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The Details. 

My ODJ. 

Barney's Warehouse Sale!!

I heart Jil Sander Heels. 

KOI Jasper Cape!

So that's it!!!!!!! That's all I scored today... ^O^

Stay focus~~~
xoxo Rachel 


Michael Angel Designs is having a sale online. Check it out!!

When my brain is actually working, I pair colors coordinating w/ prints better. Friends ask me how to tone legs, I say: squads! ^O^ I am not skinny so my legs are not skinny but I exercise to tighten every muscle of my legs. 

This heels is not the best match, I first thought!

Then I thought Stella Luna gladiator heels is a great alternative.
Heels + Socks = A Must DO! 
My ODJ. 

1. Top:

Marc by Marc Jacobs doll t-shirtSome brand baby blue asymmetrical blazer (A Fad)
2. Bottom:
Gap tartan shorts

3. Accessory:Charcoal Gray socksChanel matte black reissue 226 
4. Shoes:
Stella Luna gladiator heels (bought at Taiwan)

I love both Stella McCartney for Adidas' collection and Alexander McQueen for Puma's collection and every now and then I'd check both out!! (I don't know if they'd continue A. McQueen for Puma)

Work high fashion sports wear into your fashion wardrobe is actually a good idea!!! ^O^ 

Love you all looking fabulou…


This is another post I did before 2009 A/W came. I love velvet, therefore, I am so excited to see that "velvet" finally rushes into runway 2010 A/W.
There are 
at least 4 months combing fall and winter for me to showcase my revolving styles whenever my mood fits". ^^Is Fall Here Yet? Trench Coat, Leather Bomber Jacket, Scarf, And Hat, Bring them  on!

Till this year, I still love the looks very much. ^^
My gal friends are flying back one by one before school start....presuppose you know most of my gals are fabulous moms.... We do our best to keep up our looks, our friendship, the kids' school performance and the most important, our friendship/partnership w/ our husbands!!   
Ah, right, I am so happy that we perhaps are going to chat about the damages we should do for 2010 A/W collection/trend!! lol 
So...... what are the things that my gals laid their fingers on??
#1 Karen walker sunglasses

ps. I am only modeling for my gals..... (NOT MINE) :P 

Karen Walker Number O…

Sequin, Prints--water color or Ink-jet or Digital .... MIX them!

I have a thing or two for sequins and prints.

Niel,  we can have a hair cut appointment together!!! ^O^

1. Top:

Kain Label pocket tankDiane von Furstenberg gray wool vest (bought at Paris 08')PORTS 1961 sequin cardigan (Second hand)
2. Bottom:
Dries Van Norton ink-jet print loose pants

3. Accessory:

multiple colored sapphire earringsGivenchy Tinhan hobo w/ studs
Hermes Kelly riding boots

I bought this PORTS 1961 sequins cropped cardigan from Chris.

Caught me digging in frozen yogurt. 

1. Top:

Vince blue tankTrina Turk halter vestSplendid gray cardigan
2. Bottom: 
Theory sequin mini skirt

3. Accessory:black sheer loose tightsstuds belt w/ chainblue laser-cut earringsChanel 08' striped metallic navy reissue 227 
4. Shoes:
Chole brown wedge boots 

 This tortoise Karen Walker Dandy sunglasses is my current fave. 

Ilona: Mom, how come there are so many people waiting to eat at Pizza Antica??? 
Rachel: Because everyone is hungry and moms all quit cooking since it is too HOT!!! :P 
Therefore, w…

A Consignment Store in SF.... Cris!

Presumably people live in the big city have the best accessibility to fashion. You mustn't disagree w/ me!! ^^

Renee took me to this consignment store CRIS in SF City last weekend. She had couple things under consignment in the store and also am happy about couple pieces previously bought there. 
The owner, Cris, is originally from Italy and obviously the store is named after her. She is a very nice woman to ask "further" discount if you ever have a chance to shop there. ^^ 

I asked her advices about the best time/place to visit Italy and she suggests that it is better to go in October than November. The reason is that It is going to rain in both Rome and Venice in November then we probably won't enjoy the scenic view and shopping that much. ... hum..... we need a plan B. 

WOW ~ Louis Vuitton, Givenchy (?) and Marni

My gals have a thing for BOW heels but I bet no one can TOP this one. ^^ 
Love the side jute bow that you can TIY. (tie-it-yourself)
How lovely!! They take your…

Less is More -- Jumpsuit!

Yeah, forget about pairing top and bottom, Jumpsuit is a easy way OUT for quick summer time fun!

I don't know why I don't do rompers....maybe just didn't see ONE I like!! ^O^

The jumper I bought from Taiwan, ethical belt w/ wooden buckle from Jakarta, pinkish/brown platform heels from A. Fad (, HM lace cropped jacket, Kate Spade purple swarovski earrings, Chanel matte black reissue 226.
Ilona just waked up from her nap and there...there she closed her eyes for the shot!! lol
Today I went to ZARA in SF city to buy some shorts for my son. Zara doesn't have much NEW collection in the store so I didn't get anything new neither! --- save for later! ^O^

1. Top: Zara wheat cropped top w/ sheer shoulder Diesel jumpsuitSome jean vest 2. Accessory:
Faberge' LTD enamel cross necklace J Crew mustard green studs beltHermes Gris T. Birkin Hermes Horn earrings 2010Hermes Nomad watch w/ orange belt3. Shoes: Manolo Blahnik brown heels 
The shoulder to the back below …