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Halloween Trick or Treat!! The Best Lashes!!

After done my last acting class, we met up w/ friends in Belvedere st. at Cole Vally of SF city!

Kids and adults all had a blast there. The neighbor blocked the whole street and every single house was decorated nicely or should I say "spookyily" for Halloween!!!!

I didn't prepare a costume for myself this Halloween but I did a special make-up instead. I got the inspiration from Chanel 09 Fall runway look but is a bit My version!!

Instead of attaching sequins or lashes at bottom, I found myself a super fun/gorgeous fake lashes from Make-Up-For-Ever.

Chanel 09 fall look.
Credited pic. to Gin&

I got tons of compliment on those lashes today and almost everywhere I went have people saying they might/should do those lashes in the future. :) Those sweet compliments from those strangers made my day!!! haha..

The camera/light fade most of colors on me.
I use MAC pearl shadow around eye corner, smash Box baby pink shadow all over upper eye lid and Mac Gold shadow just above the crease.

Enjoy the pic.

That is my friend, Karen's dog, Daisy!!!

he he.. just got my prize~~~ Candy!!!!


1. Costume National C.N.C black sheath dress w/ deep V back and ruffle trim.
2. Hermes Kelly riding boots
3. Chanel 09 black caviar Mini flap

Those lashes w/ white mini balls are perfect highlight for my eyes under the mask!!!

This is the most hilarious costume/theme in the entire neighbor!!
Marley & Gloria (in the movie: Madagascar), the zebra & the hippo are dancing behind the window!!!!

Look how many adults and children are fascinated by the dance moves of Marley & Gloria. haha..

Niel and Irene's son, Ethan are counting how many candy they've got the whole time.

Irene is 6 month pregnant w/ her second son and she is still so energetic!!!
I am happy for her!!

This is one of the moment that kids (even Ilona) would not be afraid of "ghosts"!! he...

We really love the neighborhood and everyone seems had so much fun!!

We dinned at Japanese restaurant after trick or treat w/ Irene's family.
It is already 10 PM when we got home!!

What a day!!!
Thanks DH for being so supportive for letting me taking acting classes and babysits kids while I am gone every Saturday!!

Have a great Sunday!!!

Our lucky girls for this GIVEAWAY are shockboogiedesign & dos3n. Yay!!!!

I think I will give Make Up For Ever concealer to shockboogiedesign and the YSL nude lip stick to dos3n. Hope you two are happy w/ this assignment. haha.......

I will always give more chances to girls who didn't win in the future.!!!

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Please email me to arrange the shipping!!


Thank you so much!!!! What a pleasant surprise to read your blog and find out that I won! YAY!!!;) I can't wait to try out the concealer. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!:)

Seems like you had such a fun-filled Halloween. Your lashes were amazing. So pretty and fun! The kids seemed to enjoy Trick or Treat huh? You of course already know this but they are just soooo cute! A lovely day out with a lovely family is just priceless!
Carmen said…
Lovely photos :)
susanh98 said…
Cool lashes! Your kids look adorable in their costumes :)
Purse Addict said…
I dont know if I've said this before but...when i grow up, i want to be just like youuuuuuuuuu!!!
Your whole family is adorable. Love the lashes!
Betsy C. said…
What a creative window display with Madagascar characters! I was wondering why you went all the way to the city for trick-O-treating and now I know!! :D That dress has such a nice back detail, but of course those lashes have stole the show!!!

You definitely have a good looking family.
litlstrawberry said…
hi, Coco's mom:
You are very lucky and I am so surprised that you did win. Not that I cheated for you but I guess it is meant to be for you to try it out. I really liked it and sometimes I only dash some under my nose since I have tiny veins around there and it is just a bit noticeable w/o foundation.

I hope you like it. Oh, but i need you to email me for shipping details. Thanks. :)
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Carmen:
Thanks. I know you are being very supportive here on my blog and I wish you will win the giveaway in the future. :)
Hope you had a fun Halloween too.
litlstrawberry said…
Hey, Susan: Thanks. What's the character of your kid this year?
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Jenny:

Sure, in 10 years (if I recall your age correctly), hope you'll have a beautiful family!!! :)

Oh, make sure you fix all of the sole of your CL heels and plan to have at least 1 baby girl. hahaha....
litlstrawberry said…
Thanks, CashmereLibrarian.

I left message on your blog.
litlstrawberry said…
haha.. yep, I probably should ask you if you are interested. But since I have acting class in the morning and not sure when we are going to meet up for lunch w/ friends or skip that and meet around 4 PM ...... and since Irene wants to tail w/ us so I am afraid that I couldn't make a good plan for Halloween!!

