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14 July, 2010

2010 Fall Trend I might Follow!!

I was trying to come up w/  an ensemble like "urban professional" which is more suitable for both at work n' off-work looks but I am not sure how many of you would think it is ok to go to work like this. :P

As I don't like long-sleeves blouse/shirt that much, but if that shirt/blouse comes w/ intricate prints, or vignette such as ruffles would always catch my eyes. Besides, I thought that look is very feminine and posh at the same time!

Do you think so?

You probably have seen this blouse million times? 
But I think it is a CLASSIC piece that girls should have ONE blouse like that. ^^

My ODJ. 

1. Top:
  1. D&G fall leaves print blouse w/ tie
  2. HM moss-green slouchy collar short sleeves jacket (Just bought it last weekend)

2. Bottom: 
BCBG leather skirt
3. Accessory:
  1. Chanel two tone leggings
  2. Chanel matte black reissue 226 in SHW
  3. URBN brass metal chain necklace 

4. Shoes:
Max Mara clog (09') 


Does anyone wear clog to work at all?!!

Ah, Ilona, you are the "focus" and I am "fading" in the background. ^O^

Here I have a favor to ask you!! 

I saw this black ink print sneakers today and not sure if I should get it ..... 

The reason I like it is because : I can also pair it w/ my Limedrop fall cloud cardigan? to go w/ my Tory Burch water wash skinny jeans?
Or is it too much of similar print?

Should I get this Yohji Yamamoto sneakers!?
Yes, the print and style is so unique.
No, not worth it.
Tough call! free polls


They are $275 and the last pair in my size!! 

Those are the trends I'd love to get my hands on. ^^




Pictures credited to Bazaar, Lucky, WWD. 

What's your trend this fall?
xoxo Rachel


Fables in Fashion said...

Dude, I'm sooo jealoous of your legs :( So model like!!

litlstrawberry said...

THanks, girl.
Exercise does help to tone UP the muscle and trim OFF the fat. Too many girls worry about the chunky muscles they would develop by exercise but not w/ Yoga and Pilate. And always do cool down exercise and relax your muscles for every session of work-out. This is very important and some people do miss that part!!


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