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13 October, 2009

A LIttle Privacy!!

Ok, I said that I am glad that my in-laws could share the passion w/ me about Fashion...

I am probably being too confident w/ that statement!!!!!!!

It turns out that they probably hit their bottom line for taking up on me doing photo-shoot everyday. ... They don't want me focus on "dressing-up" or "buying-spending-shopping" whatever that terms related so seriously.

Ok...... I guess I have to listen.... a lot of story needed to fill in but I guess I should give myself and my-laws some privacy and more respect.


BUT the truth is, I don't have to change or should change at all. We are adults, we know the financial restraints of the budgets, besides, all the financial issues should be addressed only between me and my husband especially when there is no issue at all, our parents or in-laws should stay away!! :P


What do I do now?


I will take pic. upstairs in our master bedroom!!!!!! Or to be precise, let my son took pic. for me so I still can enjoy my passion and share the quality time w/ my son (my 3 kids). :)

So sorry about those messy background.

Oh, I have a new hair cut!!!!!!! :)


1. TOP:
  • Zara plaid shirt dress
  • Erin Kleinberg beaded pocket tee
2. Bottom: Helmut Lang boyfriend denim shorts
3. Shoes: patent (rain) boots

BTW, I didn't forget the giveaway. I probably want to reveal it next week after my in-laws are gone!!! Sorry about the delay, girls!!


dos3n said...

yeah, never think your inlaws are too cool. i leared that the hard way. you look really young and hip in the outfit today, did you go out like that? it was raining and cold today that's why i asked. hey what give away?

dos3n said...

oh, forgot to tell you love your new hairdo!

litlstrawberry said...

hi, dos:
how are you? :)

You are right, never reveal too much of yourself in front of in-laws but somehow I feel that you need some kind of attitude that they wouldn't want to "lecture" you or "teach" you from the beginning. Then, my parents call them sometimes and even when they are visiting us in USA, just to make sure that they are OK, I am OK and we are both OK w/ each other. :) Family's (from your mom/dad)support is so so so effective and inevitably necessary.

Well, they never said anything to me until DH and I had a big fight on Sat. night..then we just solved that issue yesterday. But I guess my mother in law is upset that I (we) tortured him (or each other) for some kind....she gave me a little lecture!! oh, well, if you know me well, I get upset at that instance but after a day, those words are gone!!

haha.... never be too serious w/ in-laws. ;>

Thanks, I am so happy w/ my new hair-do as I really needed a change (mood) on Monday otherwise I probably would kill someone instead. hahahah...

Oh, I have strong resistant w/ chill days but I did wear my Juicy raincoat (like a trench coat) which I bought last year and brought w/ me to Paris during their rain season in Nov. :)

Again, a rain boots and a styligh rain coat are two things worth to invest in USA> :)

litlstrawberry said...

oh, the give away,.I am still deciding which one ... clothes or cosmetics...what kind you prefer!??

dos3n said...

so she's upset at how you treated your husband? yeah, i get "advise" from my MIL on the proper way to talk to my DH. She's probably more use to the way i am now since we see each other so often. But you dont see your in laws all the time so maybe they feel like they need to say something now before they leave. I know how a new hairdo can change your mood, i do that too when i feel like i need some change in my life.

Everything you have on here is great! i am so bummed that i missed your last give away, those plastic jewlery look so awsome! Glad to hear you and your DH resolve the issue. Don't you love blogging? you can vent and get support! i use to do that until i got lazy :)

dos3n said...

hey, i just added you on FB, it's catherine chou. add me back!

Betsy C. said...

Rachel - Sorry to hear about your IL woes. Living under one roof for an extended period of time is always hard. It must've been a very serious fight this past weekend for your ILs to hear/see you and DH in a stressful situation. Mothers are naturally protective of their sons, so I can see how she would lecture you a little afterwards. My MIL is always implying to me that DH is too skinny and that perhaps I should "fatten him up," esp with him being so stressed at work. I'm thinking... I know I don't cook the best, but I *do* take care of my husband. Anyway, I'm glad you have a positive attitude and don't take anything too close to heart. Enjoy your passion and be happy, right?

Your rainboots are super cute with the EK top too. This new haircut is very chic... makes you look more sophisticated.

Call me if you want me to help you with the monologue. :)

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Catherin:

oh, well, my in-laws didn't lecture me about the way I talk to Dh. .....I said it is the way I spent on things.

