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09 July, 2010

How Shortie!

My friend, Isabel, finally is back from Paris. She told me that she didn't score big in Paris.  In fact, most of the on-sale stuff was plundered by too many tourists during summer, so she simply takes more time to satisfy her finely developed palate w/ good eats at Michelin restaurants and watch the most fashionable people in Paris!! ^O^

I guess that's not bad at all! And since I am expecting to visit Italy in Oct. or Nov. I'd say let all the tourists ransack Paris before Parisian start stocking up fall merchandises for me!! lol

I am in love w/ the shorts, and mini skirt and good thing about living here in North Cal. is that we can pair shorts or mini skrits w/ lots of layers at TOP half w/o having our faces smudged in the sweats. lol  Isabel  claims that all Parisian women looks trec chic in shorts w/ short boots at this moment!


My SHORTIE Shorts outfit #1!

1. Top: 
  • Romeo & Julia Couture halter top
  • Pink distressed lace hooded jacket
2. Bottom: 
Mphosis lace shorts
3. Accessory:
  • Karen Walker Gee Gee milky pink sunglasses
  •  scallop belt in taupe
  • China watercolor print scarf in black/white
  • Chloe Sally in Orange
4. Shoes:
Taupe/brown stripe heels



MY ODJ SHORTIE skirt #2 !!

1. Top:

  • Tsumori Chisato
  • H&M floral bustier 

2. Bottom:
IROO hot pink bubble skirt
pink sparkle loose leggings
Chanel mini flap w/ SHW

3. Shoes:
Lawrence Decade white lace-up booties 


I can't recall if I ever wear a whole pink outfit like this PINKISH ... ever~~ :O

A pair of cowboy shortie boots is nice too!! ^^ 
Pick a neutral color to cooperate into summer outfit. 

Photobucket Photobucket
Frye Deborah Shortie in Taupe Gaucho/Gray Antique suede

Let's all Rock in Shorties!!
xoxo Rachel


Elena S. said...

i just came across your site & i love it ! its so cute - love the pics! DEF following you ♡
love the concept !
id love for you to check out my blog. I constantly host giveaways and interact with my readers.
My next giveaway will be hosted in a week or so!

xo elena

Betsy C. said...

Rachel - bubble skirts are so hard to carry off but you sure did it again! i guess having long and lean legs do help in this case.

bummer that Isabel didn't get to score big in Paris on her trip. but at least she got to go and enjoy the good food and atmosphere anyway. do you know if she bought anything from H?

btw, I also wanted to thank you for introducing me to NIA24, b/c I have been trying it out and I really like it. I've always had freckles despite using sunblock, but I'm think this new product is helping me keep it at bay. I'd love to hear more about your skin care regime when you get a chance. for example, what do you like to use for eye cream? do you distinguish between lower eyes versus upper eye lids?


litlstrawberry said...

hha, Betsy, I even laugh at her BUY at is one of the scarf that Mia bought. (I guess she really liked that design/print/yellow then. ^^)

Betsy, I am glad you liked NIA24 and I have been using their product for an year and very satisfied w/ it. As for my eye cream, I use DDF in the morning and La Prairie caviar eye cream at night ( I always think all the best stuff absorbed better in our sleep!!) I am going to use NIA's eye cream next week since my DDF run out and I will let you know about it.

As for the upper eye lid, i tend to have a very THIN THIN THIN layer of eye lids (upper and lower) so I start using this upper eye lid cream like couple month ago. I am not seeing anything but maybe that's a good thing that at least the product keeps my upper lid sagging..hahah.."Upper Eyelid Lifter (0.5 oz.) Bremenn Research Labs" is the one I am trying!! I don't think you need it though...not like me thin upper eye lid needs it!!

I sure will share anything awesome in the future!! :)

litlstrawberry said...

THakns, Elena!!

You are awesome fellow blogger, I should do a giveaway too!!!!


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