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14 October, 2009

Knee-high Boots?!! Nay, just Look Alike!!

After yesterday's staying low for not taking so many pic. of myself, I decided to take it to DH and have him do the dirty work for me. lol

Oh,, not dirt work!!

I must say if my in-laws saw DH taking pic. of me, they wouldn't say anything anymore. DH loves me very much and I am glad that he knows being supportive of this thing is so important to me too. :)

I am stilling feeling my hair. I felt that I look much younger w/ this simple hair do. There is a slightly bias cut from back to the front, maybe a long bob I could say.

I've never done this before!! I mean when I am furious, I never go have a hair cut since it would be like killing me twice! :P However, I do realize it is so helpful to clam my rage by simply transforming to a different look this time!!

I am still in search for a knee-high boots randomly. Nothing caught my eyes though!!

Now since I am very pleased by the almost like thigh-high boots look of Aqua leather leggings + Givenchy chain wedge booties, the knee-high boots can wait. :)


1. Top:
  • BCBG runway brown sweater (last year)
  • blue cotton vest
  • C&C California super long cotton vest
  • taupe wool blend vest
2. Bottom: Aqua leather leggings
3. Shoes: Givenchy chain wedge boots
4. Accessory:
Anthropologie beaded necklace w/ floral peg
Balenciaga part-time bag 08 in violet

oh, I just start doing TRX last week and it feels great, great, great!!!!!! All I need now is to tone up my muscles more and work on my target of having 4 or 6 packs muscles!! ha ha ha.. oh, well, I don't know who am I fooling though. ha ha...

Anyway, you girls should try TRX!! It uses your own body weight to build your own muscle up and is amazingly effective!!! You almost can see the result right away if you do it correctly!!!

I am going to TRX for 45 mins. and then Power Yoga for an hour tonight!!!

See you afterward, girls!!!


Michael St. James said...

Love those leggings with the boots and that bag is gorgeous!

little fish said...

You are a genious!!! Love your look a like Knee high boots !!
Dont worry abt your in laws...they are sometimes get too worried if they could not control some of the things.

by the way, i never miss any of your post. Just that i feel embarrassed to make myself presence hahahah..

dos3n said...

looking good girl, and yes, have your DH take pics for you, what are your IL's going to say :) don't take pics of your pretty wife? are those really leather leggings? where do you get those?

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Mike: thanks. :)

litlstrawberry said...

ooh..little fish:

It is your first time to say hello on my blog. :) Oh, do you enjoy your Chanel rain boots? It rained like dog and cat here yesterday and I am happy that I have a pair of rain boots too. Worry free of running around in those boots and picking up kids from school, do grocery-shopping ...etc. It is fun in a raining day when you have a pair of rain boots. :)

Oh, your 3 kids are so cute and they seem very happy in that HUGE pic. of your blog header. haha...

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Catherine: Thanks to you pretty girl, too!!

haha... my in laws know that I am up and running w/ my camera...and playing dress-up game again. :P

Oh, the leather leggings are Aqua bought in Bloomingdales.

susanh98 said...

Hey R;
Love the look of the leggings! So cool. And your new haircut is very pretty too :)
Are you going to buy that leather vest?
Oh that must be hard to have in laws around for that long! hahaha I know for me would be torture. I always feel that anything I do would be judged even if that was not the case. Is just so much pressure for me.
I wish it would rain more over here so I could buy rainboots!
anyway hope you have a great day!

Julia said...

loving your leather legging + ankle boots. purple B bag is great choice.

i am not feeling the necklace...

your new hairdo doesnt seem make dramatic change, it is a safe bet.

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Julia: thanks.

Right, you know the hair really is just a way to get out of my mood...I need to go back to my regular hair style in a couple month for a more stylish cut. :)

Oh, I like your posh look of both blazers. However, they don't all look like boyfriend to me...pretty tailored for the white and black one. It is a pinstriped one is boyfriend style.


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