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Inspired by Autumn!

My little daughter, Ilona and I went to a little garden adventure this morning. We got ourselves some fresh plants to update the look inside our house, or I should say to welcome the coming of pre-fall!!!!

I am going to re-dress myself up w/ the pieces I wore last week. I had some of them altered and let's see if they did look better on me after all.

Halloween is around the corner, oh, if you notice stores are having sales for Halloween stuff already! It is so fun and refreshing to see all the stores are changing their display to fit the special occasion of the year!! We are not sure if we will stay here or go to Hawaii to experience a different vibe of "Warm" Halloween!!! :)

Succulent plants are great for indoor, I am glad that my kids know that they have to be gentle around them. :)


1. TOP:
A common thread bat sleeves top w/ two strings
H&M knit long vest

Vera Wang Lavender label pleated skirt

Costume National navy oxford heels
  • Chanel 09 pink camellia dangle earrings w/ pearl drop
  • HoBo design suede distressed messenger style bag
  • Brown thigh high socks w/ pink ribbons (a gift from Yu who bought during her Paris trip)

It really is a thigh high socks but it keeps fall off as knee high!! :P

Sunflowers remain blossom, Ilona still stays home w/ me until next year!!

The soft fabric and big volume of sleeves give this blouse such reminiscent of Victorian romantic.

The only NON-designer bag I own at this moment!! I love its vintage yet chic look which I can carry under the shoulder or carry as messenger style.

Yu said, the moment she saw the socks wore on the manikin w/ sexy bra suit, she fell in love w/ it.
hum..... I assume they are not just sexy lingerie wear but also a pair of fancy socks which can be wore out of bed!!!! hahahahahah.....

I am sure every woman must keep at least 5 different looks of cardigans in her wardrobe!!

You know, this week I am suppose to see some movies which inspire myself, my style, and fit in my kind of roles..... but I have not yet thought of ANY.
According to the feedback from my classmates from acting class, I can play girls in her 20s up to 50s.
Should I feel happy about it!!!?? hahahah

One of my classmate said that I can play the role in Charlies Angle which Lucy Liu played. However, my acting teacher, Mr. Greg, says that Lucy Liu's energy is HARD, as he feels my energy is "softer" which means he can imagine me tickling him while he feels Lucy Liu could pouch him in the stomach!!! Hum....that's interesting to know!!! :)

Girls, any suggestion??


Orgoo said…
Hi Rachel! Long time no talk! I'm still here in HK..leaving for Paris next Tues! Yay! I just met with WAI this afternoon in HK..hehe. She's a cute gal and her fiance is such a nice guy too! Anyway, just wanna drop by and say hi. Love your top and your knitted H&M vest. said a girl has to have 5 different cardigans? I think I have a full 5 feet cabinet of cardigans...LOL! All sorts of colors and designs and lengths! I agree that they are so great for layering different looks. Love cardigans!! Oh..I want to say that Ilona has grown so much! And are you enjoying your acting class? I think acting is acting. You can do any kinds of roles if you're a good actor. So, just try different roles and you will see how versatile you can be when you're on stage or on set! :D (BTW, do you still remember how much is the original price of your sequined mesh stella mccartney tank top? I was offered US$650 for a brand new one, but I'm not sure if it's the right price...hope you can shed me some light. If it's too expensive, then I'll pass.)

Have a great day!

Orgoo said…
Oh...speaking of Halloween....what will you dress your kids in for Halloween? It's always so much fun to have Halloween in western countries....!! :D

litlstrawberry said…
Hey, Mia:
What happened to your old blog?? Still up and running, right?

Wow, it is great that you met Cutie in person. You gals must chat and had tons of fun in HK.

