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03 October, 2009

A Break From Blazer + Leggings.

As usual, I planned my outfit nicely but instead of layering and layering which is just my way of wearing most of my clothes, I had only one simple dress on.

To be honest, I did layer one dress over this green vintage fabric dress before I stepped out the house, but decided not to as I remember my acting teacher, Greg, suggested, to keep the outfit simple w/o busy patterns. :)

So, as usual again, I went to my acting class in SF city this morning. The class is fun except my teacher, Greg, messes up my video tape w/ my classmate when doing recording so I can't watch my part of act until I switch it over. :O

Ok, back to my ODJ!

1. TOP:
  • Rick Owens Lilies wool turtle neck
  • Vince extra big collar leather jacket

underneath: Rick Owens Lilies dress pic. credited to

2. Shoes: Custom National oxford heels
3. Accessory:
  • Chanel Rodeo Drive large tote 08
  • H & M grayish taupe big knitting scarf
  • Brown tight w/ mini orange dots
  • Two textured (leather w/ croc. embossed) belt

I personally love the belt spices up this plain bubble hem dress a little more w/ character and edgy details.

I think tights always compliment w/ oxford heels. :)

W/o leather jacket, the look is less intimidating!! :P

The color of my today's outfit reminds me this pic. taken in Paris last year.

You see, I can suffer myself from getting cold but couldn't allow my look of that day got ruined. hahaha...
The look of cardigan + tights + scarf at 18˚C in Nov. of Paris!!

I have couple blazer + leggings(tights, skinny jeans,pants) planned for next week and will continue that until I run out of ideas or you girls get sick of them. haha......

Then I am thinking of doing cardigan or knit wear combination for the next challenge if the weather cooperates. :)

Ok, I am back to catch up Gossip Girl. :P Oh, in my age, I think I am getting a little shy to admit that I love the show .... I think there is an huge age gap in between those teenagers and their fancy moms and rich dads in the show. I don't think my status would fit in that show at all but guess I am learning my kids' language, thinking, difficulties, fantasies,..etc. for the future reference. hee......

Good nite, girls!!


dos3n said...

the color of the dress looks really flattering on you. the heels are adorable! i love gossip girls too, hubby does not understand why i watch that show :)

lovelifelikefashion said...


I like the outfit and how it is very cool and calm. I am loving leather jacket these days as well. But i really havent worn much (other than a few wedding outfit yesterday cause i went to two weddings). Yep you got good memory i have the grey jacket and i wear it so much (its well worth the price tag for the amount of times i get to wear it)

anyway i really love all your jackets and my favorite so far are this leather jacket and the grey one. Btw Love the ride! Is it your hubby's toy? DF wants an M3 and i am trying to tell him its bad idea and buy a SLR or more blings for me. lol.

The acting class seem to have really good influence on you. You seem really happy with it too~ love the shoes here too.. have a great week ahead

L.T. said...

You always pull great outfits together & yay for gossip girl lol

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Dos:
You think so too?!1 :)
I like all sorts of green and I think this very settled pale green really flatter my skin tone. :) know, DH got addicted to GG and we both love the pretty girls and great "acting" in the show.

litlstrawberry said...

Afternoon, cutie. I know, we always try to justify the money we spend on luxury items..if it is full price, we demand ourselves to wear it in every possible way and if we got it on sale, we say that it well worth it and so proud of ourselves. haha..well, I would think that's just human nature!!! ha ha ha....

Oh, yep, DH's new car is not arrived until next week. I ask him to get BLACK since I am so against silver gadgets/cars/TV... the deal lend him this one until his car arrived from don't know which middle west state. :)

hum..I would say let your DH get M3 since he is way young than my DH and he should play w/ M3 until he is "mature" enough or I should say "old" enough w/ his "social status". Don't get wrong, I didn't mean income or job position wise but simply think he is young, and he should enjoy younger stuff until he really wants Porch!! You know, enjoy everything little by little and don't rush it!!!! MY DH never got chance to play w/ M3 and he is just over 35 yrs. old and I don't think M3 is a car for him at all. (He drives very slow and safe and he dresses very casual or even sloppy...that's just doesn't go w/ M3 well. haha..) I think he is old enough to get Porch w/ his current status. :)

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Elle. How are you doing lately?

Michael St. James said...

I'm addicted to that leather jacket and the Chanel bag is absolutely stunning! Your style is impeccable.

Betsy C. said...

Great buys from the fun store in LG! I love how you had put the unique blazer with your Hudson jeans. It does make your behind hot, hot, hot! I also noticed your belt b/c I was browsing thru the belt section as well.

The Rick Owens Lillies dress look great on you even if you didn't do much of the layering like you normally do. His pieces are so soft and flowy that it sits well on your slender and tall frame. I have a turtle neck I bought from him a while back too and I can't wait to wear it this cold season.

So how did your acting class go this past weekend? Did you get to hang out in the city with your friends again? I meant to comment that Renee's leather vest is really an eye-catcher b/c I went back to look at it a few times. :P With the cold weather coming in, I also bought myself a new leather jacket at Boutique 151 in downtown Los Altos... fun!

Hope to see you again soon!

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Mike. You are being very supportive here. :)

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Betsy:
yep, isn't that belt a unique piece. :)
You know, I received the invite from that 151 boutique but didn't have time to check it out last Thur. I am curious what's the style of your leather jacket and any brand name?

The acting class is getting more serious and I am learning a lot. YOu know. :) I am suppose to prepare a monologues which will be recorded this Sat. ... but it seems I should get it started by memorizing everything first.

Jennifer said...

Hi, I'm loving your blog! I just wanted to know where your leather jacket is from? It looks amazing on you!


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