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25 September, 2009

BusyBee -- The Outfit and The Life!!

Yesterday I bumped into Yu in the supermarket. I was joking w/ her that why would she carry Hermes Lindy to do grocery shopping!!!!he he ...

Of course I saw her all dressed up and must have gone somewhere fancy for lunch. Indeed, she had a lunch meeting w/ her another group of gals. :) I love her almost mono-toned simple outfit paired w/ color-pop yellow Lindy and eye-catching CL heels from s/s.

I like Yu's necklace who bought in Paris but I am not so fond of that double strings wearing w/ huge pearl right in the middle of her throat!! ha ha ha....
(Don't be mad at me, Yu!!:P)

H&M denim inspired leggings w/ CL pumps.

I, dressed as usual, busy and colorful outfit no matter do I have a lunch date or not!! :P One blog reader "Dos3n" had this very same Jean Paul Gautier dress as mine so I think I should just wear it once more to get some brain storm from each other!!!

I intended to make the dress work into fall.

1. TOP:
  • Jean Paul Gautier toile dress
  • Earl Jean tulle top
  • Max & Co. navy velvet coat/shirt
2. SHOES: Chloe brown boots
  • Chloe orange sally 09 s/s
  • floral pin

I guess I was so inspired by Yu's simple outfit, I had the same mood of dressing up as simple as possible. So I said, how about the Maxi dress which I bought long ago but never get the chance to wear it.

My other friend, Isabel, said that she bought something similar (jersey t-shirt dress) from Alexander Wang around $150 the other day. I wonder how'd she pair it w/ since none of us are a huge fan of too slouchy look. Here is what I would wear mine!! :)

1. TOP:
  • American Vintage gray t-shirt dress
  • American Vintage baby blue long sleeves shirt
  • American Vintage baby blue layering tank
  • Scarf bought in Canada
  • purple stones necklace from designer friend, Elfi Altendorfer!
  • Balenciaga Violet part-time 08
  • Purple belt from discovery store (second hand)
3. SHOES: Chloe brown boots

I like American Vintage simple sexy shirts a lot....I think, for me, the thinner fabric, the sexier, and the more relaxed look you'll get.


LilKristy said...

your hair is getting so long.. so pretty :)

I see MOON CAKES.. When is the mid-autumn festival? I love moon cakes..yum yum.. hehe

Rachel, i came across this vintage blog and found so many cool vintage bags. I thought you might like to take a look at it :)

here is the URL of the blog

I really like the 80s carlos falchi mini shoulder bag. It is 120 euros so i think that's around 177 US. I think i'm going to order it. What do you think?? :)

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Kristy:
Thanks, sweetie. I think I need a hair cut soon.

Hum...I think it is around 10/19 and my friend already gave me a box of moon cake end of Aug. lol..

Thanks for the vintage site and they have a lot of cute stuff...however, I didn't look into those things and don't know if they are authentic at all. hum... maybe I should and maybe they are real. :P

The bag is cute but do you have great ideas of how to pull of the look and have clothes pair w/? If you do, I'd say go for it!!

Liz W said...

I don't think you know how much you've inspired me with your outfits ever since I first saw them on Purse Forum. I have come up with combinations inspired by you that I never would've tried otherwise. Thank you for continually inspiring me!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Liz:
wow, that's such a big compliment to me. You made my day, dear.
I am very very happy to hear that, you know!! And that's the main reason I started that post on TPF. :) Every woman has their unique beauty and w/ some nice touch of clothes, they shine.....shine...shine... :)
Hope you have a looking pretty weekend!!!


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