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Mom's Big Splurge on buying BOOTS!!! Part II !!

I said, whenever I have new acquisition, I almost wear it right away.... If not literally, I still manage to wear them ASAP!!

Speaking of time is money, the time you kept them in the closet or on the shelf is a big waste of money IMO!! hheee........ :P

Here are all the fun I had this afternoon when Ilona is napping and after she woke up!! Well, actually, the fun ended when Ilona bugs me going down stairs looking for her grand-mom and grand-pa!!! :)

Like I said before, when you notice a particular brand name shampoo causes your hair shed more, you better switch to other brands.

So I did!!!

I notice that maybe my scale doesn't like Ferraki so much, then I switch back to my used-to-be-my-fav. hair cleaning regime. All nature ingredients product : Ojon!! I also love Bumble & Bumble Curl Conscious cream but it is salon exclusive so I had to get that next week when I go back to my hair designer!!

From left to right: Ojon light weight hydrating gel/ Ultra hydrating shampoo/conditioning, Revitalizing Mist (leave-in conditioning)

1. The fab find in Loehmann's last week???

Romeo & Juliet Contour sequins leggings for $39.99!!

Romeo & Juliet Contour silk floral top for $39.99!

I styled my kinda out of control bang this morning!!

I think an up-do hair will highlight the blouse!!

GIVENCHY wedge booties.
Front chains covered w/ leather but not on those around the back!

So I can't decide if I should cinch the flared top or not!!

2. Second-hand shop fab find!! Christian Dior petite separated dress (found last year)!

I altered it to one-shoulder top.

This dress needs to be well-accessorized before its ready to go out w/ !!

some small details.

The back view..... I need to think of a pair of heels to go w/ the retro-trendy look. :)

3. Another second-hand fab find: Jaguar 100% fine merino wool plus size cardigan (made in Gt. Britain) for $11.

The cardigan has bat-sleeves style so you won't know it is plus size!!!lol
  • Hermes orange lacquered w/ natural horn on the other side necklace.
  • Banana Republic edition gold tassel necklace wore as belt.

Dress up fun for mom ends....Ilona is awake!!

I shall have a decent shoots of Hermes riding boots w/ Kelly lock at sides in the future!!!!

Hope the weather gets cool down a little bit more!!!


Pennerad said…
wow, great boots (and baby)!
First of all... I can't believe you bought that many boots this season! Wow... good for you, but a shame it's not cold enough yet! Great finds by the way. I love the Miu Mius and the Dior dress is fabulous. I also have a weakness for slouchy batwing cardigans. I agree that Loehmanns is a great place... I found so much stuff there the last time I was in the U.S.
Betsy said…
Awesome buys!! I'm sooooo drooling after those Hermes riding boots, along with your gorgeous Chloe boots that you bought at the Barneys Warehouse sale. I'd love to wear more boots this coming winter too but I have to admit they are hard to get in and out of when I take short errands out of the house often. :P

You really did a fantastic "revival" on that Dior dress. It's one of a kind and it's fabulous, worn together or separately. I'm curious what kind of accessories you'll be putting together with that outfit and I can't wait to see.

Loehmann is definitely da bomb!!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Pennerad:


I checked out your blog and I like your oxford flat shoes...they are so hip this season...and I don't know if I should buy ONE since I already have different style w/ heels!! hum......

Also, I think you really pull off man's wear really well. :)
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, global girl (Haute shopper):
hha...yes, I would plead "guilty" just because the weather is not that cold YET!!

You know, I have to take very closer look of each pic. you took so that I can feel I would be much familiar w/ it next time I travel there!! THanks for those great photos, btw.

Hum...yes, I have not wore the whole Dior outfit OUT once but only separately. I think it still have chance to be seen in public before the weather gets cold. :)

Yes, I think shopping in Loehmann's or vintage store need some luck. And I am really happy about that Jaguar wool cardigan!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Betsy:
hah...thanks. I just promised DH that I will cool down myself for this season and I think I won't get any fancy stuff until Nov. or Dec. when things go on sale then.

You know, I think I almost have to wear a thin socks when slip into my all boots..just so it will be easier to pull OFF!! Plus, don't want the sweat got trapped inside the boots. hee......

Sure, let me see what can I do to dress up that Dior dress a bit more. However, I don't think I will wear that much accessories though. :P

I should call you .... soon. How is your Berlin trip by the way!!??
Anonymous said…
i love boots too, and i know how you feel about not being able to wear them yet. the hermes boots are hot! they will last you years. great finds at lohemans! i love that chanel clutch, i have one in white. seems we have many of the same or similar items. i have that jpg halter toile dress too, and i recenlty saw how you wore it with a long shirt, and i find that more wearable now. where did you get your chloe gray boots? i try to find them at saks and they dont have it in that color.
Purse Addict said…
I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE the boots and they look great on you :)
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, dos: what else we have in common? :) BTW, you know we girls are talking about having a "luxury items" trade party in our community. (we have not think of any of the details though) so we can trade whatever we want but the hardest part is we have to invite as many people as possible and have them bring as much as high-end stuff as possible in order to make everyone happy. :) well......

