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Last Steal Before s/s 2010!!

It has been a while since the last time DH and I went out for a DATE!!

Well, I guess a real DATE is just too luxury for us having 3 young children and it always needs a special arrangement for it to happen. Ilona won't go to preschool until this fall so hopefully by then, DH and I will have more romantic date-out alone!!!

DH's Porsche is manual and I have no problem of driving it too. Thanks to my driving coach back in Taiwan so I can drive both manual and auto-shift cars!! :)

I am not so into cars personally!...... IT to me is one kind of transportation means from destination A to destination B. :)

Ilona sits pretty cozily at the back seat!

Finally there is my Chanel 08' pink crystals brooch.


1. Top: 
  • Dimension Victorian style white shirt dress
  • RUGBY military inspired coat
  • et vous fur coat
2. Bottom:
Dolce Vita denim cut-out leggings
3. Shoes:  09' fall Proenza Schouler platform cap toe pump w/ wooden heels
4. Accessory:
  • Chanel 08' pink crystals, camellia, pearls brooch
  • Lanvin leopard happy tote 08'
  • BCBG brass studs wide belt

DH and I took Ilona out for lunch at P.F. Chang. We love the fry banana w/ ice cream there.

There is always room for dessert!! hehe...

Cathy and I met together in the afternoon. I fell in love w/ this teal peep toe platform heels by Nicolas Kirkwood right away. The best part is a deal of additional 15% off today ... that pair only costs me $260!! ^O^ Cathy couldn't resist the fact that the heels is just too gorgeous and sexy let alone the deal is so good, she bought the same pair at the end!!

Sexy looking from every ankle!

My only suede heels of this year!!!

My two the most architectural aesthetic heels!!

This is Cathy's new lace, two toned leggings...I am not sure if they go together..!!?

Then I found another perfect pair of ballet flat for myself...Lanvin calfskin w/ gem-stone and you know what,....I can't believe the original price is $785 down to $260!!!  Why do they have to set the MSRP price that high at the first place????!

 I didn't buy any CL heels...just fun to try them on!!

309 * 85% = $262! Great steal!!

Have a fun weekend, everyone!!!

Don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY! :)


Love your outfit and new buys (your friend's leggings are pretty cool, would love to see a picture of them styles! And I especially love your fur vest... It's a perfect thing to wear for a date! It seems to me men just really want to get all touchy touchy with a woman wearing fur, it's like tehy'd never miss a chance to hug you a little lol (speaking from personal experience)
Maria Tavares said…
Ooooh, the kid is just too adorable!!! Loved the photos and the post is a great inspiration. :D
LOVE the Chanel brooch and the NK heels! The fried bananas at P.F. Chang's are the best.
shockboogie said…
What great steals!!!

I wish my Nordies carried designer shoes:(... I'm so missing out on the sale:(....
Mother of Style said…
Looks like you had fun! I love a good bargain, too :)
susanh98 said…
Oh I love both shoes!!!! so pretty and really what a great deal! so lucky.
have a good weekend!
Mona P said…
Love your new heels and the brooch! Congrats!
litlstrawberry said…
Thank you, the thanksgiving girl. :) And thank you for the sugar doll award...... :) you know how much I like that title "sugar doll", guess it has been awhile that someone would call me that. haha.......... Sugar doll sounds even better than sweetheart. hahahah... ok...I should stop.

I will ask Cathy to style that leggings and see if I can take a photo of her. She said she is lazy to do all the layering like I do so fancy leggings is her thing!!! :)

hum...the fur, but it depends, right? If your fur is too fancy, fancy, or pricey, I guess it actually scares GUYS away. Besides, guys normally don't like "LOOKING-too-high-maintenance" look of girl?!!, aren't they?!! hehe....
litlstrawberry said…
Thank you, Maria. Geez, you are so so young..... 19!!!!
litlstrawberry said…
hey, Mike, how are you? Thanks for stopping by and I like your recent post of very street chic hobo bag too :)

I start checking out CNS website about toys and maybe I should ask them send me a free toy too. haha...
litlstrawberry said…
Hey, Rox: How have you been? Did you get more CL heels? Your blog is getting so cool of the looking...... guess I am too lazy to figure a fancy one of my own. :P

oh, I can't believe your nordi. doesn't carry designer's shoes...cause' I think our nordi. is boring enough!!!!!! :(
litlstrawberry said…
Thank you Mona. It has been a while to see your last comment here. :)
litlstrawberry said…
hey, Susan: I got thank you for those restaurants you recommended. Cathy said that they saved a lot of effort of finding FOOD to eat when they were in SD. They tried couple of the asia restaurants but I dont' remember which one they liked the most!! anyway, thanks so much and maybe I will ask you again when WE go down there this year then!!!! oh, are you going back to Taipei though? We are probably going back in end of Feb. or early March.
Beautiful fur vest and great leggings! And congrats on the fabulous purchases! Kirkwood shoes are so amazing! I have been eyeing a few on sale here, but I think I will wait until they get marked down even more... I already spent too much this week ;-) I also purchased a pair of Lanvin flats this week... they're so comfortable! Love the pair you got. I sometimes also don't understand why they set prices so high. They should know people won't pay that much...

