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17 July, 2010

The Most Famous Cardigan!!

Yesterday, I put together a quick and fun birthday party for my little one, Ilona, for her 3-year-old birthday! Meantime, I took the chance to meet up w/ my closest gals and their family. It was such a wonderful night, and Ilona finally had her FIRST SOLO birthday party! ^^


Happy Birthday, my litl. princess, Ilona!
(Looks like I had twins there~~ :P )

Oh, yeah, SF city again! Seriously, I should either move UP to SF city or down to LA so I can live close to FaShIoN or at least smell FaShIoN nearby!! :P 

I had my limedrop cloud cardigan on again and I received compliments for this cardigan the WHOLE DAY!! Literally, I am not joking......people come forward to compliment my cardigan, a dapper man in Emporium Armani, a pretty lady in THE COFFEE BEAN, a SA in Bloomingdales, ..........I think I also should give a big thanks to StyleBubble who introduced this collection on her blog! Thank you, Susan!



  • 1. Top:
  • BCBG ribbon trim racker-back tank
  • Stella McCartney ombre sequins tank 
  • Limedrop cloud cardigan

2. Bottom:
Some brand draped shorts

3. Accessory:

  • URBN brass metal chain necklace w/ beads
  • Chanel Hawaii edition LTD clutch
  • J Crew gold skinny belt

4. Shoes:
Monolo Blahnik 


Yet another nice day in SF city!!

Have a good rest of your weekend!
xoxo Rachel


Mummy Moon said...

Happy 3rd Birthday to llona! You look gorgeous, i like the cardigan too.

litlstrawberry said...

THank you, pretty mommy!!^^

dos3n said...

love the cardigan, what a unique piece. and the pants in pants look is so cool! you are so creative with your outfits. Happy birthday wish to your daughter!

babyskyblue said...

Rachel, you look like a celebrity mom!!!!

MadsaboutU said...

happy third to your little one! you look stunning in the cardi and you have legs to go for days on that skirt.

Michelle said...

I LOVE your entire outfit! From your cloud cardigan (very Tsumori Chisato) to your Stella sequin ombre tank to your teal shorts which I have been oggling since you got it in Taiwan!

Charles said...

it is totally worth of t he fame, it's just beautiful!

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, babyBirkinred: haha.. thank you, dear.

litlstrawberry said...

hey, madgirl: thank you. I am so happy that Ilona is finally I can send her to day school this fall. ^O^

litlstrawberry said...

thanks, Michelle.
oh, right, the teal shorts is really eye-catching I guess. I have been stopped to inquire about the brand of that teal shorts!
Thank you for your kind words.

The Tsumori is getting popular and I saw most of sale stuff on RevolveClothing is gone! ^^ I think she just have 10 or 15 or 20 years anniversary for her brand...sorry that i don't seem to follow her that closely. :P

litlstrawberry said...

Big kiss to you, Charles. ^^ I am glad you also like that cloud cardigan. It would be perfect on you too.

ceci said...

Happy birthday Ilona! Can't believe she's turning 3!!! Both you bigger kids are getting so much bigger now as well! Love to see your ACTION shots with the kids as always & you are just STUNNING!!! Proabaly we'll bump into you when we are in SFO mid- August =p BTW, is it really cold in SF? I need to know what I should pack as it's pretty warm over here! Cheers!

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Ceci:

THanks. Like your little Coco, she is getting big too. ^^

So you are flying here in Aug. I think SF is always COOL and you even can bring leather jacket w/ you. Yeah, it is that cold wherever there is no sunlight.

Are you visiting friends in SF or just your family? There are always lots of activities to do in SF city .. like this weekend, there is a magic show on SF botanical garden. (That magician is pretty good.) Kids love him.

Check out SF activities before you come will help to see what do you want to do here.

Or let me know, I can check out fun stuff for you.

Have a good day.


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