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28 July, 2010


Michael Angel Designs is having a sale online. Check it out!!

When my brain is actually working, I pair colors coordinating w/ prints better. Friends ask me how to tone legs, I say: squads! ^O^ I am not skinny so my legs are not skinny but I exercise to tighten every muscle of my legs. 

This heels is not the best match, I first thought!

Then I thought Stella Luna gladiator heels is a great alternative.
Heels + Socks = A Must DO! 

My ODJ. 

1. Top:

  • Marc by Marc Jacobs doll t-shirt
  • Some brand baby blue asymmetrical blazer (A Fad)

2. Bottom:
Gap tartan shorts

  • 3. Accessory:
  • Charcoal Gray socks
  • Chanel matte black reissue 226 

4. Shoes:
Stella Luna gladiator heels (bought at Taiwan)



I love both Stella McCartney for Adidas' collection and Alexander McQueen for Puma's collection and every now and then I'd check both out!! (I don't know if they'd continue A. McQueen for Puma) 

Work high fashion sports wear into your fashion wardrobe is actually a good idea!!! ^O^ 

Love you all looking fabulous!
xoxo Rachel


dos3n said...

i love how you posed with a basketball, let's see you in action on court with those heels on :) i am not sure everyone can pull the socks in heels look, you got amazing legs.

MadsaboutU said...

cute shirt. I still haven't tried the socks on heels thing. btw, the shoes look great!


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