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Halloween Trick or Treat!! The Best Lashes!!

After done my last acting class, we met up w/ friends in Belvedere st. at Cole Vally of SF city!

Kids and adults all had a blast there. The neighbor blocked the whole street and every single house was decorated nicely or should I say "spookyily" for Halloween!!!!

I didn't prepare a costume for myself this Halloween but I did a special make-up instead. I got the inspiration from Chanel 09 Fall runway look but is a bit My version!!

Instead of attaching sequins or lashes at bottom, I found myself a super fun/gorgeous fake lashes from Make-Up-For-Ever.

Chanel 09 fall look.
Credited pic. to Gin&

I got tons of compliment on those lashes today and almost everywhere I went have people saying they might/should do those lashes in the future. :) Those sweet compliments from those strangers made my day!!! haha..

The camera/light fade most of colors on me.
I use MAC pearl shadow around eye corner, smash Box baby pink shadow all over upper eye lid and Mac Gold shadow j…

The Puffy Sleeve Trend OR 3 Puffy Sleeves!!

Photograph by: Stefano Rellandini , Reuters

photo credited to
I know I would wear anything which is considered to be a current trend!!!

I mean, WHY NOT!!

I already bought couple pieces since last fall w/ bold shoulder (from 80s'), big shoulder, puffy shoulder, ruched shoulder whatever you call it so I don't think it is even that big deal just to try it and have fun w/ it!!

But I know I wouldn't want to break an arm and a leg for those trendy things. Besides, we women would think the designs are so trendy, the looks are so fashion forward, but honestly, how many MEN would really appreciate it!???

I don't know, it depends on how you pull if off, right?!!

I know I found myself another way to wear the big should when I tried to recycle/re rotate my wardrobe and came up this I-kind-like-it and so does DH outfit of I call it 3-puffy-sleeve fun outfit!!!!

After done Abby's costume parade at school, we 3 girls had a nice afternoon shopping at Stanford shopping center!!

Real OVER the Knee high Boots!

Please click on the Image to see Bill Cunningham's report of the trend for Knee high boots!!
Thanks to Betsy who shares this video clip w/ me after I told her I just got myself a real pair!!

If I gave up buying a pair of military inspired boots, I think at least I am allow to follow another trend of rocking in OVER the knee-high boots instead.

Mine is from Joie. I said that I don't want to spend a fortune for those trendy boots but I seem can't find something cheaper available any more or ones catches my eyes for under $300.

After watching those Parisian rocking their black outfit, I am inspired to dress something eccentric as well. Just for the sake of being BOLD and having FUN!!! Yay!!~~

I would say this pair of Joieover the knee high boots has great looks and nice leather feel. However, I wouldn't recommend it for not-so-tall-gals for that extra fold-over look!! :P

Picture ME in the Pairs!!! :P


1. Top:Linda Loudermilk organic racer back dress w/ organza detail at …

True Red? Giorgio Armani Rouge 400 n' 09' Limited Edition Silk 95!

As promised, here I am in Givenchy Pearl 24, and dashes YSL Golden Gloss shimmering at lower lip.

I think my dress and my necklace make enough statement, I should leave my face as plain as possible. .... hum... since I am not walking on the red carpet!! :)

The jade earrings is originally paired w/ one of the necklace (w/ the same jade beads) I chained into this whole chunk.

BTW, my final touch "rhinestone w/ brass necklace from J Crew".

I really want to find something cheap in thrift shop but since I don't have time I decided to use something w/ great cutting of rhinestones. Hope this piece looks very high quality w/ that extra $98 of J Crew necklace. :P

Well, the price is actually not too bad, it costs me total of $44 (2 necklaces found in Loehman's) + $98 (J Crew) + $9 (chain) + $8 (ribbon + 3 layers mini pearl necklace) + $40 (section of 14K gold w/ jade beads necklace) = $199!!! Besides, I can take off every single necklace in the future and wear them separately.


Gone Crazy About Lipsticks!! Givenchy Limited Rouge Interdit Shine Lipstick!

I tested couple more lipsticks while purchasing another YSL rouge volupte 2 the other day and found an absolutely gorgeous "almost-flatters-everyone" nude color. :P

Ok, maybe I exaggerate it a bit but honestly, when I wear nothing on my face, I don't think the YSL rouge volupte 2 would really flatter my skin tone. It is such an opaque color and almost fully covers the real lip color, I would say a little bit eye shadows or eye liners goes along would complement better.

However, this limited edition Givenchy Pearl Shine lip color(sheer pearl shimmer) looks so natural and blends so well w/ my skin tone. This color gives all the attention to the full pout and my face still looks so nature and glowy because of the simmering effect from the lipstick. I would say apply a maroon lipstick to refresh a no-make-up look is just so cliche and almost outdated.... (no offense) lol. Why not give this a try!!!!

The pink ribbon is just too cute!

I should have a mod. shoot tomorrow w/ this …