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Thanks to Isabel, Yu and Ann who called today and asked where have I been last week!!! I guess it is a great thing that I have this blog so all my friends, well, "almost", know when/where to find me when they can't get a hold of me!! :) And when they do call, I get to update what they have been up to as well.

How I wish all my friends can have their personal blog and share everything w/ us everyday!!!!! lol Isn't that wonderful?!!

So where have I been?

The truth is I am still around!!
In-laws are coming this Sunday and where else could I be w/ 3 kids around anyway!! :)

So what do we normally talk about on the phone then?

The conversation will be cliche such as how busy we are after we sign up 2, 3 or even 4 extracurricular activities for each child. Abacus, swimming lesson, painting, piano lesson, tennis practice and let's not forget MOM needs to take care of herself as well.

Like me, I go to Power Yoga 3 or 4 times a week and on top of that, I have 3 hours Acting class on Saturday!! I hardly find a time to do grocery shopping as DH just complained about that today!! :P Then our conversation will come to what did we buy this week! We share our love in fashion and life. It is interesting that Yu and I were talking about what's the differences between $300 coffee machine VS. $3000 ones this afternoon!! We probably would rather spend that much money on designer BAG than a coffee machine!! :P
If we didn't talk about FAMILY, then we skip to our SPENDING!!!!! It is SO TRUE that Money can't buy everything but w/o money, you hardly do anything!!!

Here I want to share my new addiction to you girls.

MAC eye liner and RapidLash-- for thicker/longer lashes!!

I think my eyes look bigger...... well, or I just hypnotize myself!!! hahaha...

Let's see what I wore last week!! I must say I am not 100% satisfied w/ the looks and I took some of the pieces to alter after seeing those modeling pic. of myself. hahaha...... And that's the reason I am hesitate to post them too. However, I am sure I will come up much charming ensembles in the future!! :)


Long time no see Chanel metallic navy striped reissue 277!

Finally I brought this IRO pants for alternation and I will try to wear it more structured way next time!!lol


My new hat!

Accessory: RUGBY double buckle belt/Rossi Sergio red buckle heels/Flying Lizard Design turquoise necklace w/ gold disc/Chanel matte white reissue.

Linda Loudermilk organic bamboo asymmetrical suit!!

Hermes CDC!

Red heels always compliment an all black suit!


We had Vietnamese food at "The Green Papaya" restaurant in Los Gatoes on Sunday!!

Abby just finished her very first piano class in that neighborhood....look at her all grouchy face!!

I am very fond of this shelf, I like it has vintage and French kinda look.

That's all!!!


I love your blog! I'm from tPF and have been following your photo posts on the Chanel mommy thread. You serve as a great inspiration to women looking great :)
Anonymous said…
i was wondering what happened to you too when i didnt see any updates for a while. love the outfits. i just got myself a chanel white matte 227 too like yours, i am loving that bag! i didn't realize it is quite big so great for me to stuff all my kid's stuff in there.
litlstrawberry said…
hi, shockboogie: Hum.... just out of my curiosity, do you own Celine's boogie tote at all?? hah...

Thanks, and I am glad to hear from you more. :) Your blog is very interesting!!

Oh, you also inspired me that I can wear my metallic striped reissue w/ my gray jeans too.
litlstrawberry said…
Hello dos: hha... I am just not so inspired by looking at my wardrobe last week.... :P Hopefully this week I will be more intuitive of what to wear after my 1st class of Acting II after last Saturday!! It is so fun.... do you ever heard of classes such as "voice over".... for radio. One of my classmate took those classes before and after half year, she got a job and I assume it is like commercial film except she only plays "voices" over the radio. haha... Oh, I think it is a great way to learn how to speak/talk and feel more confident of ourselves or through our voice. ha ha ...

Wow.. so you mean, your matte white reissue 227 is EXACTLY like min, right?!! It is really big and plus w/ the white effect, it seems bigger than regular reissue. Well, i think it IS bigger than any reissue before 2008!! Enjoy it and I just felt that I finally can pull off that white reissue instinctively. hahe he he....
bobo.mommy said…
Like the furniture store too. From see that pic, it's really make me bring back memories of Paris, Laudree's macaroons, Angelina's hot coco and tea, Fine dining at Market reataurant, shopping...and of course pilgrimage of Hermes !!!
Hi litlstrawberry,

Thanks for dropping by my blog too!
And no, I don't own Celine's boogie tote :(

By the way, I read in your bio that you used to take Computer Science! That's funny because I'm into web design/development even though my bachelors degree is in film and sound engineering. I should've taken CompSci but then again, maybe that might have taken away the passion ey?

