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10 January, 2014

Shui Chen New York - Keeps your stylish look from 9 to 5 in check!!

Have you ever tried pearl milk tea?? 



Oh, you should.  Those pearls are made by corn starch and they are tiny balls that keep your afternoon sugar/snack carving in check. Once a while, live a life, a little junk food won't kill ya! Seriously, regardless the fact that chewing those starchy pearls might make your jaw muscles overly developed,  you should give this Asian treats a try. Besides, you really count on those jaw muscles to pull your face upward while you age anyway, right??

 photo IMG_8260_zpsb7b5ccb3.jpg
Irene wears Shui Chen big collar jacket from fall 2013  and the matching leather patched leggings. I wear the short leather sleeve sweater and my own clothes from past seasons. 

Enjoy a pearl drink when you spot one. 
xoxo Rachel 

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