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Me, Over-dressed???!!!

Credited to

I love that rustic RL looks on Blake Lively and she is also my current fave. actress.

If you think I am over-dressed, I would say you look naked to me!! haha.. Ok, just an excuse for me to step down!!

I always marvel how intriguing of the looks of Ralph Lauren runway collection every year. I am always a fan of all their collections, black label, blue label .... and even teens RUGBY. I have some pieces from their collection and they never outdated nor disappointed me each time I wore them.

I was just talking to my friends about how I am always over-dressed in someone's eye everyday. The thing is it is just a hobby, it's like a great chef cooks great food or enjoy a great meal everyday even s/he doesn't prepare the food him/herself. Once it becomes a hobby, it is almost hard to break it!! lol

My 5 years ago Miu Miu boots!! Love that distressed look.
It has zipper pulls on both sides, cool!!

Today I can't wait to wear my Ralph Lauren leather vest which I bought last year!!


1 TOP: (all last year)
  • ZARA Victorian style blouse
  • Ralph Lauren brown leather vest
  • Boss orange dark brown leather blazer
H&M pleated skirt

  • Vintage golden bamboo buckle belt
  • Chanel 08 pink camellia w/ gold trim earrings
  • eco bracelet
  • custom-made semi-precious stone ring
  • Black pattern hosiery or indigo leggings
4. Bag:
  • HoBo distressed brown suede bag
  • Hermes Gris T. 35cm Birkin
  • Chanel matte white reissue 227 09
Miu Miu distressed boots
Chloe taupe tall boots

I was looking for a distressed cowboy boots couple months ago ... until I remembered this pair!!! Problem solved, my perfect Miu Miu!!

I thought I didn't wear busy enough for the look. Hum.... maybe scarf during the winter!! :P

Nop, I didn't carry my Birkin out .... just thought it might go w/ the look.

Oh, I had to change the leggings to black hosiery as I think Birkin needs a constructed look to make the look well pulled together.

So this is another option....and yes, I love my Chanel matte white reissue day by day!! :)

Ok, that's enough for today's dress-up fun!!!
I guess 2 leather tops (vest & blazer) would keep me warm throughout this winter!!!

This is a YOUNGER me!!! Before my 25 years old anniversary birthday.... ha ha ha....

hha.... I pull out this look which I came up w/ last year!! Can't believe I blogged this far already!! *,*
That's my Chanel Rodeo Drive black perforated large tote!!! My all time favorite travel bag!!

Good night, girls. I have lots of "Gossip Girl" to catch up!!!


Hi Litlstrawberry, how cool that your Miu Miu boots have zippers on both sides! They're very nice!!

It's true that the perception of over-dressed or not is definitely in the eye of the beholder, although if you have a passion for fashion, definitely go for it! My DH always tell me that a passion for a hobby or career, etc. comes and go and if you're lucky enough to find that passion for something, enjoy it because life is just too short :)

BTW, love your new suede messenger bag. Have a good weekend!

litlstrawberry said…
Hey, peach: yes, I probably dress NORMAL in the eyes of NEW YORKERs! ha..
I think fashion is the only thing that doesn't fade since it evolves every year. :) That's bad news for DH as it is hard to let go of "buying" new stuff. haha..

Oh, I had that messenger bag 2 years ago and my high school pal bought the same one too. It is designed in New York from a small women designer team. :) In New York, you know we can find everything so creative, chic, fabulous looking from any small designer.
Anonymous said…
that is one great looking vest! it's amazing how you are able to pull the entier outfit together with pieces that i would never thought would match. I love how you mix and match all the different colors and materials, i have been doing the same thing with my outfits and it gives me a chance to wear things that i have forgotten about in my closet. thanks for the inspiration and waiting for more amazing outfits soon! i am loving my chanel bag day by day too! but how do you keep it clean?
litlstrawberry said…
hi, dos:
thanks, babe!! :)

Hum...I just hang it over the bag hook and place it on the desk so the chain won't drag the bag leaving the mark. I have not "cleaned" it at all so it is probably won't be as shiny as your new one .. but that's the best part of "matte", I think it will give it a nice vintage look after 5 or 8 years but not looking dirty. :)

I am not sure about what's the best cleaner for the bag but I think if I am be careful w/ it, I don't need much efforts of cleaning it. i always think those "cream" would actually damage the leather in time ... besides, it is WHITE. I would buy cream to clean my black boots but maybe not for my matte white reissue!!
Anonymous said…
hey were you in the city today ? i saw some girl carrying the same birkin bag as yours in black suit with leopard? print blouse. Was that you?

