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Mommies Outing Fun to Six Flag Discovery Kingdom!!

As most of you already knew, I have way too much energy that I had to let it all out on the weekends!!! I must feel that life is short and I had to enjoy every moment w/ my kids, family, and friends! Besides, it is great to keep in touch w/ your friends who might lost contact for a while and why not starting from YOU, at this very moment, just call them up or email them right away!!! :)

I told my friends that I am starting celebrating my 25th year old anniversary each year!!! lol In case you don't already know, my age stays at 25-year-old forever!! Geez, how come I am so afraid of aging!! hahaha....

Today, I leave DH and little daughter, Ilona, at home. DH has to work extra hard at home to keep up my ever growing luxury spending...(oh, Honey, I know you love me so much!!!!) My high school pal, Judy and I decided to drive ourselves w/ kids to Six Flag Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo.

MY ODJ is bright, bright and bright!! :)

Chanel 08 gray jumbo classic!!

Today, we tried so many new things, new rides, and I even challenge this "balance skill" climbing thing.....which I failed after 2 attempts!!
But I am up to the challenge in the future, we'll see next time I get the biggest reward!!! haha...

I carried my Chanel as messenger style ..then pull out the chain to carry on the shoulder....oh, so no one could possibly rub my bag away!! ha ha ha...

The priceless moment of my daughter, Abby's smile!! :)

Needless to say, everyone had a great time today!!

Judy and her son enjoy the last dance of Zomba!!! :)

We left home around 10:30AM and got home around 10PM. We went to Just Koi in Dublin city to have dinner before heading home. The dishes are delicious and we are very content!!

Duckling tongue.

Frying rice noodles w/ pickled veggie.

I had this "mo mo chia chia" dessert to go, just so I can enjoy this good eats once again!!

I am still up right now after finishing folding the clothes, doing dishes and blogging!!! If I ever feel I have to go to sleep is only because I am worried about having dark circles under eyes and disturbing my body cycle to generate collagen!!! lol


babyskyblue said…
Rachel, i agree you have very much energy. But it is always fun to watch the pictures you took!! Well, to be honest I am already tired just by looking at the pictures. But I guess you also need to keep the kids occupied too!
litlstrawberry said…
thank you, dear. I think I would be so exhausted if I went alone but not w/ friends came along too.
You know, we even ride the Spin thing (kinda like roller coaster thing) w/ Abby, while my son and Judy's son wait aside. Since the entrance and exist are the same sides, so the staff even can watch the kids for us....and let us get on the rides!!!!

Do you think sometimes girls are more adventurous than guys??? Well, it's just my son and Judy's son seem easy to back out at the last min. of getting on the ride but not my daughter, Abby!! haha.... Yay, I am trying as much as possible spending time w/ my kids cause' I always think when they get older, they'd rather going out w/ their friends!!! Just like US when we are YOUNG!! right?!!! :)

Oh, one of these days I am going to find a "thin" scarf which I can wrap around my Birkin for extra protection from getting dirty by my hands. :)
babyskyblue said…
Rachel, I just came back to view the pictures again. Abby is so adorable, just noticed the picture with her sweetest smile!!!
Yes, when kids older, they would rather hang out with friends than parents. They will hardly go out with you. But it all depends how they're brought up. Not every kid's like that. I am sure yours will be just fine! :)
Are you considering using twilly to wrap the handles? I have always wanted to try, but don't get a chance as being a cheapie like me, I can't justify spending CDN$150+ (x 2 for birkin) to buy a twilly just to wrap around the handle; and I don't have long hair so I can't use twilly as hair band. Oh, maybe you could try, as you have long and beautiful hair. :)
Anonymous said…
looks like you guys had a great time. would you recommend that place for 3 year old? i love your bright outfit, which is great with kids so they can spot you right away!
litlstrawberry said…
Good morning, Michele:
Today is Abby's birthday and I am going to school in a min. to celebrate for her. The first time I do this at school w/ her classmate. :) She is big girl now and compare to Ilona, she is more attached to me than Ilona who is more bounded w/ DH. haha..

So it is called Twilly...didn't bother to ask again when SA told me that I could use THEM for a handle wrap. hahah.... Well, we will see then. Except for hair band, can you just use them as a tight them together for a longer one. hum.... well, DH would say we womem can always find a way to SPEND!!! :P
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, dos:
of course you can take 3 year old kid there and have tons of fun. But I would recommend to go w/ friends. REally, we probably only go there by ourselves ONCE then been there w/ friends at least 3 or 4 times and the best part is we don't need to go on any "tiny" ride when kids go along!! :) It is a BIG BIG place so it really is more fun talking, walking, dinning there w/ friends of yours and theirs (kids). We realized that we would spend less time there if we go alone but again, still fun!! :)
litlstrawberry, looks like you and the kids had a lot of fun. What a great way to spend the Labor day weekend! BTW, the rice-noodle dish looks delicious :)
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Engineering beauty: You know, we always order more than what we could consume...we always think we can take out the left-over...Judy and I ordered way too much, there are even 3 more dishes that I didn't post pic. of them...well, good thing is I already finished my left-over yesterday!!!!! :) DH never been to Dublin city before so I am taking him next time when we go Six Flag! The whole shopping center in Dublin serves very tasty food and they have nicer interior design compare to most Asia restaurants in the shopping center. You should give it a try too. :)
White Lily said…
the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue center light pop and everybody goes 'Awww!'
Jack Kerouac, On the Road.

Lovely quote don't you think? You are one of these ppl darling!

Everything from fashion, to food looks delicious!
litlstrawberry said…
Wow, Wow..Lily: You are so so so kind!!! The guy, Jack, is so so romantic. man.... I love this one:

A pain stabbed my heart as it did every time I saw a girl I loved who was going the opposite direction in this too-big world. -- Jack Kerouac

I could only wish I were a guy just so I could say those words to a girl I love!!!!!!! :)

I saw your yellow birkin and awe, it is so cute and bright. I love it too!!!

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