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21 September, 2009

Mom's Big Splurge on buying BOOTS!!! Part I !!

How come the weather gets so warm these couple weeks?!! So, I hate it!!


Well, to begin with, I must say I have way enough boots and I also admit that I never buy these many pairs of boots in one season!!!! lol I wish I can wear them as much as I can but darn the weather that I can only wear them to SF city where is much cooler than suburban!!

My New Givenchy chained wedge ankle boots!

Let's count how many pairs of boots I bought since Barney's legendary warehouse sale.

1. Chloe tan boots

2. Chloe taupe/purple tall boots

3. Chanel 09 s/s white mesh w/ bows booties

4.Minnetonka brown fringe suede boots

5. Givenchy black wedge w/ chain booties (have not posted)

6. Hermes black riding boots w/ Kelly locks (have not posted)

I think if I seriously sum up all the price of above boots, it is close to the cost of small Hermes Kelly!!lol

Guilty? Yes, absolutely!!

What did I do then?!!

1. To justify my out of control splurge, I returned CL maroon sling back heels couple weeks ago. (Brand new, of course!!!)

2. Shop at thrift store or discovery store(second hand/vintage) or Loehmann's near our bay area for clothes instead of major department stores. :P To tell you a good news, those places really are a treasure island and they have much better selection parted from other regular priced stores. :)

3. Eat at home and don't order entree' of my own when dinning out w/ family!! Sharing is a virtue. haha..hahaha.........

The returning CL heels justified almost $1000 spending. As for shopping at charity based discovery store, I think I am not just doing something good for our community but also feel happy about how much I saved aside from buying in department stores.

In fact, couple of my mommy friends all shopped at Loehmann's last week. We are just talking about how trendy and hip selection they had in their stores this year!! I guess *recession* is not so bad in some point of view since merchandise will be "re-priced" at more reasonable count. :)

As for home-cooking, it always benefits to the whole family. It is healthier, time-saving (don't have to wait for a table) and money-saving too!!!

Let's see if I can be the next Rachel Ray!!!!!! hahahaha...

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