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01 July, 2010

Rachel Hears the NEWEST!

PhotobucketI don't like carrying an umbrella nor wearing a hat which does serve the purpose of blocking the UVA, and UVB in Taipei, instead, I wear long-sleeve shirt or light jackets. Of course, I sometimes felt like walking in a steaming room while wiping off the sweats around my forehead and nose but at least I kept the confluence of remixed fashion: Asia style and my personal interpreted street style! ^^

You know, just when I think I finally adjusted myself better w/ Taipei's weather, fed myself to the mosquitoes (so they give my kids a break. :P)  and got used to a running nose accompanying w/ at least 7 or 8 times of sneezes every morning, we are about to leave Taiwan.

However, DH didn't visit Bellavita shopping mall once so we decided to walk around Sing-Yi district the last time before we leave.


My ODJ. 

1. Top:
  • Rubbish pink tank
  • translucent pink floral tank
  • baby blue asymmetrical collar blazer (A. Fad in Taipei)

2. Bottom: 
teal blue draped skirt (A. Fad in Taipei)
3. Shoes: grayish taupe w/ brown gladiator heels (A. Fad in Taipei)
4. Accessory:
Proenza Shouler PS1 yellow clutch
Laser-cut floral earrings bought at Indonesia 

Then we walk back to Eslite book store where I bought some snacks and condiments home w/ me.  Most of brand name clothes sold in Eslite is having 30% off sale.  But I bought a pair of black cotton casual trousers by Ann Demeulemeester which is not on sale. 


Those are my fave. snacks: spicy bean curd and non spicy ones in vacuumed wraps. 

Anatomy of fashion in clothes!! ^^

Ah, I love prints!!!

Just when I started filling w/ a buyer's remorse, I bought another pair of sunglasses which being offered to me w/ a equally sale price. ^O^  

What's the brand name???

You guess!!


OK, ok, here it is. 
I walked into Karen Walker's boutique and saw this beautiful GEE GEE sunglasses in pink and in love w. it at the first sight!!! I then was being told by Jerry (the manager) that this is the newest fall color. Ah, again, did I hear the magic words: "The newest collection?!!"

Wouldn't you know it... I conferred w/ DH that if I could buy another pair of sunglasses since I just bought ONE .... w/o his consent. :P.......Long story short, anyhow, Jerry offers me a great price that I can never find it that cheap anywhere else when it says "NEW ARRIVAL"!!!

Karen walker gee gee sunglasses in PINK 10' A/W. 
Aren't those pink, teal, baby blue a perfect color combination!

I am, we are, all back in SF now and surely I want to meet up w/ my gals and hear they say "WELCOME back HOME" to me.  ^^ 

Have a good morning.... (gotta go to bed and adjust the jet lag again....)
xoxo Rachel 


qian said...

hi rachel:

Welcome back. Glad you update blog frequently even during vaction! You are kind of my fashion modle! I bought 2.5 matte medium black with golden chain this week as i saw that size and bag style is so perfect for you.

I hope you get perfect red flap asap. So i would go to store to try. I am pregnant now. Lost some energy for searching fancy stuff.

Have a nice day!

janettaylor said...

Pretty blazer!

litlstrawberry said...

WOw, qian: first of all, I have to congrats. you for your FIRST baby(?) and you are a MOM-to-be!! Ok, I will have a lot to say to you but let's just leave that to the future then! ^^ Enjoy yourself at current and relax even when you have kid in the future!

Second of all, you are so kind to name me as a fashion model but merely I am only want to inspire all women to take good care of themselves no matter what!! But again, I am very happy that you think the matte black works for you as well and I am going to check out some color book/pre-fall catalogue from Chanel this week!!!

Feels great to be back in USA, my home!! ^^

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Janet: Thanks.
I love it here as the weather allows me to do layering and not looking like a crazy woman. :P

In Asia, only night time or party that people would dress up , otherwise, most of the time, they dress up when they can be in the air-conditioned indoor not when they have to walk a lot on the street.

Tina said...

read ur blog everyday and so excited to see you here in Taipei!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Ah Rachel!! I absolutely ADORE This outfit of yous!! So cute, so summery, so feminine, such great pastel colors, so refreshing ahhh!!!

P.S. That cat in my pic is not mine - it's my freind's new cat :) I guess I don't like cats enough to have one myself lol

MadsaboutU said...

Yay you're back! I love this outfit, especially the color combination. The blazer is very lovely.

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Tina, Julia and Mads!!

Hum, Tina: I hope you didn't mean you saw me physically in Taipei!! :P


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