Ok, back to the toile dress, wow, so did you wear it this summer... I can't believe I didn't even dress it once this whole summer...maybe it is about time to wear it ... so Dior dress and Jean Paul Cartier dress will be my outfit this week. hahah....

Oh, I bought that Chole boots in Bloomingdales and it is probably the only department store carries that color!!!
litlstrawberry said…
hey, Jenny:


you know, I wonder do you even wear BOOTs at all. :P haha...
Julia said…
i love the picture of you and your little girl. i posted a picture on my blog like that. :)

you know it is all good - you have a nice collection of boots and bags, and you have two daughters to hand them down to.
LilKristy said…

I love that Romeo and Juliet legging on you. :)I visited Loehmann's website but too bad they dont take online order :(

I wish i have that many boots.. I love wearing boots with skirts or short dresses. Im petite so i always make sure all my dresses are above my knee length.. :)

I've been looking for a brown leather boot like your Chloe one but it is pretty hard to find the one that you just instantly want it..

It is pretty cold here already. Today, i went to school with a jacket and scarf already.. and the leaves are already changing color :(

I hope you will enjoy all your boots collection and i cant wait to see your modeling pictures. :)
litlstrawberry said…
hi, Julia:
How are you?

My in-laws are here (they came on Sun.) and you know, so far, we dined out on Mon. night and cooked ONE Plus dishes for tonight...WHY ONE plus? Cause' my father in law doesn't eat things I cook and what they cook can't seem delight my kids, so my mother in law cooks ONE and I cook some for kids. :) (sometimes the dishes they cooked are too salty or too spicy even we love it.... ;)

However, I must say, it always needed some adjustment/adaptation/compromise whenever/ whoever stayed at the house!! *sigh* I mob and mob and mob the whole day!! haha... Well, no complaining here, I am just like a keep-house-neat-all-the-time weirdo. ha..!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Kristy:
I guess it is better to see those being parted from department store stuff in real person prior to purchase. Some of them might be missing a button, losing sequins, a hole here or there..... :P

Oh, yeh, I typical don't like brown color unless it is the right shade, great quality....and like you said, first love!!! :) Hope you do find a brown boots you about BCBG suede tall boots for $189? "THe Look 4 Less" blog shared this today and it is a nice looking boots. (Although I would wish it is a short version.)

How do you like your white bracelet? I think I am going back to that store to check out some other fun things in the future.

Wow, can't believe it is that cold there already!! So I envy you then.... oh, I know, maybe I can stay w/ you for a while and maybe you get to wear my boots until here cools down. haha.... (oh, the size doesn't fit...grrr....)

Right, the length of skirt and the gap between boots is very important...otherwise it really won't flatter one's proportion. I saw a girl wore short skirt w/ over keen high boots in SF city the other day and I just think she would look much slimmer and taller if she can either shorten her skirt a bit more or simply let the skirt COVER a little over her keen high boots!! That way, the keen high boots would serve as a nice pair of legging and elongate her legs more.

Well...I think I talk too much now. haha...
Anonymous said…
luxury trade party?! can i be invited? that would be so fun!! but i dont know if i have many items to trade, maybe if you can't trade you can purchase? I live near San Mateo, but we like to go into the city. Well, i didn't wear the jpg dress more than 2x since i got it like 2 years ago? just found it too revealing. but i think i can wear it more now with the shirt dress and boots. i can't wait to see what other ways you can wear that dress so i can copy! oh did i mention you did a great job altering that dior dress, maybe i should go through my closet again and see what i can do to the clothes i own already and change it up.
Savvy Gal said…
lovely outfits. i would love to have a pair of hermes riding boots. : )
litlstrawberry said…
Oh, dos: sure!! You are much welcome to join us!! But we just need to think about how can this work? he he..

Today I did were JPG dress but I don't know if the look worth for the shoots. :P
litlstrawberry said…
Hey, Savvy gal:
How I wish I was in SF city wearing my boots..and all. haha...
Thanks for stopping by my blog and if you ever order duck in that restaurant, be sure to tell us how is it!! :)
Betsy said…
Hey Rachel -

I visited Frankfurt and Rhine Valley in Germany, and then spent a week visiting Prague and southern Czech Republic. It was a wonderfully romantic trip since it was just me and DH (kids were with my parents and with ILs). We took tons of scenery pictures b/c we were surrounded w/such beauty. Unfortunately, I didn't shop much at all. To be honest, I didn't find anything in Frankfurt or Czech too exciting for me. Maybe it's because I'm not familiar with where to go for fashion but I ended up spending most of my money on eating and site-seeing. :P

In any case, I'm looking forward to fall weather, if it ever comes... Btw, thanks for the promo email you sent yesterday!
litlstrawberry said…
oh, Betsy:
yep, I can't wait for the fall to know, this year, our moon festival even delayed til' Oct. (can't remember mid or end of Oct.) since we have 2 "May" in lunar year. Which means our winter won't come till end of Nov.?!!!

I need your number again so please email me back in your private email. Thanks. :)

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