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10 January, 2014

Something that I always wear during holidays~

It is sequins. Also because I try to rotate wearing my clothes once every year until I decided to donate it.  Sequins is one thing that I won't wear much until holidays. Those bling bling and shiny glitters uplift the holiday spirit so there is no way that I should hide it away. 

 photo IMG_9542_zps4ce9c6c0.jpg
I think the patterns inside this Mongolia fur echoes perfectly with black/white Chanel vest.

Chanel Vintage vest, Cotelac Mongolia fur vest, sequins leggings, Stella McCarthy black cotton dress, Ash leopard hightop sneakers.

 photo IMG_9938_zps0e9cb31e.jpg
Selfie time... 

 photo IMG_9936_zps27cefa4a.jpg
 hum... it is not so overwhelming at all, maybe I can wear black sequined legging anytime of the year more often... 

Do some jump-rope action to pump up your heartbeat.
xoxo Rachel  

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