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Cropped, Stripped and Printed casual outfit.

Everytime I see this rooster cropped top with a lapel in my wardrobe, I gasped the unique rooster prints, the baby blue and the sheen. Happily recycled it from my wardrobe and I doubt I will ever get tired of wearing it. As for the stripped bottom, I bought it when I traveled to Tokyo last month. I haven't had chance to strut myself in a pair of gaucho or culottes and this is a perfect one for our weather in San Francisco. Shorts might sometimes be too cold for the feet in gusty wind in the city and long pants might be too dressy for a casual weekend. Such a versatile pair of pants, Culottes, why didn't I try you out sooner??? 

 A.W.A.K.E cropped rooster print top, adam et Rope Culottes, Sandro polyester heels, Alaia cut-out tote, Dior sunglasses 
Have fun and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!! xoxo Rachel