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Gone Crazy About Lipsticks!! Givenchy Limited Rouge Interdit Shine Lipstick!

I tested couple more lipsticks while purchasing another YSL rouge volupte 2 the other day and found an absolutely gorgeous "almost-flatters-everyone" nude color. :P

Ok, maybe I exaggerate it a bit but honestly, when I wear nothing on my face, I don't think the YSL rouge volupte 2 would really flatter my skin tone. It is such an opaque color and almost fully covers the real lip color, I would say a little bit eye shadows or eye liners goes along would complement better.

However, this limited edition Givenchy Pearl Shine lip color (sheer pearl shimmer) looks so natural and blends so well w/ my skin tone. This color gives all the attention to the full pout and my face still looks so nature and glowy because of the simmering effect from the lipstick. I would say apply a maroon lipstick to refresh a no-make-up look is just so cliche and almost outdated.... (no offense) lol. Why not give this a try!!!!

The pink ribbon is just too cute!

I should have a mod. shoot tomorrow w/ this pearl shine lip color on.

Every Sunday our whole family have to accompany my older daughter, Abby, to Los Gotes for her piano lesson. And I am glad there is a farmer's market every Sunday for us to kill a whole hour while awaits.

*sigh* Nowadays, all kids are prince or otherwise princess to every parent!!! lol

I seem to wear less and less my Chanel custom jewelry these days.....
well, since they are timeless, they would last then! :)

1. Top:
  • RUGBY cotton w/ silk trim on ruffles dress
  • Vince leather w/ over-sized collar jacket
2. Accessory:
  • Echo cotton w/ metallic trim n' beads scarf
  • Chloe orange Sally bag 08 s/s
  • Chloe taupe/purple hue tall boots 09
  • Chanel 08 s/s 3 pink camellia w/ gold trim necklace

I know I bought enough boots for this season...but there is always something more in my desire.
Such as Burberry lace up boots, or even Alexander Wang's!! :P

But for now I will be good!! In fact, I just turned down a good deal of buying a coveted Chanel 226 matte black reissue for $2300 from couple seasons back. Hum... I am still hoping a little vacation that we'd go Hawaii for Thanksgiving!!

Hope everyone is saving for their next dream vacation!!!! ;>


Mmm.. Alexander Wang boots are divine! Looking forward to your Givenchy modeling pics.
Wai Thit said…
days ago with heel ( love your riding boots btw) and i love your sally bag! I really want one but i cant find it at all anymore :( soo Hawaii for next stop? it was raining most of the time i was there, so choose a good date to go k? I want the alexandra wang too.. thats on my list to buy on the first cut. lol! hope u are doing well
Angela said…
yes please do post pictures with you and the givenchy lipstick! Do you ever wear red lipstick? If so, what would you recommend? I've always been tempted to purchase one but I'm afraid it'll look weird on asian skintone or make my lips look really small. Have a great Tuesday!
dos3n said…
how do you make rugby stuff look like high fashion?! I think you just really know how to pick the right pieces. I know what you mean about kids are prince and princesses these days, but i can't help not spoiling her :) we just booked our vacation to sea world this thanksgiving, we are saving a few buck flying to los angeles and borrow my parents' car to drive to san diego. In this economy, saving every few bucks counts!
susanh98 said…
wow another nice color. I really like your leather jacket!
litlstrawberry said…
hi, coco's mom: yes, that pair is just so .. fierce!! :)
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, cutie: Thanks. You know, I think Chloe always will have that kind of style bag available you just have to wait and LOOK for. :)

Hum... I don't remember if Hawaii rains during Nov. maybe we should check weather report first.

oh Happy Halloween!! :) (This Sat.)
litlstrawberry said…
haha.. Angela: you got me!! Honestly, I seem cannot find a RED lipstick that flatter my skin neither. I always think my lips are WIDE..(big mouth?) hahaha.... I so far only wear the darkest red I can find ... Giorgio Armani and Sonia Rykiel.

Hum...maybe I should go out and find a red lipstick that flatters for US. :)
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Catherine: yes...especially you have only ONE princess, it is just nature to pamper her any way you want. :)

he..I think Rugby has great stuff and it is not bad price after sale...most important, their stuff goes on sale so quickly and I don't remember I ever buy full price merchandise from them. :)

Wow, how nice that you guys already book the trip for Thanksgiving. I think tonight I have two things to do...first, plan Hawaii trip and hope it will happen :) and then I need to find a costume for Abby. This year, I am so busy that I didn't even get all the costume ready until this morning I want to give away one costume to my friend's son. :)
litlstrawberry said…
Susan: thanks. I know once I have ONE nice leather jacket I can stop looking ....... well, unless it is like $500 deal for Rick owen or Hulmet Lang. :P
Betsy C. said…
Rachel - I agree with others that you make Rugby so desirable! :) I've never stepped into that store until you started modeling their pieces. Anyway, I think about that reissue you passed up everyday for some reason. I should really stop b/c I got my Happy Shoulder Tote finally and I am definitely happy. LOL.

Those Chloe boots make me drool.
Wai Thit said…
ohh.. i missed the first part of whati was writing.. i meant. I wore something similar a few days ago with heels~
Yepp do check the weather.. anyway hawaii is great for kids too and shopping! love the tax there..

happy halloween too and my birthday is right before it soo have to see what i get.. hehee..

B.. I got a lanvin bag from the happy series too.. i am soo excited that it will get ship to me soon~
litlstrawberry said…
oh, Betsy: I just left message on your fB but here you are.

yay... great, I know that Lanvin happy bag won't disappoint you anyway. Enjoy the bag and it is ONE of the chicest bags this season. I think that bronze almost like our 07 dark silver reissue!!!

Oh, yep, Rugby is def. a great alternative to H&M or Zara...(sometimes) since fewer people buy them but Rugby does follow the trend such as military coat, white silk/cotton dresses I got!! You should check it out and they have very warm and good quality of leggings too.
litlstrawberry said…
Cutie wai: so what color you got.... Betsy got herself Bronze happy bag and how about you? I only know there is another color of metallic navy... is there anything similar to my leopard happy sac? I don't know if they made another animal print this year then. But well, those happy sac are the best ... other than other bags. haha....
Tuesday Girl said…
I love you fashion sense! And I LOVE the vince leather jacket you are wearing, is it the "Vince Asymmetrical Leather Biker Jacket". It is sold out every where, do you know where I can find one?!

litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Tuesday girl:
are you Jennifer? Cause' someone email me saying her found this leather jacket. Well... bought it at bloomingdale's and I know NM has it last year. Maybe you still can ask SAs in those two department stores and they also can tell you where to find it.
And I think it is asymmetrical leather jacket since the zipper is not in the center.

Good luck of finding it!!

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