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Sweater, just in time!

At last, fall is here. A sweater is a must!!  
I love chunky sweater, and "chunky" means soft and enormous big not the kind of knits with stiff texture of them.  Ummm.. no, if you don't feel good with your hands' touch, don't bother, you definitely appreciate merino wool or cashmere longer in your life. 

  Area sweater by Barbara Bologna, Hat Attack wool hat, Marni leather shorts, Hermes horn necklace, bracelet, fringe/cowhair boots, Hermes Picotin bucket bag 

Wrap yourself in a cozy sweater.  xoxo Rachel

Complex : Cyborg, sci-fi film.

A short film I was in as Kusanagi, a human evolution form in the future. 

Cast Matthew Saint Thompson ........................ Captain Powers
Rachel Cheng .......................................... Kusanagi
Khary Moye .............................................. Westerly Crew Chad C. Bell ............................................ Director
Charize Apostol ....................................... Producer
William Mackie ........................................ Director of Photography
Tore Kelly ................................................ Screenwriter
Crystal Lyon ............................................ Art Director/Production Designer
Jason Mildwurm ...................................... Line Producer
Jennifer Bleasdale .................................. 1st Production Assistant
Sarah Richmond ..................................... Script Supervisor
Lucien Knight .......................................... 1st Assistant Camera
Miki Rodriguez ........................................ Se…

Embrace Autumn~

Deep green, orange and caramel are definitely my go-to fall colors instead of grey, black or dark brown. Not particularly like the idea of dressing up in denim, black or grey seem-to-be a cool girl look, I love to be colorful in my ensembles and that suits my charismatic personality better anyway. Don't you think so? 

Orange with zipper boat neck sweater, Marni leather shorts (bought in Orlando premium outlet), ACNE deep forest green cardigan, Karen Walker sunglasses, Proenza Schouler PS1 large satchel, Balenciaga studded sandals. 

What's your fall colors? xoxo Rachel 

Peplum Skirt, a Classic Mini.

Felt, an interesting fabric that I came across. It doesn't absorb moist/rain that quickly and I have had couple felt hats and love it. It holds the shapes very well just like this felt/wool peplum skirt by Mcginn! 
Easy put-together look I have today. 
Green circle felt/wool skirt by Mcginn

Take it easy on the weekend. 
xoxo Rachel

Take on of Street Fashion!

Street fashion, almost everyone can dress his/her own style and to be uniquely identified as street fashion!!  I probably are recuperating myself from the Orlando trip and I have no desire to put on high fashion heels or layer my big brand clothes. Therefore, street fashion totally suits my mood these days. 
Fall in California is perfect for layering clothes. When I was in Orlando, it is scorching hot and I was thinking about how lucky I am living in North Cal. that I will be able to do light layerings of my clothes and have fun with my outfits. But when I am now back here in San Francisco, surfing the Internet seeing all those models/celebrities/socialites in heavy winter coats almost suffocate me... lol... Speaking of warm weather, I really should start planning Sydney/Melbourne trip during Thanksgiving!!!! (............ ... oh... yeah... I should... )
Back to street fashion, I bought this black wrap scarf early Oct. and it is so creatively designed that I can wear it around my neck, …

The Perfect Fall Outfits You Got to Try.

What's the perfect pr-fall color for you? For me, it is caramel. It is subtle, neutral and work with everything. Literally, see how it is not so overwhelming even paired with animal feather and prints. Magical, isn't it!!!?

No. 21 ostrich leather tee, D&G animal print pencil skirt, Marni necklace, Saint Laurent heels, Karen Walker pink square sunglasses 

( pic. Internet )
Mayela wears Michael Kors past season ostrich dress, and I had my no. 21 ostrich tee on.  What a lovely coincidence!!!!
Try caramel color.  xoxo Rachel 

Sheered midi skirt, a perfect transitional look.

I just finished a filming in Orlando, Florida last week and now I am back in North Cal. Needless to say that I love the cooler weather in SF and I don't think even with several chilly days we might have once a while here, there is really nothing to complain about living in California. 
After the shooting wrapped last Friday in Orlando, I went to its premium outlet and picked several pieces from Marni.  Who knows those pieces on me are not current after I throw them on randomly altogether? Sheered midi skirt layered with legging, boxer, even my leather shorts here are perfect for the weather right now.  Well, when is the last time you check out premium outlet??? Maybe it is time!! 

The Floral tank tunic top, leather shorts, the sheer pencil midi skirt, the sparkling flatworms are all from Marni's past season.

Wear your same name brand pieces head to toe.  xoxo Rachel 

Feather, do you think it is too delicate?

I love feather trims on any garments and when I spot something interesting with bird's feather, I dig. T-shirt are plain and occasionally, I might be in the mood dressing as a minimalist so I'd dig into the deserted corner of my wardrobe looking for one. But this Ostrich Tee is not the case. The ostrich feather is so soft and it makes me feel so luxury yet effortless sexy at the same time. The light and fluffy ostrich feather also remind me of cotton candy. Oh, except I am an adult and I am not a fan of sticky cotton candy but I am sure that I am equally excited of wearing ostrich tee as little girl is enjoying her cotton candy in hand. Ha~ 
No.21 ostrich tee, Linda Loudermilk organic bamboo dress, Nubu leather clutch, Hermes leather bracelet, Strategia boots, multi-colored ribbon necklace, Karen Walker pink squared sunglasses 
 Almost fool me there with that "Y" character.... YSL??  Nay, Nubu it is!!! 
There are equally intricate details in the front of No.21 ostrich te…

I Can't Have Enough Stripes.

