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30 September, 2009

Patterns & Texture!!

I am experimenting the mix look of patterns and texture of my ensemble this week. They don't all come out perfectly but I am learning from my mistakes. lol

I am catching up Gossip Girl slowly and currently I am in season 2 still. The good thing is I didn't suffer from the emotional collapse when I want to know immediately what's NEXT in between episodes, lol bad thing is all their looks are past season and I can only get inspired that much. haha...

I bought this Erickson Beamon cluster necklace for target in June and someone wants to buy it off to match her dress to a wedding dinner. Honestly, I'd really love to sell this eye-catching necklace for someone who adores it too but I couldn't seem to think of a right value of it. Besides, i bought the matching earrings for the necklace so I have to either sell them both or none!!!

Yesterday (Tuesday)!

I don't like my bang that day, neither do I like the length of the skirt...too long. :<

Tse ruched black tank, sleeveless gray cardigan w/ cape style collar, D & G leopard pencil skirt, patterned hosiery, Marni platform heels, Lanvin leopard happy sac, Erickson Beamon cluster necklace.

oh, my lip was burned by super hot oil the other day..... :(


Last Saturday!!

I dressed very safe w/ all black (almost)!!
Givenchy chain wedge booties, Linda Loudermilk organic asymmetrical blazer, pleated skirt, black hosiery, Lanvin Happy Sac.

Today (Wednesday) !

I meet up w/ a fellow from purse forum! We bump into each other once and chat million times and finally had the chance to chat in person today!!

Zara shirt dress, C & C California super long vest, leggings, Minnetonka brown fringe boots, RUGBY white military inspired coat, two toned/texture leather belt, Chanel 08 gray classic jumbo.

I think 20 something girls would love this kinda of fringe boots as today someone compliments on my boots when my friend and I were crossing the road!!

I am doing window shopping not just for clothes but also furniture these days!! A nice designed and classic furniture will be appreciated for the years to come.

This wooden bench can serve as seating and coffee table.

You can't imagine how comfortable when lying on this cow hair mat ... let alone having such stylish chaise to kick up the interior look at home!!

Last thing I want for this year........ Travel!!!

London Bridge!!!


shockboogiedesign said...

I'm loving the all black ensemble the most - the Givenchy booties, Lanvin purse, and the asymmetric leather jacket.

Isn't it nice to actually meet someone from tPF? I had my first meetup with a tPF member just a few weeks ago and now we've been hanging out at least once a week. Nice to find someone in person who understands fashion and shopping for stuff we tPF ladies love!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, boogie girl:
Thanks. That's my fav. look from last week too. :)

Yes, it is always fun to meet new friends and become good friends w/ one or two. I have met 3 tpfers in personal and kept closely in touch ever since!! We don't just share fashion...we are MOMS too. Even sometimes we can't stand ourselves talking MOM/KIDS stuff all the time when having girls/moms night out. haha....

isabel said...

Rachel - Glad to see you updated your blog!!! Love the Givenchy boots, they look like they will complement many outfits! You and Betsy looked nice in the picture, was she carrying an orange Celine Boogie?

Betsy C. said...

*Rachel* - mwahahahaha... I almost spilled my water when I saw my picture. Didn't realize you were going to post it up so soon! LOL. It was fantastic spending the afternoon with you. It was fun b/c I don't have many girlfriends in the same area that I chat about purses and fashion with. Thanks again!

*Isabel* - I wished you were there. It was lots of fun despite the short time. My bag is Linea Pelle Danielle tote. It's the bag that actually got me onto tPF in the very beginning before I stumbled into the Chanel forum. Any chance of visiting north again?

dos3n said...

I like the almost all black outfit the best and sencond one is today's. i acutally got the target bubble necklace like yours too. i recently sold it on ebay for $65, that's the price range people are paying. yeah, we do have lots of things in common.

White Lily said...

Mmmm! Marni Platforms... I love those, I was eyeing them for so long, I could not find my size, you look great in them!

White Lily said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wai Thit said...

Hi R!! I thought i left you a message in your last entry but i guess it didnt went through some how. Anyway i love all the boots and booties u been getting! U met someone else form tpf? wow thats nice is it anyone from the mommy thread? i had missed u and i am glad finally i can look at your blog in burma so that i can keep in touch with you.. look fabulous as ever~ hope u are doing well. Say Hi to the kids~ and visit me at

susanh98 said...

Hey Rachel;

Thanks for letting me know about Bo Concepts I will sure bring DH to it so we can shop together. hehehe. You've made me want to get boots too!!! Now I feel I MUST get some ankle boots. hahaha.
I just did some major shopping at bloomies for their friends and family event last weekend and they will be shipping all my new goodies today! yay!!
I really love your grey lambskin.
Take care!!
btw, your daughters look so cute and Ilona's eczema seems to be gone!!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, sis:
Finally we have better arrangement in terms of time, kids' schedule, my routine activities (blogging, dressing up..etc. hha..) and all sort of activities in the house.

I guess this year, I am back to my favorite shopping for clothes which means I won't be buying bags as crazy as last year. hahahahaha.. you know that!!

Anyway, I am very excited for fall as I think I am ready to GO FOR THE WINTER!!!! ;P

litlstrawberry said...

you are most welcome. I will pass kid's piano lesson info to you in the near future. (even though I can switch application to gmail and send you right away....but...oh, I am stuck here chatting w/ you girls..ahha...., ok, I think I should go to my gmail and email you then. )

Ok, just did...and because of Bloomningdale's sale, I also bought some leather leggings too..geez, .. ha ha..

Oh, you know, yesterday is kinda awkward when my in-laws doesn't know if they need to cook that flat noodles when I got home since I already bought something and i said that you are coming... anyway, less communication and I am sure where does DH's communicating skill inherited from. hahaha

litlstrawberry said...

hey, dos: thanks, dear.

so that's a fixed price or an auction price? Hum..not bad at all. However, I have the earrings and I think I still can pair them w/ lots of outfits in the future. They are really a great piece to pop up every outfit. :)

So, if we did manage our luxury trading party, I guess we might have ONE item available in 2 qty for trade then. ha ha ha...

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Lily:

you know, it is really nice for a couple to look back their time...more often like their first date, first trip, first of everything.

In fact, your posts just remind me of doing that w/ DH!!! Sometimes we forgot how happy we were and how life is going to be when too many things happening/changing everyday. So when we get in fight in the future, we would know how much we cherished each other and maybe be rationale during the fight instead of saying bad things to each other. :0 haha...Ok, I think I am in a hormone cycle here. :P

Oh, I think Marni will look good on you ... but don't know if you like those sky high heels that much. :) Sometimes people buy those are for ONE time wear or for the sake of having them in the closet. ah ha!

litlstrawberry said...

hey, cute pie:

How have you been?

It is great that you polished your skill of photo-shooting...I have to say, you are an awful pic. taker w/ your iphone before. hahahaha... don't be offended!!!

Now I see all the photos are focused and clean w/ sentimental proposition. I really enjoy them and of course, love all the heels. :)

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Susan:
You are very welcome.

You have to get one pair of ankle boots if you don't have an up-to-date pair. Last year, I got patent quited Dior booties and this year, this Givenchy wedge booties. They are forever look, well, of course, fashion comes around and goes around eventually. :P

You know, just because you mentioned the FF event in Bloomnings... I remembered receiving that too, then I went on line to get leather leggings. Oh, well,... it's ME again. haha...

So, did you try any boots yet? I tried Miu Miu, Givenchy, Balenciaga, Dior, pierre hardy.. but think this Givenchy look would last!! :)


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