I was just wondering your Pair trip, hope you have a good time and also score your H' bag!!! :)

You know, I think eventually we will have a role which we are good at.... (you know, people always have stereo type of what you look like and think what kind of person are you. and I guess Mr. Greg wants us to be able to do GREAT in audition. YOu know, choose the best role which suits you!!) Anyway, it is far early for me to do audition...and I doubt that I will even go that far. hahaha... Now I am just a beginner and trying to have fun, that's all!!

The stella top is about $490 after sale so i think that's too expensive. Well, is it sold out already???

I don't know what my kids wanna be this Halloween...maybe same as last year?? haha...

Nice catching up w/ you.
Hi hi! Rachel! Hahaha! I think I've used my other gmail address to post my comments. So, yes, my blog is still there...nothing has changed. (I'm using my original gmail addy now...hehe).

Oh..I accompanied Wai and her fiance to get their Chinese wedding outfits. The traditional "kua" and also custom-made qi pao. It was fun! My DH and I are trying to make it to their wedding in Burma in Jan 2010. :D I think Kai and Caligal will be there too! Haha...we didn't do any shopping today...but we chatted through dinner. We had some really nice 過橋米綫 for dinner.

Oh..thanks for the price of Stella top (is US$490 the 1st or 2nd cut?). Yes, it's sold out all over the world I think. So, I guess this might be my only option if I really want to pull the trigger. BTW, do you still remember if you have a care/fabric label tag attached to either the left or right side of the tank top? Coz the size info of Stella McCartney clothes should be attached together with these inner care/material tags on the side. But the one that the seller has doesn't have the side tags and so I don't know the size (the seller says the top doesn't come with any size tags at all coz of the sheer material. It only have a top tag stating Stella McCartney Made in Italy). Does yours have size information anywhere on the tank? Just want to make sure that it's a real one. Well, I think it's real from the pix, but a bit surprised that it doesn't come with a size information. Any advice?

Haha.I don't have any ideas too what to dress Mason in. Maybe spiderman or superman? LOL!

Anyway, thanks for your blessings on my Birkin! Hope I'll have your luck to score a birkin on the spot! You know, 2009 birkins are with the "M" stamp and that's my Initial!! Would love to own the "M" stamped birkin!

I think I won't be shopping too much in Paris. I am done with Chanel bags and costume jeweleries for this season, so I'll just take a look at some french brand clothes (like Isabel Marant and Vanessa Bruno) and Louboutin shoes instead. And of course, Hermes. LOL! I just want to relax and go slowly! Super exhausted from packing for our house move now! Need some nice Parisian air now! Hahaha!

LilKristy said…
Hi Rachel,

You look so cute with the knee high socks. It reminded me of Japanese style. Your lil girl is so adorable :)

Guess what rachel? I just place my order of Rapid lash. I went online and found some good reviews and some bad. I will give it for a month trail :)

Rachel, i don't want to bother you. I think i will give up on the jacket. :) Thank you tho :)

I've been searching for a long cute cardigan but no luck yet.I live 5 minutes away from Mall of America so i will stop by once everywhere to see what's on sale :) My theory on shopping is never buy original price despite how much i love it.Wait till it goes on sale :) thats exclude cosmetics :)
litlstrawberry said…
yes, if I can be that rational like you had toward "spending", I probably end of having/buying not much clothes neither. I seem to have a fave of something so quickly then die down soon if I justify the price. So sometimes I am very BUSY doing price adjustment. ahah..which is really not good, it is also a waste of time.

Oh, ok I am sorry that you can't find RUGBY jacket and I understand you get frustrated finding/ordering it. As for the flash thing, I would say, after 1 mon. you don't have to apply it every night since the chemical might darken your upper eye lid a little. (you know, since you apply it around the edge of eyeliner) It is very very miner and I don't think it do any harm to your eyes or skin. I can't really see my friend's Lattasee working but she keeps asking me is my lashes REAL?!!! SO I guess it really works and now I don't really apply every day just to maintain the result. Oh, just a thin coat like you do eyeliner will be suffice, you don't need to apply it over and over to make it grow faster.....that's really not necessary. That's just my experience. Hope it helps!!

