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16 July, 2010

One Shoulder.... A DO tis' fall!!

I think I always love the idea of looking sexy in One Shouldered blouse/tonic/ I wore ONE altered from Vintage Christian Dior to Vegas w/ my gals couple years ago.

And I kept 3 pieces in my wardrobe whenever I need them from year to year.

I was searching my blog and amazingly, I didn't realize that I have been wearing SO MANY clothes until today... ^^ But of course, I donate them year by year to keep the still growing numbers of clothes/accessories manageable.



My ODJ. 

1. Top:

  1. Some brand one-shoulder roses ruffle blouse
  2. 20000000 fragments tweed jacket w/ pearly charms all over

2. Bottom:
HM jean legging in washed white color (I think this pair is the same as my friend, YU's)

3. Accessory:

  1. Some brand ruffle jean belt w/ leather ties
  2. Some brand blue laser-cut earrings
  3. Chanel black matte white reissue

4. Shoes:
Chanel 09' mesh w/ bow booties 

I should keep track the times I wore this 200million fragments tweed jacket.... it is not cheap but definitely not as pricy as Chanel's!! 




I think finally I can see my BUTT..... CURve ~~~~ lol. 
It is all worth the sweats over Yoga and TRX classes. 

1). I guess I won't be shedding that $300 for Yoji's sneakers since majority think it is a NO. 
Thanks to you all!!

2). Another thing is.... I placed an order through Shopbop yesterday and realizes that I didn't input the extra 20% CODE..... to get additional discount. Oh, that's a real bummer.  Hopefully their customer service can still honer me when I call them up tomorrow!!

3). Someone asked me how did I blow my hair every morning to make them "well-tamed" in that embarrassing length,.. give me some time and I shall show you my tools again! ^^

Did you work-out your butt today?!!
Have a good day. 
xoxo Rachel


Julia said...

i love this color combo, very pretty.

the tight legging is the one i would opt out though... or, use a longer top under the cropped jacket.

happy friday!

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Julia. I love that color combo. a lot too and it is so refreshing as well... not like other spring color!!

I know. the crotch is always kinda being "highlighted" under camera but IRL, it is not inappropriate looking at all. :P

coy colleen said...

this is such a great outfit! i love the shades of blue with the beautiful floral number mixed in. awesome blog :)

Purse-nality said...

hiya R!

how've you been? we missed you on PF!

you look so beautiful w/ 1-shoulders! so feminine w/ a hint of sexy! i've been crazy about them too. found a lot of cheap finds from Forever21 (assuming you don't shop there?). quality may be so-so, but for little, you get the effect! LOL!

and btw, gaaah... i swear you have the most amazing legs i've ever seen! TDF!

you take care!

Charm (purse-nality)

ps. do you do rompers? hehe... just curious =D

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Coy. ^^

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Charm:
You know, your message here almost gives me a nostalgic sentiment.... too bad that PF is under maintenance at this very moment..... ><

I am doing great, hope you are too.

Honestly, I'd love to shop at 21 but 1) Forever21 is at 2nd floor in Valley fair mall and I can't make it there after I lingering at Nordi and other stores..... 2) I sometimes think they are still expensive.... after tax...and i have to find the bargain but everything is all gone when I want to find bargain there. So I gave up, I'd rather shop at Asia's street vendor. ^^

Thanks for your sweet words and you make my night too.

Oh, I don't do rompers. THat's the only look that so far I am not seeing myself in it. hehe...

Oh, right back to the one shoulder, it is just so sexy...when a woman wears one shoulder top. If you like the look, get more then!! ^^


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