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17 July, 2010

Pants in Pants!

I bought this Ann Demuleumeester cotton casual pants/leggings in Taiwan and 
didn't realize it is so so loose. 
I guess it is supposed to be a casual and relaxed pants after all. Thus, I decided to wear another pants over it to give it a more structured look! Didn't I said I am going to have a lot of fun w/ this pants. ^^

Looks like I wore a leg warmer or something....

1. Top: 
Some cropped top

2. Bottom: 

  • Ann Demuleumeester cotton trousers w/ side buckles
  • Mphosis bias-zipped bermuda shorts

3. Accessory:

  • Karen Walker Dandy sunglasses
  • Hermes orange lacquer horn necklace
  • studded double belt
  • Alexander Wang Gray Rocco Duffel bag 09'

4. Shoes:
Jean Michel Cazabat iridescent heels

Look at Ilona, she is such a cutie pie!!! ^O^

Abby wore my Max Co. leather jacket on Friday cause' it is still chilly in SF city....not bad looking at all!!^^


I am out in the city to hunt for BOOTS but unluckily, nothing really catches my attention...except for those. 

Maybe I can do a post of DO or Don't of pants in Pants!!? ^O^

More Fun in the city?
xoxo Rachel

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