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How Knit!!!

I think I'd better wore my cardigan or knit ensembles asap in these crisp autumn days before it gets too chilly!!

A Chinese old saying: "Get ready w/ the warmest comforter for winter once we had our mid-autumn festival moon cake!!"

It is fascinating that Chinese lunar year can be so accurate on predicting the season changes.

So, what did I wear the past couple days except for blazer and leggings??

Knit, cardigan, tights, leggings.....again. hah.....

I am such a color person and just by looking at how many colors on me these past couple days!! No wonder one of the SAs in a boutique asked me if I ever wore black outfit at all when I browsed through Yohji yamamoto collection. :)

1st ensemble!!

1. Top:
  • Twelfth street of Cynthia Vincent purple sheered blouse
  • RUGBY checkered shirt w/ peplum waist
  • Ralph Lauren brown leather vest
2. Bottom:
  • RUGBY purple corduroy cropped pants
  • black lace leggings
3. Shoes: Costume National navy oxford heels
4. Accessory:
Hermes Ostrich belt
Hermes Gris T. 35cm Birkin

A peek of the black lace leggings!

I tried pairing boots at home..but doesn't like the look.

I lose counts of how many colors on me. ha!

2nd ensemble!!

Ilona looks like a little gnome w/ that hoodie to me. haha...

There is farmers market every Sunday in Los Gatos downtown!!

1. Top:
  • charcoal gray turtleneck
  • Stella McCartney bow origami cream top
  • two toned cardigan bought in Lohemann's
2. Bottom: D&G leopard pencil skirt
3. Bag: Lanvin leopard happy tote
4. Shoes: Boss orange navy w/ gold mary-jane platform heels

I think this outfit might be a big too much...but it is not that bad if only would I wear shorter and black pencil skirt next time. :P

Today, the 3rd ensemble!!

Ilona is applying lip balm before going to painting class...hehe...

Ta da!! Ilona is doing painting on T-shit!!

There are couple people asked me about this Frye boots today.
Unfortunately, I got them last year so I don't know if you can still find them anymore!!


1. Top:
  • Max & Co. floral print dress
  • (forgot the brand)two-toned cardigan w/ slouchy pockets (bought in Lohemann's)
  • Zara grayish taupe knit cardigan
2. Bottom:
Brown leggings w/ grey zigzag over the knee tights
3. Accessory:
  • Hobo brown distressed suede messenger bag
  • Oliver People sunglasses
4. Shoes: Frye slate tall boots

Finally I took my in-laws to the shopping mall almost 2 weeks after their stay.

Why wait!!??

You are asking me the reason?? ha...You now better than I do. :P

I am afraid that I can't help myself buying in front of them. ha ha ha.. So the later the better! haha.....

One more thing to share w/ you girls.

I saw this mini sequined jacket in Nordstrom. I personally think it is very cute and the long collar is also stylish and classic enough for every occasion. I grab it from the rack and style it on the mannequin!! :P ha~ I assume the SA wouldn't mind me playing w/ their clothes and trying on the mannequin instead of ON ME!!!!!

The sequins are very secure and the slightly puffed shoulders remain the feminine look, and it is so light, I just love it. O~~ sorry that I didn't even see the brand name. I think the price is not bad at all since it is not placed w/ high fashion clothes.

I like the black sequins against the pink blouse look very much.

Thanks girls. I know this post is long long long.....

To thank you for the effort of reading it through, there is a giveaway coming up Next Week!!

Stay Tuned!!!!


Hi R!! Nice outfits....playing with colors is just so much fun!!

Speaking of sequins...I bought quite a no. of sequins jackets this is a cropped blazer in navy/black, and another is a biker jacket with matte sequins like the one you saw at Nordies. I think they are really nice to spice up any simple outfits...

Also, I can't help notice one thing....did you change the way you did your eye make-up? Your eye make-up in your recent photos is so much different than the make-up you did when you girls went to Las Vegas. Honestly, I think this make up suits you a lot lot better because it emphasizes your eyes more, but not too pale. Well done!

Hehe...I'm also into make-up very much, esp. love smoky eyes which is not overdone. That's why I can't help notice nice make-ups on eyes.

