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12 July, 2010


No, I don't wear jeans a lot and neither am I a big fan of jeans look.  I know perhaps I could count the days I actually wear jeans out in a year! ^^ But as far as the style goes, I do own more than 10 pairs of different styles of jeans. What can I say, jeans are every girl's wardrobe staple.

I would say I have a great pluralism in terms of styles. I wear boho, edgy, country....... any day I want and taken granted as I don't have to wear suits to work during the weekdays! lol I know, to pick up a suit/look for work could be a hassle just like my two daughters spend so much time picking up their dresses every morning in a very pressed time. But things are going to change when they goes to private kindergarten school. That way, I won't have to struggle w/ them and try to alter what they have chosen anymore. :P Oh, right, that's one of the reasons I put my girls to private school. haha...~ I am a devilish mom. 

My gals and I had a lunch date in Santana Row!!
One of the trinkets I hunted to jazz up my look. 
metal chain w/ bead necklace from URBN (urban outfitter) $38!
They are super chic and made in China!! 

I bought the watercolor tank from Anthropologie yesterday. 
They are $39.95 sale price, made in UK.

It has been a while that the last time I carried my Chanel matte white reissue 227 out. 


1. Top:

  • Blue watercolor tank made in UK
  • Dividen (H&M) lace cropped jacket

2. Bottom:
Tory Burch water wash skinny jeans

3. Accessory

  • Metal chain necklace bought at URBN
  • Chanel matte white reissue 227 09'
  • Designer Elfi Altendorfer white turquoise w/ silver loop earrings

4. Shoes: 
Christian Louboutin Damask Knotted Platform Pump


I am actually growing my hair.... and I can't think of a good hair style right now so I'd better just tie them UP... no fuss at all! ^^

The heels is not made for WALK for sure.... I need a foot massage. lol

Have a good Tuesday.... stay tuned for more summer trinkets!!
xoxo Rachel

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