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06 October, 2009

Day 4 Blazer + Leggings w/ Kay Park again!!

What's the look of studs, animal print and sequins combination?!!!

Huh...I would say: Like a rock star? or Rapper?

Ok, hope it is not ON me!!

I picked pieces w/ subtle studs and mini sequins and put them together this morning and they turns out great. Well, at least I think so!! :)

I am going to stop by fabric store to see if I can find something which has studs on and I am going to DIY something fun. Oh, if only I can find it!! :P

So here we go ..... couple of my friends really love this Kay Park gray blazer so I put together an ensemble again just to make them drool over more. ha ha ha...~

Some accessories to lighten up this gray ensemble a little more.

Can you see the mini studs pocket and black lace around the sleeves on the wool/cotton shirt?

They are fun elements and I think they are easy as great DIY ideas!! :)

My ODJ !

1. TOP:
  • Erin Kleinberg beaded pocket boyfriend tee

(intermix has those.)
  • Kay Park gray tuxedo blazer w/ shoulder details
2. BOTTOM: Romeo & Juliet sequins leggings for $39.99 (bought at Lohmann's)
ps. if you want a 20% coupon of Lohmann's, please email me:

  • Hermes Gris T. 35Cm Birkin
  • Hermes white CDC in gold studs
  • Brass mini disc necklace from Anthro.
  • Flying lizard design gold necklace w/ turquoise n' gold disc

4. SHOES: Jimmy Choo gray snake skin boots

All My mother-in-law could best say when she saw this Birkin is:
"The bags will be my heritage to my two daughters in the future."

You know, I am very grateful that she didn't criticize a single word more. :)

I tried pairing Givenchy chain ankle boots outside but think the gray blazer still looks better w/ a pair of tall boots.

Now I am thinking of a pair of knee-high boots!!!! hee he..... Are you thinking of the same thing as I am??

I like this look even more than couple days ago when pairing w/ fishnet shirt n' Hudson jeans.
Probably just because my top looks very subtle w/ mono-toned gray and then it gets so eye-catching (busy) at lower body!!

Oh, we don't normally wear any shoes inside the house, heels/boots is only for modeling purpose.

Just heard from the radio that it is not very hygienic w/ all the dirt on your shoes you could possibly step in the house w/ you. You know how yucky it is if you put everything under a microscope!!! :P

You know, it is hilarious that Ilona just poses whatever pose she could come up w/ . :P

Ok, time to pick up my daughter from school and stop by Joanne fabric!!!
See ya~~~


Betsy C. said...

Ok... I officially want to adopt Ilona. How cute can she be?! She is absolutely hilarious and I can't get enough of looking at her pose. :)

I feel slightly honored to have been there when you bought that boyfriend tee. It seems rather large on your frame but then again, it's a "boyfriend" tee so that's how it is. The blazer is truly a great buy and I have a feeling, some of your friends might be picking one for themselves as well. I have to admit that I also like your last ensemble (w/Hudson jeans and Vince mesh shirt) even if you favor this one more.

It's great that you are able to show the Birkin in front of MIL. It's a relief to know that she shares your enthusiasm for a timeless piece and that it'll be wonderful for your two daughters to inherit.

Btw, my leather jacket (bought from 151 Boutique) is Doma Leather Jacket with slanted zipper, and the color is kinda like... cappuccino. They have quite a few other leather jackets in the store too. You should check it out when you have a chance.

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Betsy:

ha ha..tell me more about that funny poses..I don't know what the heck would she rise her leg for??? ha ha ha.... ha ha..

Oh, I will call you sometimes tomorrow and we should definitely go up to Los Altos together.

ha.. you are right, Peilly is that close to get that blazer if it is not because the chest part..hee... ok, and it is not cheap either. Anyway, the tee is big...and I think it might fall off one shoulder w/ that wide neckline...again, it is a boyfriend tee and I guess it suppose to look BIG then. Thanks again for coming down there w/ me last week. :)

Huh...I wonder why will the river in shoup park filled w/ water again? Maybe not until this Dec. or after raining season. :)

dos3n said...

what a great outfit! you really really chic and relazed at the same time. it looks like something you can really move in especially with kids but still look sofisticated. I think i need to stop by the consignment shop soon and see if i can find some great blazers like yours!

dos3n said...

ok, i must be zoning out when i typed up that comment, i meant you look really chic, not really really. and it's relaxed, not relazed. also you are sophisticated, not with a f.

litlstrawberry said...

haha...dos: tell me, how many drinks you had last night? ho ho... Those mumbling typo sounds like you were drunk. :P

Yep, I think shop in the consignment store or thrift store is fun but it really takes time to think throu. what to do w/ stuff you found there. :)

Tiffany said...

you are gorgeous! love your outfit and your bag is to die for! and how cute is your little girl!

i found you because you linked to my blog, thanks so much I appreciate it!

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Tiffany. I like your blog as well and thanks for stopping by here. :)

Claudia said...

Hi Rachel,
Thanks to God is Friday. And to your blog that allows me to take a little break from a crazy busy week at work and study, etc..

Look what I see? Awww...Ilona, such a doll. I absolutely love her poses.

I really like this outfit on you, and love your H bag! simply gorgeous!!!

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks Claudia. :)

Oh, thanks for liking my little one..she is just so adorable..I know, her poses just cracks all of us up. haha..

Again, I am still regretting not getting any sunglasses from .. :(

Hope you have a great weekend.


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