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04 September, 2009

Hermes~ I am feeling the Birkin!!

The weather is so hot, neither did I wear the long boots nor carry my Birkin out. However, I am feeling so pampered just by toting it around at home. lol My friends are surprised as they think it doesn't like Rachel, Moi!! I am usually the one w/ the most impulsive buy, desire, talking......among my friends ......*sigh*, I guess people DO change over time then!! haha.....

Although I really want to dress classic w/ my little black dress for a sophisticated look w/ Birkin , I figured it just doesn't meet my life style. Hum...maybe in the future when DH and I are going out for a date!!! Now I hope my parents-in-law do visit us ASAP!! haha.......

This is the look of me on Tuesday.......

BR-Edition gold tassel necklace, Hermes CDC, Minnetonka boots w/ Lanvin happy sac!

I got lazy thinking about ensemble on Wednesday then I thought that pretty lavender/pink tank top might look pretty w/ Gris T. Birkin. So I recycled my clothes from yesterday....well, i don't normally do that...hahahhaha..but I do change my underwear!!!!!!! lol

1. TOP:
  • H&M charcoal body suit
  • pastel pink/lavender racer-back tank
2. Bottom: indigo leggings
3. Accessory:
  • Lanvin vintage yellow/blue scarf
  • Flying lizard design gold-plated necklace w/ turquoise
  • Chloe taupe tall boots
  • Hermes Gris T. 35CM Birkin
  • Hermes White CDC ( Collier De Chien) w/ golden HW
  • Balenciaga sunglasses

Thursday, I shopped in my closet and found this long forgotten top w/ t shirt from Orange Boss. You must be wondering how come I only pair my Birkin w/ Chloe tall boots........ well, that's the only pair currently seems to be a perfect match!!!!

1. TOP:
Boss t-shirt
Boss sheered floral blouse
2. Bottom:
Ksubi spray-on jeans

3. Accessory:
  • Hermes Horn w/ orange lacquered 2 sides necklace
  • Hermes Ostrich belt w/ textured "H" golden logo buckle

w/o long sheered shirt, the jeans is really tight......or I need a diet!!!!!!!! lol

Today (Friday)

My friend, Yu, wore her Etoupe Hermes belt.
Can you see her little short-sleeves top has a big shoulder but more feminine twist!!

I wore distressed jeans, tank, RUGBY white military-inspired jacket this morning.

In the evening, going out w/ family!!

1. TOP:
  • BCBG ribbon trimmed gray tank
  • RUGBY white military-inspired matte nickle buttons jacket
2. Bottom:
Linda Loudermilk organic bamboo pants
3. Accessory:
  • Chanel Matte white reissue 227
  • Hermes white togo leather CDC


White Lily said...

You look hot! The Chloe boots and the new Birkin are a match (I think it would look great with black and or white sandals too!)! I can't stop drooling over your new bracelet!!!! I seriously consider getting one with PH as well...

babyskyblue said...

Hot hot hot, mama Rachel!!!! Love all of your outfits, especially the Thursday's. Well I guess with your figure you could wear anything you like!!!!!! :) Soooo jealous (I am only 5'3"). Hey what bag was your friend, Yu, was wearing (the white messenger style bag)????? It's lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Lily:
Thank you, sweetheart. :)
You def. should try all the colors of CDC just to see which color best suits you...They have only two colors available when I was in Hermes last time...... :( Well, but I love white just as much as every other color and it matches my Chanel reissue perfectly.

You know what, now maybe I need to check out if they have silver HW available.

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, babyskyblue:
Thanks. :) TOday, I carried my Birkin to SF city the very first time and saw the other two girls randomly carried 1 black and 1 camel....both of them look very young...well, they don't have kid by the side so I assuming they must younger than me. haha.. Suddenly, I feel they must sold all the basic colors, black, gray, and camel....(wait, I saw a lady w/ Raisin Birkin in Stanford shopping center on Fri.) .... it is interesting that I start noticing Birkin more and more or it is just they are more available than they used to be??!!!!

I don't know what does she carry but it is not big brand name at all. (I will ask for you next time.) She carries that a lot these couple days and she doesn't care if it is really dirty at the bottom..haha.... I guess that's one good thing about good looking bag w/ so affordable price. Oh, I carried a very distressed brown messenger bag on Friday and put it on the table when shopping inside RUGBY store then a girl checked out my bag ..... .... haha..I had to tell her that's my bag!!!! hahaha...That's so funny!!!! She and her friend had to compliment that I have good taste.....for excuses!! haaha...
(oh, I didn't carry my Birkin out until today, I only take pic. w/ it at home. haha..)

Elise said...

Hello, you have the most fabulously wonderful site here and I had to leave this comment for you ! Your posts are beautifully written, creative and original too, and you have interesting pictures.

It's all perfect !

Thank you for sharing your site and best wishes.... 'Happy September'....

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Elise:

Thanks. After seeing those fantastic review you did for those ballerina, I had an urge to sing up my daughter for dance class. :) It is a great benefit for all the women to know how to poise, dance, walk ...... gracefully! I love it and reading your blog gives me a great mood. :)

Liz W said...

I love every single outfit here. You do such a good job of pairing things together.

litlstrawberry said...

Thank you, Liz. You are so sweet as always!!! :)


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