Paris was great. If you want to see my Chanel loot, just hop over to tPF as I posted my loot last week. I'll post my Hermes loot during the weekend.

Have a nice weekend ahead!

P.S. Ilona has grown so much! Does she talk a lot now? Must be so cute!

litlstrawberry said…
hey, Mia:
Thanks for telling me about your newest updates. I will to check it out on the weekend.

I didn't get any sequins blazer since I bought a vintage St. John and pretty much happy to stick w/ it. :) yep, couldn't agree w/ you more, the sequins always spice up outfits from plain to wow!! :)

I didn't change the way I do make-up...or did I? I didn't use mascara these days as my lashes are so LONG and thicker than before and so happy just leave them like that. If I do mascara, my lashes will look like fake one since they become really LONG>>>> ha... I know, the vegas trip is for fun and for trying things out...I tend to do strong make-ups on me when going places w/ gals....not so much w/ DH though. He doesn't like kiss to a flour face. hahaha..
Ilona is very talkative and in fact, sometimes I have a hard time understand her rambling still. She is learning very fast about everything at this stage. Well, kids all do.

Hope you have a fun weekend too.
Julia said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Julia said…
Hi R.,
i saw this ad by Brook Shield, Latisse. it supposes to help growing lashes.. did you try this? does it work?

i skip wearing mascara most of the time because it is hard to remove at the end of the day

you looked great in your purple jeans. Ilona was showing her good craft skill - i can't believe she painted that t shirt! my son is not very good at painting at all.
Betsy C. said…
Hi Rachel -- Sorry our little play date didn't work out today but I'm sure there will be other opportunities to come. Ilona did a great job on the t-shirt painting on Thursday. Did she enjoy all the other activities as well? Sophie couldn't get enough of the cornstarch bucket thing and she just wouldn't leave that table. :P

I'm so glad to see you trying out the black lace legging look b/c I've been waiting to see how you'd wear it ever since you posted the inspiration from Barney's NY mannequin a long while back. It's a fun and sexy look and I think only your slim frame can pull it off. My legs would look too much like wrapped radishes. hahahah...

Your MIL looks extremely happy that you have finally taken her out shopping at the mall and at the farmer's market. Have they been couped up in the house for too long?! Maybe you can encourage her to buy things instead of you buying that way you get some satisfaction of purchasing things even though it's for her instead of you. Btw, I also took my MIL shopping today at NM Last Call Center in Milpitas. Since she doesn't shop much, I had a fantastic time helping her pick things out. Plus, there is extra discount right now.

The D&G skirt seems a tad long for your farmer's market outfit and I agree that perhaps a shorter black mini would emphasis your cute tops a bit more.

Have a wonderful weekend!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Julia:
Glad seeing your comment here. :)

Oh, nop, I didn't try Latisse since it needed prescription and plus, you have to go back for another 3 prescription to complete the whole treatment. My friend, Renee, is using it and since she didn't do it religiously, i didn't see any dramatic growing of her lashes. :P

I applied RapidLash.

Thanks, my mother in laws loves that vibrant color of purple w/ fuchsia pants very much. She loves all the bright colors as well.

Oh,... ha.. ilona didn't do the painting...she only use stamps for those patterns. hahaha...
litlstrawberry said…
Hey, Betsy:
you know, it is a great idea that I should take her to last call since everything seems cheaper and still nice. I took her to Nordi. these past two days and they only admire clothes after seeing price tags. hahaha... She always say that she gets the same thing w/ much cheaper price in Asia..well, can't argue w/ that. :)

We definitely have to work another time out but maybe we will go to Vegas this weekend....oh, from Sunday to Tue. back...just to have some fun in the pool inside hotels. We'll see.

Yes, the leopard skirt is a big too long for that TOP...I, in fact, bought a cute white shirt to go w/ the skirt today... we shall see the new modeling look very soon. :P Oh, the corduroy pants... hum..yep, it is so fun to wear like that and the color is just so so saturated. Love it!! Hum... you know, I think this year is a very "cropped", everything from jeans, pants, jackets...has cropped style. I guess you can also save money by alternating old corduroy pants to be cropped w/ cuff. :)

You have a great weekend too...I am going to my acting class tomorrow and I should get ready for some scenes on camera in class. :)

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