Looking forward to more of your blog posts!
litlstrawberry said…
Hey, boogie: oh, I guess you randomly pick up the boogie name then. :)

Hum...I don't know if you would like CS/lots of programming as I didn't. I went to Cal poly San Louis Obispo because of its good reputation of computer science. Even though I like my classmates, professors very much, I still hate programming. :P

You know, your BA degree sounds so fun!! I am taking acting classes in SF city every Sat. which is actually a digital film making school. They just offer acting classes asides and I enjoy it very much. You seem very young and if I were you, I probably would want to take 1 yr. film-making classes they had offered!! :)
Claudia said…
Hi Rachel, I have been wondering about RapidLash, Does it work? I can't wait to hear about it. Thanks in advance.
LilKristy said…
Hi Rachel, how are you doing? You look super chic wearing your harem pant. Not a lot of people can wear those kind of pant. ME as an example heheh my legs are too short. Heheh what is rapidlash?

You seem to look Vietnamese food ha? . Hehhe I love Vietnamese and Japanese food. My mom cooks vietnamses everyday for 3 meals a day. Hehehe

Btw I called rugby and they sent me the wrong jacket and when I called them back theydidnt have the jacket that I wanted :(

Looking forward to your next post :)
Hi again! If I lived in SF, maybe I would take the 1 yr. program but then again I've got 2 full degrees already (I'm a nerd) and I'm probably not as young as you think! Heehee! At my age, I need to have some kids but then the hubby and I are going through the steps of getting a kidney transplant (DH has renal failure :( ) so we need to take care of that first before we can have kids.

That's great that you're taking acting classes. That must be really fun and creative. Creativity is a must in life!:)
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Claudia:
YOu know, I was just reading Time mag. the other day about two founders of Gilt. It is really amazing. :)

I love Rapid lash as I don't need to get prescription. My friend, Renee, uses Latasse right now (but guess she kept forgetting applying it every night) so none of us see any obvious result. I applied RapidLash for 2 mon. and I can see the dramatic longer lashes already. EVen I skip couple nights. The only thing I need to be careful is you might have tiny hair grown between eyebrow and eyelid, you know, I guess that stuff really works. haha... (again, we have to trim eyebrow anyway, right!!)

Now I dare to go out w/o my mascara. haha...Oh, of course only when I am going to the gym, since I don't have to impress hot guys. ha ha ha .. Jk!! :P
litlstrawberry said…
I am sorry to hear that they got you the wrong jacket...hum, you know what, I will see if I stop by the store and found it for you. I can ask them to put on hold and let you know if you still want it. It is just on sale for $59 so I wouldn't put lots hope on it. :P

I just start trying Vietnamese food other than the famous Sandwiches and I love it. :) I know, you are Vietnamese but you don't seem short in your pic. just petite!! :)

The Rapid lash is for eyelashes and I guess I am lazy applying mascara everyday so I had to find a product works to grow my lashes. :)
litlstrawberry said…
Wow, boogie:
I am so sorry to hear that. Hope your DH will recovery soon. It must be hard for both of you to undergo something like that. I always think we can have only ONE Kidney but renal failure is way beyond one can suffer.

Good wishes to you and your DH and you seem to be a optimistic person and hopefully everything will just be fine!!
Anonymous said…
voice over for radio? that is so interesting! do you mean like she talks in a funny way for sound effect? or she just reads the script? i think it is just amazing how you manage to keep yourself looking great, maitain your household, take care of 3 kids and still have the time and energy to keep up this blog and take classes to fulfill your interests! i must learn from you :) I had to get my bag off ebay because they dont have it in stores anymore. is yours with the black polished gun metal hardware? or is it the tarnished silver look?
Anonymous said…
hi rachel, if you happen to find a rugby jacket like your in size xs or s can you let me know too? thanks!!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, dos:
sure, I will keep an eye for you. Now it is almost impossible to find the jacket since today is the due day (Fri.) and they have to send back to distributor and 6 or 8 mon. they ship those past season clothes to outlet!!! So... hum.... ebay? or outlet? might be a best bet then?!! Well, you should have told me earlier. haha...

oh, the voice over class? I am not very sure what they teach but I am sure it is just like regular language class focus on how to "speak" w/ no accent, also let you discover how to talk like child, elderly.... sounds fun I think. :)

Oh, yup, I think if I don't keep myself busy like right now, I am going NUTS....for just being a stay home mom. haha...

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