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Day 2 Blazer + Leggings w/ Kay Park Gray Blazer!

Here are my 2 new fab. find: Kay Park gray tuxedo coat & Hudson black skinny jeans!!

Today, I took my in-laws to SF city for lunch impulsively. I am just tired of all the restaurants here in the bay area and really want to try something new. The regular price of half lobster w/ egg noodles in the restaurant here is about $34. lol It is just insane!! However, for that much of money we can have 2 plates of the same thing in the Chinese restaurant in SF city. :)

We went to Happy Garden in Clement & 9th st. Thanks to my friend, Renee, took me there for the first time.

My friend, Renee, in her gorgy leather vest.
We went to Yoshi (Live Jazz n' Japanese restaurant), and Ruby sky together last Sat. after my acting class.

We are off to get the best pearl milk tea in 19th st after lunch.

This is so not-everyone-is-the-same blazer w/ that unique shoulder details.

peek-a-boo shoulder!


1. TOP:
  • Vince blue tank
  • BP fishnet t-shirt
  • Kay Park gray tuxedo blazer w/ shoulder details
2. Bottom: Hudson stretchable black skinny jeans w/ pockets at bottom
3. Accessory:
  • Hermes white Collier De Chien w/ gold studs
  • Chanel matte white reissue in 227
4. Shoes: Hermes black riding boots w/ Kelly locks

I had to share w/ you fab. girls about this fab. Hudson jeans.

I am really reluctant to get black jeans since they are so ordinary which simply serves the same purpose like black leggings to me. But I instantly want this Hudson jeans after trying it on.


Simply.....they give me butt!!!! And the price is so reasonable IMO, $156 or so!!!

I tried so many leggings but they only flatten my butt instead of up-lifting them..... :9, most w/ pockets doesn't really help since they are also flat pockets. :(

I have HIP, from the front and back view w/ wide hip bone but since I am skinny, there is not much I can do about my bottom to create a side view. :P Ok, maybe Power Yoga do help a bit but not much. :P

So if you are skinny and have obvious side curve on your butt, you are lucky w/ perfect inherited gene. I have to say: You, lucky girl!! :P

Those pockets w/ fold-over buttons gives a delusion at rear w/o looking saggy.

Most importantly, the pockets are at the right place....... BUTT!!!

This Hudson jeans fits so true to the size and just pick the smallest size you have in your entire jeans collection.

Say, if you can squeeze yourself in a size of 25 jeans, then go for it!!!!! :)

So when I am busy doing my photo shooting, two daughters of mine are having swing fun in our back yard!!

It looks like I am wearing a parachute on my shoulder in that photo. hahaha..

That's a funny face of me. :)

I don't know if I would wear blazer w/ leggings to my acting class since I am still trying to find out the best look of me ON CAMERA. hah!

Have a nice weekend, girls!!!


Your Hermes boots are TDF! So lovely. Also, I really like the gray blazer. The fishnet detail makes it interesting.
isabel said…
Hi Rachel, Love your Kelly boots!!! They are so gorgy. Your blazer is really pretty too, I love the shoulder details. I also have a pair of hudson black jeans, and they do make butts look perkier....
juliet7268 said…
I love the Hudson jeans! Where did you buy them?
susanh98 said…
wow i need a pair of those black jeans asap! I've been looking to buy black skinny jeans after I bought a Joie leather jacket.
Boots...i've been looking at several brands but the one that I really love but I know is not practical is Jimmy Choo fishnet one called Karina. It's more like heels not "boots" but i can't take the plunge. So...i'm still looking around.
Anyhow have fun at your acting class and have a great weekend!
Anonymous said…
hi R!! I love the jacket!! it look soo good on you and its so unique. I actually love the whole outfit! THe boots are tdf and the jeans look good on you and every details look good.

