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23 September, 2009

New Closet or New Vanity desk first??

I said that I want to give our tiny wall-in closet a face-lift couple months ago just to organize our clothes, belt, accouterments, .... everything better.

It never happened!!


Cause' I think a Vanity desk is more of a necessity to me than an well-organized closet when I already had MY WAY of sorting my clothes out. :P

So I decided to get myself a vanity desk first. Besides, I still have that superstitious thoughts in my head that women would save more money when they have a vanity desk w/ the biggest drawer fit underneath of it in her master bedroom. hahah....... I don't know if you believe it but from my observation of my mom and cousins, I choose to believe it!! lol

Here are two I found pretty charming to me. They are quite not serve the purpose of doing make-ups for but I think they'd work as one!!

They are French imported furniture and I would try to work such rustic look into our master bedroom.

This writing desk is about $300 and you can pull out that desk a little more.

This is a chest w/ tri-fold mirrors. $270 (mirror) + $579 (chest)!

I think women all have an affection w/ chandelier for its romantic look!! :)

The look of me when I went for vanity desk hunting!!

1. TOP: Marc by Marc Jacobs
2. BOTTOM: French Connection high waist khaki skirt
3. SHOES: Moschino chip & chic teal w/ ruffle trim boots
Chanel 09 Valentine's coral medium flap

Max & Co. taupe belt

I had my IRO pants altered to be a better tapered hem on me. I guess you really can't tell but I just felt my BUTT look smaller in a better proportion. hha........... lol

1. TOP:
  • Neil Barrett black sheered blouse
  • black vest w/ sheered trim
  • Elisabeth & James white blazer w/ ruched sleeves
2. BOTTOM: a better fit IRO pleated trousers
3. SHOES: Jean-Michel Cazabat metallic purple sandal
  • Chanel matte white reissue 227 09
  • Chanel 09 rhinstone pearl necklace

Ok, I know I should have carried a bag which gives better contrast to this outfit...but I guess I am either lazy to switch to other bag or it is because my in-laws are visiting this time and I should keep such charade by not switching bags everyday!!!!!!!

So, if you are married, you would understand the little precaution we do in front of in-laws which could save my day. hahaha....

Good nite!!!!

I really need to find a monologue that suits me!!


Savvy Gal said...

nice outfits. that is what a lot of my friends have told me about shopping and in-laws. : )

LilKristy said...

I love the pink outfit very much!! n i also love the boot :P You have the best boot selection EVER! hehe

I'm at home resting today due to the FLU. Thank god, it is not the swine flu. phew

In one of my class, there are already 6 confirmed Swine flu cases. So to be safe, im staying home today.

Guess what rachel, I went to the mall last week n bought myself two jackets. I bought one winter jacket from metro park for only 129 and one from Juicy couture for only 99. The original price for the JC jacket was 378. Good deal huh? heheheh

I'm still searching for your look-alike chole boot :).

It is nice that you get along with your in-laws. I hope i will get along with my in-laws in the future :)

Well, im gonna go rest up for school tomorrow.. Take care Rachel :)

litlstrawberry said...

ha ha..Savvy Gal:
I assume you are not married since you just posted your dress wedding gown couple days ago. :) Well, normally, I am a careless person about those things since I really want to act just ME in front of my in-laws so they won't think I am OLD fashioned wife who obeys all the time. ha ha ha.. and it works well between us!

I must say couple of my female friends admit that they should have acted nature(themselves) instead of being "quite and shy" in front of in-laws. haha......

Good luck w/ your in-laws. :)

litlstrawberry said...

oh, Kristy: I am so sorry to hear you feeling ill! But good thing you said it is not swine flu...... but do be careful then. Rest as much as you can! :)

hah.. I know, I think the recession makes most shops have winter clothes on sale way early. I never recall such good deal in the store for winter wardrobe...well, not until Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Enjoy your coat and I think pair w/ scarves, you will be looking gorgeous for this winter!!!!! :) w/ in-laws, be polite but never act like "little woman" as they also need to know you are a really woman w/ independent thoughts of things. you know, in-laws tend to interfere everything whenever they are around living w/ their son/daughter-in-laws. :P But if they know you are strong mind and do speak up when it is necessary, they normally respect your decision rather than "brain" wash you. haha... Ok, should not talk too much those into your innocent mind. hahah..

The Haute-Shopper said...

Great outfits! And I agree with the vanity desk. I know most would prefer a bigger closet, but a vanity desk is just undeniably girly and a great place you pamper yourself or do a bit of writing. My mother had one and I loved using it as a child!

IRO is a great brand by the way. Glad you got something from them! Oh, and I think my in-laws have given up trying to keep up with my purchases. When we moved, you should have seen the look on my father in-law's face when he saw the boxes and boxes of shoes... haha ;-)

susanh98 said...

Hi Rachel;

Oh I love the two vanities you showed. They are pretty and romantic. Very chic. Can't wait to see which one you pick.
Your outfits look fantastic for Fall and I'm loving all your boots!

litlstrawberry said... traveler: (haute-shopper) that's funny. I bet your father in law has great sense of humor too. As when my mother-in-law rolled her eyeballs after knowing how much I spent on alternation, my father-in-law would understand that sometimes it even costs a lot more to have the whole piece altered just to fit you perfectly. :P

I need to explore more IRO as my friend also sees their store in Paris.

Have a great vacation btw!! :)

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Susan:
How have you been? I just thought about you couple days ago and thinking about your back to Taipei trip. :)

yeh, I love both of the desk but I think I would assume the chest is a better choice as it fits more stuff underneath. :) We'll see then.

susanh98 said...

Hi Rachel;

Thanks for thinking about me ;) Yes i'm sure happy to be back in san diego because I do not miss the hot and humid weather of taipei. hehehe. However, it will be a tradition now to go back every summer because I want my kids to experience culture, language, all that good stuff. I've been really into furniture shopping lately because I want to redo my home office. And once I start that I want to continue buying stuff for every single room of the house. Hahaha. Well for now i'm only looking I have yet to start buying. Then furniture starts making me think about changing the colors of the wall, etc etc...that keeps my mind busy for my other shopping habits my vice of shoes, handbags and clothes oh and makeup. Does it ever end? sigh....
For now I will live vicariously through you and enjoy seeing all your new buys!!!
Thanks for the eye candy. I always look forward to seeing your new posts :)

litlstrawberry said...

Susan:ha, i always love shopping for furniture. There is one store in your area called "Bo Concept". In fact, they have flap shops in Manhattan, Vegas, SF city....etc as well. It is very very simple yet contemporary design w/ modest price. I bought our media/TV wall system from them. I mix-n-match everything in my house, vintage, modern, futuristic (paintings)... and I don't think they came out ugly altogether. :P
If you are changing wall color, that will be a more exhausted project since you have to move furniture around too... The only colored wall in our house is the one installed the media wall mount cabinet. I believe wall color will instant cheer up any room w/o the need of filling much furniture. :) I could imagine how much fun you will have. Oh, you have big vintage flea market in your neighborhood, right?!


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