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10 January, 2014

Generic is where inspiration originated from!

Concept? Ideas? Aren't every fabulous piece of garment starting from an abstract imagination in our thinking?? If you can't see a beauty beyond its generic form, you must train yourself be more creative. 
During Thanksgiving last year, we traveled to Honolulu and I laid my eyes on this BV coat the moment I saw it. It is one of the most fabulous coats I ever collected. It is Bottega Veneta's fall 2013 collection and I like every part of it. The back and the shoulder are just fascinating and so feminine with its petal-like 3D cutting. The color? Oh, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! It is an instant face highlighter without actually applying anything on my face. 

Now I am just grateful that I am tall enough to pull this look off. ^O^

 photo IMG_7980_zpsad40b6c3.jpg

 photo IMG_9742_zps31216119.jpg

 photo IMG_9738_zps559551c4.jpg
Shui Chen leather short-sleeve top, Maje leather pants, Valentino patent navy studded flat, BV wool coat, Hermes mini Constance  

Just trying to catch up with my blog post. 
xoxo Rachel 

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