You know i always wish not to have a butt when i am wearing jeans. Before low rise jeans come out i always had to buy jeans that are way too big in the waist area thanks to the and even know i wish i have much smaller butt than i do..haha

anyway u look gorgeous!
orihime said…
R 姊姊

just wanted to drop by to say hi :) and that you look AMAZING in those jeans! I love it :) and I really want a blazer like yours with puffier shoulders.. as always, you are SO stylish!
Claudia said…
A quick comment to say hello R!
You are looking great as always :)
I luv hudson jeans as well, my fave too cuz same reason as you ..haha
Have a great weekend.
Julia said…
how you wore your mesh top inspiried me. i have one with sequin on, and i was going to do a search of how to wear it. i will wear it the same way you did. love it!

your new jeans looked really good on you. i like my hudson jeans too.

overall, this is a great outfit. :)
Carrie said…
I love all your outfits! You have great style.
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, boogie:
hee...thanks. The boots are forever a staple in my wardrobe, I think.
My friend, Cathy, gave me that fishnet shirt and I think yesterday was the 2nd time I ever wear it. :)
litlstrawberry said…
Hey, sis:
Thank you. Don't know WHEN you will have a new pair of boots since LA is so hot still....but you know what, there is is Chinese Moon festival and I bet it should be cooler in LA after tonight. Well, at least I get to wear my leather jacket w/o scarf tonight at Santana Row.... so cold here!! :)

Oh, the gray blazer is really interesting and I really like it too.
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Juliet:
Thanks, girl.
I got that in a local shop in Los Gatos. The store is called Bella Rosa. I think maybe you can find it online...the style is "kiss me" (I think). :)
litlstrawberry said…
I know, the thoughts of buying unpractical stuff is the biggest enemy for us. It seems that we shouldn't do it, but once a while, it is not so bad at all. :)

That heel booties is like my Chanel mesh w/ bows booties. They are sexy, kinda comfortable but not so stable to WALK in fast pace. Well,... the mesh is really soft I guess that's the reason I always kinda twist a bit when walking to fast in my Chanel mesh booties. :P
litlstrawberry said…
Hey, cutie:
Thank you!! I probably will try to wear that gray blazer as often as possible. I remember you have one from Burberry, right?! Very cool one too.

Hum..the butt. It really is generic and you are lucky to have perkier butt. :> Rest of us have to WORK really HARD .. oh, I know, or a surgery to lift them up. hahaha...
litlstrawberry said…
hi, orihime 妹妹::)
how have you been?

Thanks for the sweet compliment.

you know, I wonder if you can take a jacket to the tailor and ask her to kinda sew a patty inside the shoulder seam. You know, you just need to make sure the patty is thin (or cut to half) and even narrow the sleeves even more to have a feminine and tapered look on sleeves. hum..I don't know if that is cheaper than buying from H&M or Zara. I would say $100 less for sure to alter a jacket's should and sleeves. :)
litlstrawberry said…
Hello, Claudia:
Oh, first thing I want to tell you is that I so want to get 2 sunglasses last week from Gilt. Oliver people and paul Smith...but just because I can't try them on and they are final sale, I gave up the great deal of spending only $350 for 2 sunglasses. what a bummer it is, now I think!!!!!

Anyways, the hudson jean is cool and that's my second from the brand. I have another pair w/ wide legs and love it last year. (hum..this year, I don't have mood to wear it very often....maybe it is not as trendy as last year..??!!) What else brand jeans you like and is great to up lift your butt...OUR butts?!! haha...
Thanks in advance, girl. :)
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Julia:
Thank you. I am very curious your mesh top w/ sequins. In fact, I saw ONE in a store (black mesh w/ clear sequins) but didn't take a look of its style. That's why I thought about my mesh top and think it is a great time to wear it again. :)

you know, I think the cutting of any pants are so important..... I know lots of pants doesn't have 3-d pockets but still give BUTTS a perkier look. It is just when I love the pants, I ignore the butt part....but if I LOVE the butt part, I buy them instantly. :)
litlstrawberry said…
Carrie: thank you, little girl.

You look very stylish in your clothes too. :)

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