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19 October, 2009

New Make Up + DIY Stranded Necklace !!!

Finally, I decided to make one of my own stranded necklace. I got inspired by a blogger LoveMegan and from reading tons of celebrity wearing it in magazine.

photo from In-style!

I like the longer version on Sandra as well as Lanvin w/ black ribbon at left corner. I started w/ my old 3-string pearl necklace bought at Discovery store and a black ribbon I-don't-remember-where-it-is-from.

Here we go!! DIY fun!!

Starting a fixed length which is flattering on you.

You basically are trying to tangle the ribbon in between pearl necklace!

I want to tie ribbons around my neck so I had to sew two ends on ribbons.
This way, I can always add new necklace or take off one to play w/ a new look by clip on.

Then I went out to Discovery shops again and found this awesome chain necklace for $9.
(Sorry I didn't know the photo is blurring. :( )

I also got some great idea from J Crew!!

Ta Da ~!!

Then I add one 14k gold w/ jade chain and two other necklaces bought at Loehmann's for $44.

One look of my new necklace. I love those cute tassels on one of the necklaces!

For different look, I can reverse to wear it.

I can adjust those inter-chains however I want since all necklaces clip on one and another.

................... Back to this morning!! ....................... Nude make-ups!! ....................

I went a little shopping w/ my girl.
Ilona is so big now and she enjoys to pose in front of camera very much!!

I bought YSL Rouge Volupte 2 n' Gloss pur 47.

w/o gloss, it is matte!

I also tried dash GOLDEN GLOSS 7 (orange glittering one) on upper lip later on.

After I applied Gloss pur 47 at only lower lip, while leaving upper lips alone!

Ta Da!!
My very nude make-ups!!
Eye shadow : Make up Forever color plum!

All foundation I applied today.
I love Make up Forever's HD concealer.

I only dash a little under my eyes and it instantly gives under-eyes a little highlight!

You know you probably see some girls applied "too much simmering or white power" under eyes trying to pop up the eye shadows but sometimes they applied too much. Then the look ends of horrible or too obvious w/ too thick foundation.

Well, this concealer has the same effect except it blends in w/ your skin and give a nature glow under eyes. You should try!!!!! :)


  • Black puffy shoulder dress (mom bought at Shanghai)
  • RUGBY double buckle belt
  • J Crew rusty rose gold rhinestone necklace
  • Chanel two layered/two toned hosiery

I wore cuffed boots and carried Hermes Birkin today.

This pair of Chanel two toned hosiery are very strong, and it is very warm for it has two layers.

I probably should say "Good morning, girls"!!!!! :)


Julia said...

i like your new nude lipstick. i saw that color on JLo a lot. very sensual.

a black dress is always a good choice! i can imagine you must look like a million bucks with your birkin bag.

Betsy C. said...

Very creative on the necklaces! I was just admiring that page on the most recent Instyle as well, and you definitely did a great job making yours look just as fabulous as the ones on the magazine.

I noticed your new vanity table! :)

I know nothing about makeup so I'm always intrigued to read about your recommendations.

shockboogiedesign said...

I have the same YSL Rouge Volupte and I love it even though I'm not so used to the "nude" lip. I think that particular shade is great with our asian skin tone. It's one of the few "nude" shades out there that I've found to work with me.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Julia:
Thanks. It is pinkish nude and I think it did flatter on Asia woman too. :)

haha... thanks. I didn't think of other bag since I was rushing out yesterday.

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks Betsy. You know, I was trying to call you yesterday to see if you want to go to Stanford w/ me. I don't know how long will it keep raining so I didn't call.

Yup, then I had that idea making a necklace for myself. (Oct. issue) I was just talking to Isabel on the phone that it needs "chain" for the rock look but we don't like too heavy metal rock style, pearls are always more classic look. :)

yep, I finally bought that Vanity chest/table but I need time to work it w/ our contemporary furniture in the future. Maybe some painting, a scone...etc.

I notice you don't really do make-ups, but certainly mascara or lip gloss are good enough on your already very pretty complexion. :>

litlstrawberry said...

hey, coco's mom: :P

Really? I picked that color right away when seeing it. I am very surprised that pink-nude shade works so well w/ our skin tone. Besides, I like the design of that lip stick and had to get it. :)

There are couple I tried also works but mostly in a compact w/ eye shadows. A lip gloss and stick are great when we are on the go!!:)

susanh98 said...

that pink nude lipstick is very nice. makes the lip look more sensual and full. i see a lot of celebrities wearing that shade.
i LOVE your necklace creation! i wish i was more crafty!! you make it seem so easy but I don't think if I tried it would end up looking anything like that. hahaha. good work!!
it looks like a very expensive piece.

Betsy C. said...

Thanks for the tip on makeup. I guess I'm never sure what color to pick for lipstick and I end up going with something very neutral. As for mascara, I have a bad habit of rubbing my eyes so I end up messing it up. D'oh. :(

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Susan: thanks. I guess I really saved couple hundred bucks by making a necklace from "all the nice pieces I can find in bargain stores". hah...

Hum... I think if you give it a try, maybe it won't be as hard as you think. :) Say like starting w/ 3 strings, ribbon, pearls necklace and chains just like the 3rd pic. I posted. I think that look simply elegant. :)

litlstrawberry said...

oh, Betsy: I left another message on my layering post. OH, well, if you like rub your eyes..I guess we better up to something to highlight your pretty eyes instead of mascara. haha..


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