Well, like my blog name, Fashion xenophile...I love everything from all over the world, I have a very broad/fine taste just about w/ everything. We all do, I think. :P
See,... I know I shouldn't take them to shop w/ me....since I somehow just can't "pretend" that I am not buying anything even in front of their presence. They just ask me who will notice what brands I am wearing...blah blah... I said, oh, people knows about fashion!!!! See, I don't even bother to educate what's fashion to them...I did that to DH and he is somewhat fine w/ it.

Oh, I must clear one thing that me and in-laws are cool and I just took them to Costco shopping this morning.

The story is : I had a huge fight w/ DH over an inappropriate "good-bye hug" from some "woman" on Sat. night outside my house. I don't know the couple (obviously they know DH before we met/married)and obviously that woman is rude w/o my consent or even ask to meet w/ me when I was in the house blogging. I am mad at DH that he didnt' tell me about the "hug" instead of me seeing it from upstairs after almost an hour of chat outside the house!! well...see long story..... I am tired..

Anyway, point is I don't know that woman and I certainly don't like she hugs my DH when they did't see each other for almost 5 years.
(She is married w/ 1 yr. old daughter and the family come to my house to borrow something which DH did't tell me that he is going to give away the baby guard.)

Oh,...silly me??!! Certainly not, DH should ask my permission when he wants to give away household stuff. oui?!! :) Then even he didn't see that "hug" coming, he should agree w/ me that "hug" is unnecessary and inappropriate especially they didn't take the unsuitable-for-them baby guard thing. "Nothing really need to thank for!!!"

OH, this is a long rant...I am getting OLD> hahaha...

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Betsy:

Everything is cool and I think I need to talk to you about the proper "hug" greeting between friends...... in USA. Obviously I don't hug "guy" friends when their girl friend or wives aren't around.

Sure, I definitely need your English lesson. But guess I will wait till in-laws leaving on 17th to meet you then. :)

Hee..I love that boyish shirt very much and because of my new hair do, I feel like I need to change my style a bit. hha...

Purse Addict said... look so cute with your new hair cut!!

Sorry abt the in-laws. I can't relate but I know my mom is not a fan of my grandma :P LOL

dos3n said...

oh,ok i get the story now. yeah, i toned down what i carry around my MIL these days. I make sure i dont show her my chanels and hermes, and if she does sees them i tell her i sold all my other bags to get that one. as for the DH story, i think i would be mad too. but how bad was this hug? woman shold know better, she would not feel good about it if she was in your shoes.

litlstrawberry said...

You will know one day that it is just "awkward" having in-laws at the same roof. :P

litlstrawberry said...

Yep,I should have asked you. hah... I am being good the 1st week...then I am tired of carrying the same bag so I started carrying my other bags out w/ them...then blah blah.... my bad!!

Yep, hugs...I need someone to hug back, can I hug you instead. :P hahahahah...JK!

curlsjang said...

Oh no, I can totally relate to what happened with your in laws. Asian parents always want us to save up for rainy day.

But I guess I am really lucky, I have an awesome MIL. She was from Taiwan and now lives in Hawaii.

She has the most fantastic purses and jewelry I've seen. She was the one who got me started on Chanel. Basically she bought the Chanel bag to use for our wedding and gave it to me on one of our visits.

My LVs, Ferragamo, Chanel are all gifts from her!!

litlstrawberry said...

hi, little jang:
oh..... oh.. you are the luckiest daughter-in-law in the world. :) I am so glad that your mother-in-law wouldn't criticize your buying,spending on luxury bags. I envy you, girl. :)

Michelle said...

Hi! I am from TPF and am in the Bay Area as well :) Glad to hear taht all's good with your DH and sorry to hear about your in-laws. I totally understand what you are going through! I actually have to hide my spending from BOTH my in-laes and parents! They will totally flip out if they know how much I spend on bling-bling and bags! I will not wear my big bling bling or carry my Birkns or any obviously recognisable bags with both my in-laws and parents. Thank god I don't live with my in-laws (they are in the area tho') and my parents are 8500 miles away! I agree with you that we are adults and understand financial restraints so if it is cool between our spouse, why should our parents/in-laws interfere yeah? But asian parents being asian parents will always tout frugality. Cheers!

littlefish said...

I have to say I am totally in love with your blog - fashion ideas, thoughts-gathering and everyday's life sharing. Don't have one blog yet, perhaps soon :-)


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