Are you ready for the upcoming fall yet? Do you like the crisp air or chunky sweater or both? For me, fall is the perfect season to do layerings in San Francisco, and now I can say after living here for almost 15 years, I am finally a California girl. 
Here I am at suburban los altos hills, although we don't need a chunky sweater just yet, but light layering for the temperature drop from day to night is still a must. So long sleeves shirt is not only perfect for California sun during the day, but also a barrier for chilly wind in the evening. How I love about the deep cut V shape shirt is that it has the slouchy drop and extra casual chic compares to everyday button down. Don't you think so?? 

Les Prairies De Paris striped deep V slouchy shirt, Love Couture bra top, Italy thrift-store find leather mini, Karen Walker tortoise sunglasses, Valentino studded booties ( the only current season piece on me), nubu leather clutch, BCBG necklace.
The leather mini skirt is a bottom down and…

Classic Act!

Yes, pin-striped pattern is so handsome yet so classic even worn on woman. I scored this Dion Lee II wide leg trousers for this season and I can't tell you how much I love its casualness and put-together look even when I just throw a tank top on.  As far as the flower and tartan, checker prints are concerned, I definitely love them but a break from colors is good for me. If you are not good at clashing patterns or prints, less is more. Besides, sometimes a subtle detail goes a long way, right? 
Clever colors and patterns clashing! (pic. from Internet) 
 Nubu leather clutch, Hermes sandal, Hermes CDC bracelet
 Bailey44 bustier leather/cotton top, Dion Lee II trousers, Manolo suede pump  (Me and my gf, Catherine) 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Balmain (pic. from Internet) 
Hot off the runway inspiration.   xoxo Rachel

Dainty Men's Suit!!

Men's fashion, hum... I normally write abut women's fashion since I am a woman and it is only easily applicable to me to write about what I love in women's fashion industry. However, I do appreciate a man who takes care of not only his career, his car ( how cliche! ha~ ) but also his style and looking impossibly dapper. Speaking of looking dapper, suits comes into my mind first and most suits may be increasing in popularity as more men embrace fashion and expand their wardrobes into more daring styles.  They add lovely pocket square, wear the cutest bow tie, sharp textile, and those layered handsome!!!  Now, don't you just feel like checking out those men clothes!!!!  
Before autumn's arrival, I find BONOBOS men's collection are all so charming and I can't help but also venture to their women's collection. For men's trousers, I am impressed that they even have a rainbow color spectrum of casual pants to choose from. Oh, wait, go…

Tank Top, Summer Love!

I prefer tank tops over any tee in summer.
It's just me.  My kind of summer love!  Especially, with fruit prints. 
J crew tank top, Hermes sandals, 0039 yellow linen trousers
Waiting for food here..... num num... 

Cathy and me! 
Carven banana tank top, Madewell boyfriend jeans, Hermes sandals, Chanel medium classic 
Fruits are good for you anyway.  xoxo Rachel 

Shirt Dress, the best one!

Stripes, they never go out of style. Literally, I love stripes and I would look into every piece of stripe shirt or trousers I come across just to see if there is any intricate detail somewhere that worth me the splurge. Then, I was lucky, I found this Christian Dior number. There are cutoffs around the shoulder, the back waist, and a pretty knot in front. It is slightly bigger for me but since it is meant to be a loose fit, I didn't bother much about it. 

Ever since I saw how Taylor Tomasi Hill rock so many ways of striped shirt, I am serious in love. Thanks to this Christian Dior shoulder-cutoff shirt, I can tighten it around my waist as a perfect pencil skirt. 

 Christian Dior shirt dress, Hermes Ostrich belt

Malia  Mills swim bra, Ralph Lauren brown cami., Christian Dior shirt dress (wore as pencil skirt), Hermes pale peach sandals, Hermes croc. belt, Oliver People aviator sunglasses, thrift shop find chain necklace,  J Crew clutch

Be Creative, be yourself. 
xoxo Rachel 

Feminine Midi Full Skirt!

I love midi skirt and especially the trendy high waisted midi skirt. I have more choices of pairing it with millions of tops without the hassle of doing the proportion play. Yeah, that's right. With midi skirt, whether would it be a full skirt or pencil skirt, it flatters almost all sorts of body types.  So try a high-chinched skirt for an extra feminine look and it works all the way to this fall. 

A.W.A.K.E rooster cropped top, Nicolas high waisted full skirt, Chanel sandal, Judith Leiber multiple  colored crystals clutch, Prada sunglasses, Van Cleef & Arpels butterfly n' clover earrings. 

Nicolas off shoulder wool sweater, Nicolas midi skirt, Chanel sandals, Hermes blue de Galice Kelly  

Be a woman, rock as one. 

xoxo Rachel 

TATCHA Water Collection Review: Deep Hydration Firming Serum & Deep Hydration Revitalizing Eye Mask!

I am an avid beauty product follower but I don't just use any product out on the shelf.  I look for the most effective and non-chemical ingredients in the label.  Since I have been using Tatcha's skin line for a while and I am still very happy with my skin condition, I can't wait to share TATCHA's 2 new Water Collection skin products with you. 

The TATCHA Water Collection 

 Deep Hydration Firming Serum  Deep Hydration Firming Serum
What does it contain: Okinawa Red Algae and Hyaluronic Acid 
What does it do: Hydrating, nourishing and giving your skin a naturally luminous glow Why it's different:23-karat gold that provides skin a nature glow without the need of slathering any simmer gel/powder 
Things I LovedIt smoothes onto your skin like a dream and slowly dries out as your skin absorbed it. It doesn't leave your skin with stickiness, very easy to spread on and because it spreads easily, you don't need excessive amount of it.
It is suitable for all skin types. No…