Thanks for the tip on the chanel bag, i didnt know the chain and stain the leather, i will hang it up now.
litlstrawberry said…
OMG, dos:
I think YOU JUST SPOT ON ME this afternoon.

hha...ok, so which one are you? ?? I didn't pay attention on people around me since I am in a hurry and want to rush back home for DH as he has been very supportive these past few months and i don't want him to be too exhausted on Saturday!!

Ok, I was there after my acting class to get my Chanel earring fixed in NM and return a pair of too small boots in Barneys. (You know, NM have another new pair in the store so we just exchange mine w/ the new pair then NM will send the broken one to repair in Pairs.) I am glad that I don't have to wait just for an earrings.

So,...where exactly did you see me this afternoon//?/ Was I walking to the stores or leaving downtown? haha..I must look very serious and rushy to you then. :)

OH, yes, I think the chain might leave marks on matte white reissue is you have tons of stuff inside the know, the weight of dragging the bag is bad. must tell me more about where did you see me, time, you should yell at me then!! :) ha ha ha...

Ok, heading to cell group meeting in a bit!! Have a great evening!!
love the tan pants in the first look! i also love Blake.
litlstrawberry said…
Thanks, wild thing (lion, tiger...:)):

Blake is like a girl next door. It is really refreshing seeing her on screen.
L.T. said…
That is a really neat look and I love gossip girl although the pilot for this season was meh..I hope it gets better =)
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Elle:
I am still catching up w/ Gossip girl...I am currently watching season 2 still. :)

I just checked your blog and that girl from India is very interesting... I like her creativity. :)
White Lily said…
Love the RL vest! I get inspiration from GG too, am I lame that I watch the show? Hubby says it's a silly show for teenagers... I still watch it, secretly, lol!
Goodness! You hair always look so perfect! What products are u using? Really envious of the glossiness!
Anonymous said…
lol, it was in the union square parking garage. we were in the same elevator, we are the family of 3 with the lil girl. you are very very tall! how tall are you? you did look like you were in a hurry. i spotted your bag while walking out and noticed the color so i looked up. you had sunglases on and usually you smile in your pic so i can't really tell if it was you. you look so chic yesterday!! and that bag look great on you. how long have you had your earring? must be current if they are still selling them. mine broke, it's the same ones you have i think, the black round resin ones with tiny cc logo hanging from it. the back of it fell off, i wonder if I should just glue it on. did they tell you how long it would take to fix an earring? next time if i spot you i will make sure to say hi, unless you are in a hurry again:)
litlstrawberry said…
Darling Lily:
I left meg. in your post and best wishes to you!!!
Oh, you know, my DH watches GG w/ I think we have kids, and we are really inspired by those teenagers thoughts/act and learn some tips about parenting (just for the future reference.) hahah... Oh, I must say it even fits the relationship between me and my mom when I was an adolescent. haha....

My hair? Thanks. I always use cream/gel to keep the volume and curl. I love "Conscious" curl cream and it gives your hair a very good definition especially you have pretty curly hair too. :)
litlstrawberry said…
Hi dos:
Oh..yep, that I figured maybe we were in the garage. You know, when I went back to the garage, I walked around/ up and down between 3rd and 4th floor ... maybe I should have asked you where did I park. hahahah...
Thanks, I wore very formal to my class and I almost can't stay down and doing funny faces/acts when teacher gave us some "action" exercise. You know, when we reach certain age, we don't want to look too silly in "well-tailored" clothes...haha... this week, I will make sure I dress casual then. :)

You know, I think I do spot a litl girl and Dad standing by the car..and in fact, couple couples I spotted w/ lit. kid that day! :) So you guys live in the city then?
DH has to watch kids every Sat. and Abby has Piano class on Sun. so it almost a month since the last time we family went to SF city together. My in-laws are here and they love shopping in the China town so maybe we can go to my Sat. acting class together and let them hanging out in the China town until my class ends. hum...then take kids to the Zoo. :)
litlstrawberry said…
Oh, btw, dos: I replace my pink camellia earring w/ pearl drop (09) w/ a new pair. And yes, I think I have the resin one too. the back falls off? I guess if it is not "technique" required, you probably can glue it yourself. Unless it is too delicate to do it yourself. :)

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