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25 July, 2010

Sequin, Prints--water color or Ink-jet or Digital .... MIX them!

I have a thing or two for sequins and prints.


Niel,  we can have a hair cut appointment together!!! ^O^


1. Top:

  • Kain Label pocket tank
  • Diane von Furstenberg gray wool vest (bought at Paris 08')
  • PORTS 1961 sequin cardigan (Second hand)

2. Bottom:
Dries Van Norton ink-jet print loose pants

3. Accessory:

  • multiple colored sapphire earrings
  • Givenchy Tinhan hobo w/ studs

Hermes Kelly riding boots

I bought this PORTS 1961 sequins cropped cardigan from Chris. 

Caught me digging in frozen yogurt. 


1. Top:

  • Vince blue tank
  • Trina Turk halter vest
  • Splendid gray cardigan

2. Bottom: 
Theory sequin mini skirt

  • 3. Accessory:
  • black sheer loose tights
  • studs belt w/ chain
  • blue laser-cut earrings
  • Chanel 08' striped metallic navy reissue 227 

4. Shoes:
Chole brown wedge boots 

 This tortoise Karen Walker Dandy sunglasses is my current fave. 


Ilona: Mom, how come there are so many people waiting to eat at Pizza Antica??? 
Rachel: Because everyone is hungry and moms all quit cooking since it is too HOT!!! :P  
Therefore, we end up eating Thai food instead. 

Have a good week!
xoxo Rachel


janettaylor said...

Hello darling Rachel,

Ur first combo is my totally fave. Love the pants and those boooots. :)

Maubrey said...

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here is another visit to my lovely blogger lilstrawberie's blog...

dropping comments..

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hope you follow if u r still following my blog means..

what more..enjoy bloging...

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Janet, how is your weekend?

THanks, I love that kelly boots to pieces. That's one of the things I know I am going to pass it onto my daughters... ^^and they will show appreciation. :)

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Hi R! Congrats on your nice 2nd hand find for the Ports 1961 sequined cardigan. This is a nice brand actually, I love their accessories. Anyway, I really like your 1st ensemble with the mixed prints. The colors and prints altogether are soothing to the eyes. So, I guess it's cold in SF now? Coz that DVF vest is 100% wool! LOL!

I love sequins and prints of my weaknesses when I go shopping..hahahaha! I actually have the same DVN pants as yours. :P I love it to pieces!


P.S. Re. your last post, the French lovebirds are so cute together! I can't help notice they they are side-swept in the opposite directions for the girl and the boy...hahahaha! Cute!

litlstrawberry said...

yes, Mia, it is very cold in SF city and some boutiques even have to put summer clothes ON SALE when they claim that they never on sale any of their merchandise.

I assume WE as customers would love to shop on "sale" items most of the time. ^^ You know, when I wore that DVF wool vest solely, my arms are freezing....~~~~ and I am so fortunate to find that Ports cardigan to keep me warm on that day!! A good deal ($115) and a fab. fine!!!!!

hee..right, only cute boys can do side bangs... thinking of DH, he would look like ...&^%%$##&*... :P


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