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05 October, 2009

Day 3 Blazer + Leggings w/ Pink Tulip Skirt!

Look at Ilona's leg.... OMG, she learns my trick so fast!! lol

Halloween is around the corner...... I never baked a pumpkin pie before and would never be interested in baking one. ha....

I don't normally make any kind of dessert as I am so afraid of eating the whole thing up by myself. I do cook a lot though. I am the kind of girl who eats dessert after every meal which stops my craving for more well for me!! :)

I took pic. and blog everyday and thanks to my in-laws' compromise and support. ha ha ...


1. TOP:
  • Neil Barrett sheer blouse
  • Plastic Island boy friend blazer
  • IROO pink tulip skirt
  • wool leggings w/ buttons at side (bought in Paris)
Chanel 08 LTD metallic navy reissue 227
leopard print scarf + green scarf twisted as ONE
Chanel 08 crown brooch w/ pink crystals n' pearls

4. SHOES: Dior patent quilted booties

Please don't laugh, I look like I am in a Kung Fu movie. hahahaha... the bang!!

I never thought this huge Chanel crown brooch would look good as a normal brooch which pins at sides, but I think it works great on my blazer today.

It almost looks like a big mascot there!!!

Just a comparison!!
A look couple months ago and now.
I try to work the skirt into fall w/ me.

Original inspiration.

More blazer + leggings to come tomorrow!!

Good nite!!


NY Fashionista said...

Wow I really like your blog. Your style is very fun but put together.

Please checkout my blog if you get a chance!


Purse Addict said...

Rachel - I love the fact that you get inspiration from magazines and then actually go out and strut your own version!! I always get inspired by magazines but usually never end up actually experimenting with the styles...

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, fashion girl:
I just checked out your blog and love it. I guess for some shoes I might fit in size 10.....I am a regular size 9/39.4/40....

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Jenny:
how are you?
Did you find that Valentino's heel you lust for?
You know what, i might want to buy back that CL maroon sling back I returned last I think I might need them. oh..well..

I know what do you mean not experimenting w/ styles found in mag. sometimes we just have so many other things occupied in our mind. ... meaning buying is more important than doing a copy cat thing. ha!

For me, that pink skirt is an coincident that I happen to have it as similar as Givenchy one on the magazine. ;)


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