Ilone is truly adorable in these pics by the way!
lilmissb said…
Happy New Year!

Gorgeous shoe buys (great bargains too!) and love the leggings.
Purse Addict said…
um, i'm SO jealous of your incredible finds!!!!!! I'm seriously abt to run out the door right now to see if I can find anything at the Nordies next to my house :D
litlstrawberry said…
hey, Haute girl: you are right about how comfy the Lanvin flats are. I bought miu miu and ... well, don't like them as much as i do w/ their heels... and I only like the look of miu miu shoes but never be impressed w/ their comfortableness. :P Oh, the lanvin flat, on the other hand, is just so comfy and almost feel my feet are cozy in there too!!!! Anyway, horay to lanvin flats!!

Oh, NK heels are impressively comfy too. Well, compared to my Shouler heels, CL studs heels, I think I am going to look for more NK heels in the next season. He is not just an architect but also a great shoe designer now. :)
litlstrawberry said…
hehe.. Jenny: you know, I had the same feeling everytime I saw your CL fab. find. I almost feel like the urge of rushing out the door ASAP. Well,... I guess it is either the price stops me or my kids slow me down dramatically. haha....

I know you have at least one pair of their heels but not sure if you bought MORE!! :)
litlstrawberry said…
hey, thanks, Panda girl!!! Are you ready for spring?
Mona P said…
Rachel, I left you a long message in your previous post about furniture hunting/giveaway. Did you see it?

I was away visiting my family back home, but I am back now.
LS said…
oh my! I can't believe what a steal the Lanvins and Kirkwoods are! They're beautiful btw, especially the Lanvins :).
Ilona looks adorable too!
And I love the brooch that you wore, I was wondering if you have any close up pics of the brooch?
chocolaine said…
OMG Rach! this is HOT. so hot! i love every single piece of your ODJ including your hair and makeup. esp love the makeup. oh mine... did i tell you you look hot already? HOT!!!!!!
Hi Rachel! Congrats on your new buys. I guess it's really "unstoppable" when it comes to a great deal! LOL!!

I got a pair of Lanvin flats too during the sale but in a different design....and of course a couple more shoes....:P Oh I got the Proenza Schouler heels like yours from net-a-porter, but the quality is bad for a pair of high-end shoes (at least the pair I got has very "creased" soles and the wooden part had a bit of a peeling...), and it's really uncomfy (the arch is not for my foot). So I had to return it. Glad they work for you though. It's pretty heavy shoes too and must feel so tired when you walk in them for 2 hours! LOL!

Anyway, I just came back from was fun!!! Really an eye-opener of the culture and history and of course, Wai's WEDDING of the century!!

Will do a travelogue on my trip soon on my blog. Must recover first.....both DH and I are having stomach problems....Must be all the food we have eaten! LOL!

Have a nice week ahead!

litlstrawberry said…
Ah, Mia: yes, I guess you and your DH must got some EXOTIC bacteria from the food you have been eaten. hahaha...

ANyway, I am looking forward to your travelogue.

Oh, yes, the P. Shouler shoes is not so comfy but for the look, it is amazingly gorgeous. hah... We will suffer for something speaking of keeping up looking good in every age..hehe...

Oh, I love my Lanvin flat very much and I think I even forgot about my two tone ones from last year. Mine new pair has a texture looking on its calf skin and it really is comfy and pretty looking of flats. Money worth it!!

So, did you get anything from Burma? I know the best deal there probably only is local stuff!! :)

Have a good rest!!
susanh98 said…
Hi Rachel;

I'm glad your friend had a chance to try some of the suggested places. I hope she enjoyed the food.
Yes we are going back again to TPE this summer and we have decided to make it a tradition. Although it is so hot I really don't like the hot and humid portion of the trip. haha. Oh I really do miss are you going back soon? It must be so much better to go now.
Anyway let me know when you do come down to SD maybe I will have new places i can suggest :)
Take care!!
lilmissb said…
I'm ALWAYS ready for spring!!! But I'm currently in summer as I'm in the southern hemisphere so I'll be going into winter when you guys into spring *sob*. Hate winter but I am inspired by your brilliant winter outfits!

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