I think I am going to find some more cardigans and even vest which always give us great layering look!!! :) So good luck to both of us.
litlstrawberry said…
Hey, Mia: I don't think you should buy that stella top at this point. First, I checked mine, it has three tags, one is on back (neck) and another is at side stated composition material;made in Italy and w/ size 38 tag. Everything is intact and the 1st markdown is 40% off so I think the seller is really want to sell for money. I would say why don't you wait and see they came out something similar this year (fall) and maybe they have tank sequins next year (spring/summer). Please don't buy it as i don't think it is authentic at all. :(
Hi R! Thanks for your confirmation on the tags!! saved my life! Yes, I think I should save this money to buy myself a nice wool coat instead. Thanks so much again!

BTW, I forgot to comment about your socks!! I love the design! But is it really just a lingerie item? It looks very good with heels!!! You can really rock the knee socks!

Oh...I saw some very nice thigh high boots the other day and I instantly thought of you and your long legs coz I think only you can rick them with your height!! :D

litlstrawberry said…
You are very welcome. Yes, I would think find a cardigan is a great idea than finding a past-season piece. :)

haha..I would think that thigh high socks not just for looking sexy on bed but practical enough for day time. haha... ha ha .....

Oh, you know, I gone way far of buying boots this season. I bought Chloe brown boots, taupe tall boots, Chanel bow mesh bootie, Miu Miu wedge boots and even Hermes riding boots...and haven't wear the last two yet. OH, today is the first day I wore taupe Chloe tall boots out.....before I am only modeling them at home. ahahahaha... Then suddenly I realize that I am more of a boots person than I returned CL sling backs (brand new, never worn of course)!!!! Thought I can always find a nice heels but not fierce boots since I need to chase my kids around!!

Oh, have a fabulous trip in Paris! Enjoy the air, people, culture...not just shopping!! Oui? haha..
Hi R!'re on a boots roll!! Congrats! You did well! Haha...I love boots too, but it's just that I have fat calves so there aren't many long boots which will fit my calves. So, you're lucky that you can wear any boots. BTW, have you posted your Miu Miu wedge boots (I think I know which one is it..hehe) and Hermes riding boots here? Can't wait to see your modeling pix!

BTW, speaking of your Chloe boots, I've asked you before but I think you've missed it. Do you know if the shaft circumference is wide enough? If you have time, can you help me measure the widest part of the shaft and see how long the inner circumference is? Coz I like the color and style of your Chloe boots, but it's not available in Hong Kong. So, I'm not sure if the shaft is wide enough for my calves. How's the leather of the boots? Is it soft or structured? And do you mind telling me the style number? If I can't find it anywhere, I might need to try my luck in Paris. It's always hard to find boots for me...sigh. returned the maroon CL slingback? That is such a nice color.... But I agree that heels are easier to find. Boots design are more limited....too bad boots can only be worn in winter...except booties of course. :P

Anyway, thanks! I'll make sure I will enjoy Paris. I'm going to be there with another tPFer on my 1st day..hehe...and that will be our Chanel day! LOL! Then the next 2 days will be my shopping days alone as DH has conference there the whole day. Then weekend with some friends from Switzerland who will join us in Paris to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Then rest of Monday and Tuesday will be relaxing with DH alone..hehe. I'm soooo looking forward to eat their cakes and macarons! Yummy yummy! Finally a break for Mommy!! Yay!

janettaylor said…
Hey girl,

U are so pretty! I found Ur blog via Haute World (I love her blog too). I especially love those socks and bag.

Have a great weekend, dear!
Check my blog if U have a mood, beautiful lady!

litlstrawberry said…
Hi, janettaylor:

thanks, girl.
Your blog is one of the most eye-catching posts, I love all of your accouterments...etc. I especially adore your westwood tote bag. Tres chic!!! :)

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