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15 October, 2009

Need a Pair of Oxford Flat?!!

I couldn't decide should I buy a pair of Oxford Flat or even shed $595 on Christian Louboutin Fred patent leather shoes (I also like both the glitter one and stiletto style!!)

Obviously, it is a trend to have a pair of oxford flat or lace up shoes whatever they call it!!

Apparently, I have a pair of Costume National oxford heels which is almost the same look.

The over knee high socks w/ Valentino bow sling backs!


BCBG vest as top
French Connection khaki tulip skirt
Max & Co. rusty pink belt
brass mini disc necklace
brown patterned socks w/ laces

The heels are seem more suitable for this girly look.

W/ cardigan, a pair of oxford flat would compliment the outfit too.

So, what do you think, girls? I am torn in buying a flat version or save the money so don't bother it at all!!

I have shoes which absolutely is comparable to a pair of oxford flat to complete a certain look . Should I still go for it though?!!

Oxford Flat?!! Yeh or Nay!!
A must!
You don't need it!
Buy them for the trend! free polls


isabel said...

Hi Rachel - Love your new haircut, very chic! Regarding the oxford shoes, I don't think you should buy a flat version. I still have a pair of miu miu from 10 years ago which I only wore twice. Then, they were outdated for the longest time until now.... I think they will be outdated again soon. Your costume national definitely will have better longevity because they are more feminine looking. I can't believe 80s and early 90s (the grunge look) are back, I feel old!!!

litlstrawberry said...

haha, morning, sis:
Thanks a lot for the compliments.
I know a lot of oxford flat are very feminine w/ eyelets, trims.... but hum... yes, maybe "stiletto" is still a better investment. :)

I just check the poll, majority thinks I don't need it. haha... I and the only one vote buy it for the trend. ha~

Speaking of getting old, *sigh*.... see, if I am so devoted in exercising and keep young, maybe I am the one undergo 30 something woman's "mid-age crisis"!! ha ha ha~~ that would also explain the "fight" w/ DH last week then. :P

Betsy C. said...

Hi Rachel - I believe I missed your call today. Sorry! I was out having lunch with the kids and then didn't hear the ringing. Anyhoo, I voted you not needing the flat oxford too. :P I imagine the heels version would go with your wardrobe better.

Wai Thit said...

Hi R!! I dont tink u need oxford flats at all, i think i have one and i never actually wear it at all. I love this outfit and i think i like it the most with the valentino bow. i might be bias but i like that look the best. Just get the CL pumps that you like.. hehe.. So how are u?
Btw i love the longer bob with you, i feel like it makes you look younger


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