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27 July, 2010


This is another post I did before 2009 A/W came. I love velvet, therefore, I am so excited to see that "velvet" finally rushes into runway 2010 A/W.
There are 
at least 4 months combing fall and winter for me to showcase my revolving styles whenever my mood fits". ^^

Is Fall Here Yet? Trench Coat, Leather Bomber Jacket, Scarf, And Hat, Bring them  on!

Till this year, I still love the looks very much. ^^

My gal friends are flying back one by one before school start....presuppose you know most of my gals are fabulous moms.... We do our best to keep up our looks, our friendship, the kids' school performance and the most important, our friendship/partnership w/ our husbands!!   

Ah, right, I am so happy that we perhaps are going to chat about the damages we should do for 2010 A/W collection/trend!! lol 

So...... what are the things that my gals laid their fingers on??

#1 Karen walker sunglasses

ps. I am only modeling for my gals..... (NOT MINE) :P 

Karen Walker Number One sunglasses in green!
This style found at

#2 A. Wang Diego bucket bag in mustard and black


chic chic chic~~


PhotobucketToday I am tardy driving my daughter to her ballet class and the only thing my brain can coordinate w/  is ... the color!!

So there I had head to toe brown/taupe... ^^

That's an easy breeze outfit!!


1. Top:

  • some tank w/ leather adjustable strap
  • Rubbish cardigan

2. Bottom:
J. Brand cropped pants

3. Accessory:

  • J Crew mustard green studs belt 
  • Karen Walker Dandy tortoise sunglasses
  • Chanel matte black reissue 226

4. Shoes:
Chole taupe w/ gold buckle tall boots 09' 


So, Barney's having their warehouse sale starting this Thur. at SF city.... GO or NOT GO!!??

How about you, girls??? Carpool? ^O^

xoxo Rachel 


janettaylor said...

Hey dearest Rachel,

How are you, darling? :)
Again, Ur 1st combo is my fav...but those new sunnies are incredible cool and that bags...YUMMY! :)

Mother of Style said...

I love your boots- beautiful color.

Michelle said...

Hey Rachel, is Barney's warehouse sale worth going? Have you been to one? I am just not sure about the long lines, competition, pushing & shoving etc., ....


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