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26 September, 2009

Not Miu Miu booties. Givenchy it is!!!!

I had to jump out of bed literally when I just realized that new boots of mine is Givenchy instead of Miu Miu I stated on my earlier post.

Well, it is impossible for me to make such mistake but I guess w/ in-laws visiting, even I couldn't keep my mind clear anymore!!

Rachel (Mom): What did you say, sweetheart?

Ilona: "Mom!! Don't blame the fault on others!!"

Rachel (mom): Oh, Ok, I admitted it.
I bought too many pair of boots this season and I should stop!! :P

Let's give this edgy boots a closer look again! :)

Since when I started to lay my eyes on WEDGE booties when I don't even like wedge that much at the beginning!! lol

Rachel (mom): See? Fashion is a crime and I don't even know when I committed. haha......

Ilona: Mom!! What I just said!!

Rachel (mom): Ok, ok, dear!! I shouldn't spend so much time reading those fashion magazine!! :P


L.T. said...

aww your daughter is so cute in that pic! =) We forgive you of the mistake ;)

litlstrawberry said...

Good morning, Elle!!


Ilona learned all the "poses" and "smiles" through seeing my fashion blog pic. taken everyday, isn't that amazing!!! :)

I like that Gossip girl pic. in your blog!! That's like a legendary pic. for all of those pretty girls in the show.

haha..Ok, I am wearing Givenchy to SF city for my acting class now.

Hope you have a fun weekend!!

LilKristy said...

You're a busy woman!! in other words, you're like a superMOM. :) your daughter talk that much already? WOW heheeh my niece just turned 2 and she always correct my parents when they speak english hehehe... Your daughter is so cute.. She is going to be a pretty girl when she grow up :) just like her mama.. heheheh

Another day at a cafe shop studying :(... have a great weekend :)

About the vintage purse, im not sure what i can wear with it. I was thinking about pairing it with jean, t-shirt, heel and a sweater.. what do you think? heheh

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Kristy:
Nop, that's the INNER monologues I created for Ilona. haha.. but it's more likely the words my older son and daughter (Niel & Abby) would say to me. They copy every word from DH. :)

Life of being a student is one of the golden time in everyone's life. Enjoy and make sure you have lots of photos for memorizing by later on. :)

Hum.. you know, the thing w/ vintage is sometimes the look is totoooooo vintage, then you have to see if it really suits you. I would say in general, you are not a retro kinda of girl to me (although you could dress up like one), I would say, pass it!!! You won't regret at all. :>

dos3n said...

your daughter is adorable!i love the what you wore the JPG dress!! i have a pair of Chanel brown short boots similar to the ones you had on and i wear it with the dress like that too. i love how the velvet jacket's color compliments the purple in the dress. are you buying moon cakes?

litlstrawberry said...

hey, dos:

I already had moon cakes like 2 months ago. My friend, Cathy, gave me a whole box of iced moon cake which is different from transitional moon cakes. I like it a lot since they tasted lighter and not greasy at all.

How about you?

LilKristy said...

Thank you for the advice rachel. I think i'm going to pass that this time :).. I'm going to save money to buy a cute boot :)

what is ICED moon cake? is it like ice cream moon cake? heheheheh there is a such thing is ice cream mooncake? hhehehe

Another night at Starbucks with Iced green tea and triple chocolate cake.. hehehe i have to keep myself awake or else im going to fall asleep hehehe

How was your acting class? Are you going to try out for a movie or something? ehehe I will be your first FAN :)

It is so cold over here, it was 50 degree today and super windy..:( i was almost blown away today heheh

Once again, thank you for the advice.. i know i wont regret it at all :)

take care...

Courting Couture said...

Been reading your blog. It's lovely to see a fashionphile out in SF. Why don't you and Yu come out to an H luncheon?

xoxo chanello

litlstrawberry said...

hi, couture: it is very nice of you to ask us to join but i guess we will pass this time. Rain check?!! (")

dos3n said...

we got like 7 boxes from our vendors, we gave it all away and didn't keep one. i am thinking of just getting one of those single one so we can all share on the day of, to keep the tradition. but i am trying to loose weight so i can look better in the outfits like you!


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