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10 January, 2014

Chanel Runway Sweatshirt

Don't you agree that sweatshirt is getting fancier and fancier with its texture and patterns every year!? Even Chanel made this breathtaking sweatshirt for its pre-fall runway this year. I adore the satin ribbons, the cotton twined into braids and then they weave altogether. Aw... I have ran out of my vocabulary but you get what I am trying to acclaim here. 

Sweatshirt is a versatile piece in any wardrobe and it becomes a luxury wear when pairing with heels and intricate baubles. Literally, it is so perfect to do layering when the weather gets chilly and perfect just to wear by itself.  I have to pat my back and thank my SA that he reserved this piece for me. How lucky I am!

 photo IMG_0457_zpsd156777e.jpg

 photo IMG_0559_zpsd3884601.jpg
The whole complexity of Shui Chen fall 2013 tweed collar blouse and Chanel sweatshirt made me so happy!!

Try a high-design sweatshirt.
xoxo Rachel 

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