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05 July, 2010


This is a very gray-ish lace n' pleat dress I bought at Jakarta. Mother-in-law thinks this dress looks somewhat dirty for its undeclared color whereas I adore "Her" urban yet elegant look. ^^ Especially those vignette of spiral laces and pleats all over the dress make it so "vintage" to me!!


By the way, this is the sample pair I bought yesterday from Carmel. 
I got a special deal from the owner (again) as 1) it is a sample pair which doesn't have zippers 2) the last one and fits me. 

As far as the style is concerned, I'd think it is a Cow Boy boots except it's made of delicate cloth n' embroidery. 

My ODJ. 

1. Top:

  • grayish dress w/ lace n' pleats
  • blue tassel n' crochet vest

2. Accessory:

  • ivory w/ gold crochet shawl 
  • Chanel pearl necklace w/ multiple crystals 09'
  • Chanel black caviar mini flap w/ SHW

3. Shoes:
Turkish made cow boy boots 


(Pardon me if you can see mosquito bites here and there on my legs. lol)

I didn't plan to pair this dress w/ cow boy boots but now I like this effortless sense of style a lot!! ^O^

I was browsing WWD mag. the other day and love the "urban-professional" look of this middle sheer dress w/ fur.  It is pure coincidence that I had similar ensemble today. 

Fall trend.... never get tired of pur...rrr...... oh, no, I mean FUR! ^^

I always grab either fitness or yoga mag. altogether w/ fashion mag. (that's my new Bally Ladonda-N pink prochette gifted from my mom from Czech Republic )

Speaking of Bally, those are the look I mean by urban professional. You still can wear them to work or to lounge and fun!!

How about animal print for this fall too?!!

Seriously, I think I need to wear something more serious than urban chic look...:P 

How about Givenchy pre-fall sequins tank w/ CL Bianca for a special occasion?

Have a good week. 

xoxo Rachel 


janettaylor said...

Lovely dress!

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Hi R! Welcome back! Wow, you've got some lovely treasures from Indonesia! I like them! (Too bad my MIL can't possibly shop for me there! LOL! They are still in Indonesia...been 2 months already! :P)

Anyway, so that's "urban professional"? What a funny term! Haha! Thanks for the eye candies!

And congrats on your Bianca's, esp. on sale! I'm amazed you can walk in them. I tried Bianca before but the arch support is not good enough..not comfy for my arch. :( Hope they will improve it....

BTW, guess what! Thanks to your enabling, my friend went to your friend's shop (Sabrina) in Taipei and has bought me the draping sleeveless top with 3D floral neckline...but in a different gray color with blue/yellow flowers on the neck. I haven't seen that color (only seen the blush pink color from your blog), but I think it sounds beautiful! LOL! And I bought something from A.Fad too! I called the store and the person in charge happens to come to HK tomorrow so I'm meeting him in person as he's bringing me the clothes I want...haha! Thanks to your enabling! Maybe I should visit Taipei in the near future. Miss the food there and my friends! :P

Oh, thanks for dropping by my Chanel and Hermes reveal threads on the Purse Forum. You like the Hermes Lindy?? Hahaha....your friend Yu has it right? I love Lindy only in this bright "soleil" color....if it's another dull color, I don't think I'll fall for it. Please say thanks to Yu again for modeling it before and made me fall in love. Hehe!

I read from your other post that you're looking for a Chanel red flap? Well, this prefall season, there are a lot of red colors. If you're talking about classics, then Chanel has more red colors for 2.55 reissue - red patent, burgundy patent, red lamb, coral lamb......but for classic flap bags, there are no reds from prefall. Maybe you can find some nice reds from the past season....I'm pretty happy with my 09C Red Caviar Jumbo with gold hw...which is not a really bright fire engine/lipstick red but a more muted red. Maybe you should try Hermes "Rouge Garrance" or the new "Rubis" instead. These are really nice reds! :P Anyway, good luck in your search!

Have a great week!


Julia said...

hi rachel,
good to see you back to usa.

i like your outfit of today.
not sure those Bally outfits are for work though...

litlstrawberry said...

he he, Mia: I am glad you bought that dress (Sabrina) since that is current the ONLY one good looking dress in the store.. (no offense to my friend but most clothes left there are way too plain and you can get somewhere else w/ cheaper price.) :P

So, someone is going to Hong Kong to bring you the clothes then? hum...then you must ask him why did he goes to Hong Kong instead of Korea since they mostly sell things made in Korea..(do they simply import from Hong Kong?? hahahahahah...)

Oh, yes, the red, I think I will find MY red this fall but don't know what fall I'd fall for it. As for Hermes, I think it is time to pay my sale a little visit and give her some bonus first@@.

Have fun w/ all your goodies!!

litlstrawberry said...

haha, i know, Julia. They are not suitable for WORK, I mean serious office type of work but more like for fashion industry Or gallery or Salon... sort of profession and that will make impression to anybody. Right?!! ^^

Thanks for your compliments and hope you have a great day!!

R .

litlstrawberry said...

THanks, Janet.

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Hi R! U know what? I got it all wrong! My friend just told me that she didn't get me the dress coz it's too small in the inside and won't fit. She said it looks the size looks big from the outside because of the loose draping effect, but the inside is very small. So she got me your jumpsuit instead..LOL! The base color is gray. Did you see this color before? Oh well, hope the jumpsuit will fit it's 1 size only. If not, I'll give the jumpsuit to my mom...:P

Anyway, for A. Fad, the person is actually passing by HK only. You know where he's actually going? Guangzhou!!! Well, I dunno if he's on vacation or what...LOL! Maybe they just get the stocks from China, not Korea....LOL...who knows? Oh well, almost everything's made in China anyway..:P

Hope you find your dream red Chanel soon! Good luck!


litlstrawberry said...

hahah, Mia; I know..... I always think they "deceived" us ... in some way about those imported from Korea apparel. :P

RIght, the roses drapy dress is a bit tight. I think that jumper has total like 4 colors?? Gray, Taupe, navy and pink? I can't remember it but maybe you need to alter the length a little bit?? ^^

I think the only option for me right now is patent red... since lambskin is much too fragile for my mom. ^^ Well, just wait and see then!!!

susanh98 said...

pretty boots! I had guessed wrong...i guessed you got the grey ones but this color you got is easier to incorporate into your wardrobe.

litlstrawberry said...

haha, Susan: I know, I would want to buy that gray boots if they are not $350/ Mine is only $200 out of the door w/o tax and she also let me pick up a scarf ($25) as a gift to me. OH, I keep bargaining w/ her as I know she must be one of the owner other than her husband..hahaha.. anyway, good deal is always worth a try!!! ^^


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