Well, I am glad everything went well and we all had a great experience of real trick or treat door by door.haha.....!!!!!!!

It was my last acting class in SF city... yeh~, I think I will find some classes down here in San Jose instead in the future.

Thanks, Betsy. You and your kids are beautiful too. :)
Betsy C. said…
Rachel - no worries about asking me cuz we had our plate full on Halloween day as well. Our friends usually have a pumpkin carvin' get together every year so we were busy with that on Sat. Did Ilona walk the entire way during the trick-o-treating? Sophie got tired so quickly that Felix had to carry her...
Julia said…
great pictures as usual.

you are full of good ideas!! i love that fake lashes on you. i may do that next year. what a brilliant idea. you looked fab.
Claudia said…
Rachel, Nice pictures!! Your kids are looking adorable as always. your lashes. You look fantastic :) I
I emailed you, Rachel. Let me know if you didnt get it.

Thanks again!!!! I guess it's meant to be that my panda eyes go away!
Whoa, those lashes look terrific on you! What a fantastic idea for a classy Halloween getup! All the kids in the pic are so adorable with their costumes and I'm quite impressed by the Madagascar theme going on in the window! Glad you had such a fun time and as usual, your outfit is tres chic :)
litlstrawberry said…
hey, Coco's mom:
I didn't get your email. Maybe you can try this one...!!
Anonymous said…
I love what you are wearing! and your eyes and you are such a fabulous mom R! love all the pics and your eyes!
susanh98 said…
my kids dressed up as bob the builder and ballerina. next year maybe we will all dress up as a theme hahaha. i like to see families that dress up as a theme.
oh you know what colors i bought recently that i just love! try chanel lipstick rouge allure in mythic with gloss color in muscat. love it!
you know i noticed in taiwan all these girls wear fake lashes daily! and they sell them everywhere. it is so hot. i always feel like trying but seems like a hassle so i haven't tried. hahaha. maybe i should try some for fun.
litlstrawberry said…
hey, Cutie:
Thanks. You will be a fashionable mom one day!!!

From reading your blog, you seem quite busy and I also feel you must enjoy this kind of exhaustion. you know, like for work, for shopping, for enjoying every moment of your hectic life. :)
litlstrawberry said…
Hey, Susan:

Yes, me too. I saw a mom who is dressed up as rainbow on her head, a cloud (cotton bud over her baby son) and older daughter to be Rain. I regret that I didn't take pic. of them and I must say I am very touched w/ her interest and effort for all the work. Me, i don't know, always like to dress up w/ kids w/ the same theme but seems I prefer free style for all of us. haha...I feel so troublesome to do coordination and it is just easier to dress up individually. hehe...

I know the fake lashes thing is big in Taiwan but I think I am too old for doing it everyday.

I like doing it for fun but I always keep my make-ups the minimal as daily basis. Oh,.. if we girls are going to lounge that's a different story. haha... You know, I am a huge fan of propagating the ideas of harmless micro-surgery for everyone who is over 30s. hahaa.... I had spider vein on my left leg removed and did IPL in the same hospital. I just love how bight/glowy my skin looks and it is so much easier to do maintenance than trying out everything!!

Well, again, there is no ugly woman, only the lazy one!! haha...
susanh98 said…
Yeah I agree with you 100% there's no excuse to let yourself go...right?
So what is IPL? is it a peel? Your skin looks fantastic so you don't need any microsurgery. But is good to know we have options if we need it someday :) I hope I don't get too many wrinkles around my eyes I always remind myself not to rub my eyes but this season the allergies have hit me hard so is hard not to rub. hehe. But I must resist or suffer the consequences of lines and more lines!
litlstrawberry said…
no, Susan. IPL is the moderate laser treatment for skin. It works magically for getting rid of freckles, tiny veins (not quite work for me though) and even emerging wrinkles. :) My skin is subtle but I was bothered by never-ending-appearing freckles before so it is great option to get rid of those freckles once for all. hahaha...

You have allergy too?.! I am so sorry to hear that as it could really be a hassle whenever allergy appears. :( Does eye drop help to alleviate the uncomfortableness? I know eyes are the most delicate thing to take care and it freak me out when I notice wrinkles under my eye....geez... when they are going to invent something that we could stop aging after 35 years old... haha.......
Lilee said…
ool blog! naw great pics! hehe halloween is so cool!
Anonymous said…
thanks again rachel! I can't wait to try out the lipstick. those eye lashes look really cool and amazing. I miss your updates!
Ashley said…
You look gorgeous!! Love the eyelashes.
litlstrawberry said…
Thanks, Ashley.
Nice boots by the way!! :)

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