, didn't expect that, esp. from you :)) When I travel, I take like 5-7 pairs of shoes for one week lol Have a safe flight, Rachel and enjoy your months away from the US :) Oh, and once you landed and have some spare time on your hands I would love it if you could stop by and join my contest, would love to hear from you!!! Here's the link:

Come stop by to take part in the THANK YOU TOO! Contest

Mona P said...

I think you made great choices about which bags and shoes to take. They all look versatile and fitting for whatever occasions or events you may have.

Congrats on your Chanel bag! It is gorgeous!

Have a fantastic time on your trip! And please don't forget about your readers, try to post whenever you can :)

ceci said...

Hello Hello! Finally a black reissue to complete your collection! Hehe! Have a safe trip home & maybe I'll get to bump into you & your kids later in August in SF =p I didn't get to visit your blog often tough - a lot of catch up to do - but I still WOW for your many mix & match ODJs!

Front Row Mode said...

Loving the Proenza Schouler clutch


litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, TC.

Kristin said...

Oh to have a Chanel bag COLLECTION. Wowza! I'm still waiting for my 2.55. Sigh!


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