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30 October, 2009

The Puffy Sleeve Trend OR 3 Puffy Sleeves!!

Photograph by: Stefano Rellandini , Reuters

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I know I would wear anything which is considered to be a current trend!!!

I mean, WHY NOT!!

I already bought couple pieces since last fall w/ bold shoulder (from 80s'), big shoulder, puffy shoulder, ruched shoulder whatever you call it so I don't think it is even that big deal just to try it and have fun w/ it!!

But I know I wouldn't want to break an arm and a leg for those trendy things. Besides, we women would think the designs are so trendy, the looks are so fashion forward, but honestly, how many MEN would really appreciate it!???

I don't know, it depends on how you pull if off, right?!!

I know I found myself another way to wear the big should when I tried to recycle/re rotate my wardrobe and came up this I-kind-like-it and so does DH outfit of I call it 3-puffy-sleeve fun outfit!!!!

After done Abby's costume parade at school, we 3 girls had a nice afternoon shopping at Stanford shopping center!!

Tomorrow is Halloween and we are taking kids to SF city for trick or treat and maybe watch the movie "Where the Wild Things Are?" before that.

Friday evening always is one of the busiest evening for our family. Abby and Niel both have their tennis lessons and I normally have to/want to COOK so they won't be starving after their practice. Also, DH absolutely doesn't have the patient to wait for a table for dinner at Friday evening!!

Abby still loves pretending to be a baby sometimes.

I cook, I shop, I yell, I cry, I do fashion, therefore I am!! :)

Sorry about the messy face of me after done cooking!!! Oilly!! yuk!! haha...


1 TOP:
  • Orange Boss purple turtleneck w/ shoulder details
  • Fornarina black wool blouse w/ 3 puffy sleeves
2. Bottom: LaRok tulip high waist skirt
3. Accessory:
  • zigzag hosiery
  • Michael Kors Justine brown oxford lace up boots
  • Chanel black caviar mini flap

I am happy as very piece is recycled from my wardrobe and I got myself a FASHION look for free!!

Happy Halloween, girls!!

I will have a random pick tomorrow night for the GIVEAWAY and announce on SUNDAY!!
So make sure you have at least 3 comments and added yourself on my blog!!

Good LUCK!!!


shockboogiedesign said...

Recycling clothes is so fun because it forces you to be even more creative!:) I love puff sleeves whether they are on trend or not. Reminds me of being a child again.

Your children are so cute! They are so lucky to have such a loving, thoughtful, and fashionable mum too! Your family is blessed :)

isabel said...

Hi Rachel,

Love the puffy sleeves! I just received my grey MMBJ puffy sleeves shirt that I showed you with my grey frey boots.... Somehow I think puffy sleeves balance out my wider hips so I look more proportional. Oh yes, regarding my TA for pilates, I am still doing it every wednesday, hopefully I will fulfill my hours one day, but I am not sure if I like teaching it so much....

I am very happy I enabled you to buy the Chloe boots! Like I said, I would have bought a pair for myself if I didn't already have taupe boots already. Thank you also for the leather vest idea, I really love mine, got lots of compliments already!

Angela said...

wow i love the two different puffy sleeves together! who would've thought? very creative!

Claudia said...

Oh no sorry I hate puffy sleeves. Indeed creative but not for me. However, I do love your puffy sleeves blouse. It have a softer puffy look. WoW! the Cheetah leggings are awesome. R! I luv luv leggings too. In fact I'm going now to buy some leggings at BCBG.

Again, Happy Halloween!!!

Carmen said...

I like this tights <3


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