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12 July, 2010

Fun trinkets!!

Today, I have a mission for myself.... shop for accessories. I am not talking about pricey or high brand stuff but trinkets. 

I am quite happy w/ what I had bought...couple things from Anthropologies, pieces from H&M (Ah, it has been a while ......). And I am going to wear them one by one starting next week!! ^^

DH like Ted Baker's man design.  We normally check it out together just to update his cannot-be-more-ugly wardrobe year by year! lol And I found their plastic shopping tote quite interesting. I love those color combination and thought about my ROSE Chanel flip flops that I haven't had a chance to wear them after I got back from Taiwan. 

The small beige/pearl is $40. 

Ah, lime fav. color too!! 
Maybe Chanel should have this gray flip flop w/ Green camellia flip flop next year!! ^O^

This is Cynthia, a very pretty girl!!
I love that intricate earrings on her...she said it is only $7 bought at Target.

Ah, I'd say that's a super home run score!! ^^

I should stop by Target tomorrow to check out other colors. 

My $5 laser-cut earrings bought at Jakarta. ^^


My ODJ. 

1. Top:
Max Mara neon green tank w/ knot at back

2. Bottom: 
Teal drappy shorts bought at Taipei (A.Fad.)

3. Accessory:

  1. J Crew fuchsia skinny belt
  2. Hermes white CDC 
  3. couple gold bangles
  4. laser-cut earrings
  5. Chanel classic m/l beige w/ GHW 09/10

4. Shoes:
Christian Louboutin calf pink/gold wedge



This is what I scored at Anthropologie today. 

A very intricate embellished bib necklace for $69. 
made in India. 

Do they look like clown-fish swim above coral reefs?

You know, I'd say this is behind the scene picture taken for my ODJ!!! lol

Niel is teething for his permanent teeth. Abby and Niel both are bored waiting for me finishing those ODJ photos before we head out. Next week, we probably will take them out for boating. (that's a floating device on top of Niel's head.) 


Hope you had a fun weekend. 
xoxo Rachel


Claudia said...

Hi Rachel!

Cute bags. Ted baker just opened here where I live. I've never heard before about this brand. Looks nice.

Love your outfit, chic and adorable. I really like the way you tie the jcrew belt. May I request a close up pic? I buy their belts but their big on I'm always looking for fun ways to make them smaller...hehe

Have a nice week!!


litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Claudia:
It is always a good news for us consumers wherever a new shop open.

Thanks for your compliments about my outfit. The small knot on my belt is nothing new and I just copied from magazine, DM .... it is rather easy but next time I will take pictures of how do I do it. I know you are skinny and sometimes most of the belt is still loose w/ small size in USA.... however, I noticed that belt size gets tighter in Asia though. ^^ Just different body built!!

You have a great day too!!


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