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Chanel Runway Sweatshirt

Don't you agree that sweatshirt is getting fancier and fancier with its texture and patterns every year!? Even Chanel made this breathtaking sweatshirt for its pre-fall runway this year. I adore the satin ribbons, the cotton twined into braids and then they weave altogether. Aw... I have ran out of my vocabulary but you get what I am trying to acclaim here. 

Sweatshirt is a versatile piece in any wardrobe and it becomes a luxury wear when pairing with heels and intricate baubles. Literally, it is so perfect to do layering when the weather gets chilly and perfect just to wear by itself.  I have to pat my back and thank my SA that he reserved this piece for me. How lucky I am!

The whole complexity of Shui Chen fall 2013 tweed collar blouse and Chanel sweatshirt made me so happy!!

Try a high-design sweatshirt.
xoxo Rachel 

Something that I always wear during holidays~

It is sequins. Also because I try to rotate wearing my clothes once every year until I decided to donate it.  Sequins is one thing that I won't wear much until holidays. Those bling bling and shiny glitters uplift the holiday spirit so there is no way that I should hide it away. 

I think the patterns inside this Mongolia fur echoes perfectly with black/white Chanel vest.

Chanel Vintage vest, Cotelac Mongolia fur vest, sequins leggings, Stella McCarthy black cotton dress, Ash leopard hightop sneakers.

Selfie time... 

 hum... it is not so overwhelming at all, maybe I can wear black sequined legging anytime of the year more often... 

Do some jump-rope action to pump up your heartbeat.
xoxo Rachel  

An Overall - all age appropriate!!

I love overalls and I think they are cute and appropriate for every age. My mom actually gave me this overall and she is the one who wears it quite often and encourages me to try them on. Well, what can I say, sometimes, have an open mind and take in some advices, you might be the one who benefits the most. 

Enjoy California's fabulous weather without heavy coat. 
xoxo Rachel 

Shui Chen New York - Keeps your stylish look from 9 to 5 in check!!

Have you ever tried pearl milk tea?? 
Oh, you should.  Those pearls are made by corn starch and they are tiny balls that keep your afternoon sugar/snack carving in check. Once a while, live a life, a little junk food won't kill ya! Seriously, regardless the fact that chewing those starchy pearls might make your jaw muscles overly developed,  you should give this Asian treats a try. Besides, you really count on those jaw muscles to pull your face upward while you age anyway, right??

Irene wears Shui Chen big collar jacket from fall 2013  and the matching leather patched leggings. I wear the short leather sleeve sweater and my own clothes from past seasons. 

Enjoy a pearl drink when you spot one.  xoxo Rachel 

Generic is where inspiration originated from!

Concept? Ideas? Aren't every fabulous piece of garment starting from an abstract imagination in our thinking?? If you can't see a beauty beyond its generic form, you must train yourself be more creative. 
During Thanksgiving last year, we traveled to Honolulu and I laid my eyes on this BV coat the moment I saw it. It is one of the most fabulous coats I ever collected. It is Bottega Veneta's fall 2013 collection and I like every part of it. The back and the shoulder are just fascinating and so feminine with its petal-like 3D cutting. The color? Oh, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! It is an instant face highlighter without actually applying anything on my face. 

Now I am just grateful that I am tall enough to pull this look off. ^O^

Shui Chen leather short-sleeve top, Maje leather pants, Valentino patent navy studded flat, BV wool coat, Hermes mini Constance  

Just trying to catch up with my blog post.  xoxo Rachel