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24 October, 2009

Floral Print Dress + One shouldered Design + Cardigan + Belt!

I never wear this Vintage Christian Dior two pieces dress in public which I altered it to one shouldered dress.

Today, it is a debut of me wearing this dress out to my acting class and the SF zoo!! Yay!!!

Ok, I know, I over-dressed again but what can I say, I am going to the city!! :P

I promised my children I'd take them to the zoo, so I had to get out of my acting class 1 hr. early. However, it seems my acting teacher, Mr. Greg, didn't see that coming when I told him around 1 PM during our 10 minutes recess and he is like "Why don't you tell me earlier?"... hah...well, part of me probably don't want to do my piece today since I didn't prepare it well and really don't want to waste my and other's time seeing me acting *crap* on stage. hahahah....

Anyway, here is my ODJ!! I love this beautiful dress and I think I am going to pass it to my daughters and hope one of them likes it. :P

1. Top:
  • Vintage Christian Dior 2 pieces dress
  • Yaya Aflalo sleeveless cardigan(sweater)
2. Accessory:
  • dotted socks
  • Max & Co. ruffled belt
  • Costume National oxford heels
  • Chloe orange Sally 09 s/s
  • gold n' silver mesh bangles

Eliane: You are so right. I think I look better w/ less colors on my face --- nude make-up is a Do for me. :) I think I am getting OLD so better not put too many colors on face, just in case they make the wrinkles even more visible. hahahaha.....

Anyone tried RapidLash? It really works!! Those are real lashes on my eyes.... Love it!!

This is Make Up For Ever plum color eye shadow which I think works the best w/ YSL nude lip colors. :)


LilKristy said...

U look super pretty in the pictures! :) I really like the nude makeup. I think I'm going to the mall today to try on the lipstick :). Your eye lashes are amazily long. I tried the rapidlash for 3 weeks but I didn't see any result n my eyes hurt when I apply it on the baseline. I feel like my skin was burning or something. So I return thr product :(
I'm glad it worked for u. I heard another product call revitalash but there are many negative comments on it so I think I'm not going to try it. :(

u can still wear dress over there that mean the weather is still warm. I'm jealous hehehe it is so cold over here n we have snow already :(

Angela said...

I just found your blog! I'm really loving your outfit. And also your nude lips! Maybe I'll try that too! :)

Carmen said...

I love your style!!!! <3

Julia said...

what a coincident...

i wore belt over dress+cardigan during the weekend too!

but we wore this combo in our different style.

you looked great in that outfit!

susanh98 said...

your lashes have grown! i have something else i think is revitalash or something. i stopped using it after a few tries because my eyes would get itchy since i normally do get allergies anyway. but it's still there maybe i should try again :P
but you know when I curl my lashes and put mascara they don't stay curled up that long. it sucks.
anyway...i'm glad it worked out for you :)
Looks like your kids had fun at the zoo!

dos3n said...

you look beautiful as usual! I really like your new hair cut, it suits you very well. Where can you get rapidlash?

shockboogiedesign said...

Your lashes are beautiful! I havent tried Rapid Lash. Is it really that good? I'm using NeuLash right now and it's been 2 weeks. So far - I think it's working. We'll see in a month or so as I took pictures so I can compare.

Alice said...

You have such an adorable family and I love your zoo outfit so much! You make motherhood look like so much fun!

litlstrawberry said...

hi, girls:

Thanks for all of your sweet words. Hope you all had a great weekend.

Just to remind you girls that make sure you followed my blog.I will use on line random pick application to do the draw and it is much easier to go through member lists instead of finding your comments here one by one. Thank you!!

Oh, as for the Revitalash vs. RapicLash, I think it does sting at the beginning as you read the instruction and that's why you only apply ONCE for each eye and don't try to rush it by applying over and over along the eye-liner.

I also feel itchiness the couple days or weeks, but now I think after the steady growth and proper maintenance of my lashes, I don't feel itchiness anymore. I guess part of the reason is because the lashes are growing and you do feel a bit itchiness. I wouldn't think it is bad if you just have a bit redness on the skin as long as it didn't get IN the eyes. :)

OK, I admit, sometimes, beauty is a different kind of suffering. hahahahahahah.....

slegna said...

I must agree, the first photo of this post made me stare... lovely in nude makeup!


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