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Back to Fashion Bussiness!! Lace Leggings is Just Getting Hotter n' Hotter!!!

Now, seriously, I am back in shape!!! :P

You know, whenever I am down, "rant" is the best therapy to me.

Today, I visited Cathy and we girls are happily talking about trends for 2010. After browsing through couple mag. at her house, I need to buy a magazine called "Ginza" ASAP!! :)

So, those are the things we two obsessed about recently!!

Oh, yes, everyone definitely has to be constantly in love w/ her/himself and I, myself, am no exception!! ^O^ No one would love you if you don't even LOVE yourself enough, agree?!!!!!


Chantecaille subtle navy eyeliner n' Jungle green eye shadow (from a complimentary gift bag)


Armani sheer blush blush #2 pale pink

I applied Chantecallie teal/blue eyeliner at both upper and lower eye, and Armani #2 blush!!

I am changing to my work-out outfit and going to do TRX n' Power Yoga w/ YU tonight!!!

3. Cathy's Daddy Long Legs two toned lace leggings!!  Since I have NK teal peep toe heels, I felt that I also need this pair of sexy leggings too. So w/o further delay, I called and did a special order today after SAs told me it is SOLD-OUT in the store!! ^O^ I think I have the same teal color of hosiery from HUE which can also pair it underneath the lace leggings for extra warm!!

Thanks to my dear friend, Cathy, for modeling this sexy leggings for me! 

Cathy pairs her leggings w/ another pair of blue leggings inside. 

This is when you wear it w/ bare legs.

Back to my ODJ!!
BP. plaid dress + Bible black mini dress w/ metal buttons at sides + Lerario Beatriz
washed wool vext + beige no-toes socks + Max. & Co. brown belt + Erica Beamon for Target clear bubble necklace!!

Love NK heels and it is so incredibly sturdy!!

This will be my last look w/ plaid pattern since it is kinda OUTDATED this season!!

Isn't that the coolest pair of no-toes socks!!!!!!

Shoes: NK teal peep toe
Bag: Chole 09' orange kelly

Have a great evening!!!!


susanh98 said…
hi rachel!

love the outfit!! And those socks are really cool! where did u get them? It's perfect for those type of heels. I need to find something like that :)
I'm loving your heels and the color especially!
litlstrawberry said…
haha... in a million years, you will never guess where did I find that socks. hhe... Cathy asked the same thing and did couple guess then I am bored...... hahha.. ok... I got them at Half Moon Bay!!! What the he**, right? Well, I bought them at a boutique in downtown half moon bay..well, there is only one st. so I don't know if I can say it is located at downtown. I couldn't make the name out of the boutique but there really isn't many there.

And thanks for your sweet word. I typically don't like suede as much as I do w/ leather but this NK heels is a total knockout!! :)
Hi R! Glad you're back in shape! Oh well, we constantly have to make ourselves happy in order to keep people around us happy. So yes, do anything that will make yourself happy as long as you don't neglect your family of course. :D (Haha I totally agree that you need to love yourself before anyone will love you. But of course not to the point of being "narcissistic" if you know what I mean. :D)

I'm still recovering from my diarrhea...haha! I think i need this detoxification badly! LOL!

Love your outfit. Haha...I wore a pair of lace tights too to Wai's wedding and layer a pair of loose pants with slit above it (will post pix of my 4 ODJs/gown I wore to the wedding soon). I love lace too! It's good that you have great legs to wear any hosiery patterns. It looks good with your NK heels. Oh did you see other NK heels in Nordies? Anything which looks like booties with peeptoes? I have been wanting a pair of NK heels (esp. those with the pearls) but no luck so far.

Ah, I have the same Giorgio Armani blush-on you have. It's a great color which give you just the right amount of pinkish tone on your cheeks. Giorgio Armani is one of my favorite brands for make-up, esp. their limited edition palettes and of course foundation.

Chantecaille is a great brand as well. Did you ever try their skincare? Their Pure Rosewater, Flower Harmonizing Cream and also Jasmine & Lily Healing Mask are the best. You can give them a try. So soothing to the skin.

Anyway, have a great week ahead.

Aw you look super cool in this outfit, Rachel!! The coolest mom on the block for sure :)
shockboogie said…
I am loving the lace leggings. I have the Kova & T ones and just love them to death. Thing is, it's been so cold here in MI - that I can't wear them out or else I will freeze. Hmm... maybe I'll try to wear them today for brunch since your post inspired me!

Love the Nicholas Kirkwoods too. How do you size in them? US TTS?
LS said…
Those socks are so cool and I think the way you wore them adds a feminine touch to the socks. The lace leggings are so pretty, I hope you get them soon!
litlstrawberry said…
hi, Rax: You know, I checked all the lace leggings and they are so, over $100. I thought my Chanel two tone/two layered one is expensive enough for $150. Well, but it is very durable so well worth the money.

I don't know how those lace leggings hold up since I have not received mine until next week. That Daddy long legs is only $40 and even plus shipping, I paid $52 for it. I think that's fair price. Of course, Kova & T has very sexy leggings but I know those leggings' price are insane on those sites. :)

The NK heels is kinda the same as CL. I go up to half size since they don't have 1 size bigger of my normal size. I am glad since it is a peeptoe and suede leather, I can count on a little stretch and it doesn't hurt my toes. haha...
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Mia:
Great to know you are fine but perhaps just couple "excuse me" for the restroom. :P

Yes, i have tried those product from Chantecallie but never really get addicted to. Probably too expensive ... and we girls these days believe micro-cosmetic surgery is the best for treating all sorts of skin problem or even maintain skin's youth looking. hahahahah.. you know, I think I will go back to Taiwan and try this 飛梭雷射!!!! I am not sure if that's the right Chinese but sure it treats wrinkles, blotches, freckles, scars, discoloration, and tighten the skin....etc...blah .... I have heard that from two of my friends. One of them tried it but I guess that treatment needs at least 3 to 5 times to see the actual result so I can't seem to find any trace on my friend's face. hahahahha.. anyway....

Oh, the NK booties... hum... I can't justify $1000 for his shoes so I never really look into his collection. But maybe future if I ever found a great deal, I'd go for it!! :) Good luck to you too!!!

Oh, those are Cathy's legs not MINE. hahaha...... I was wondering how about cathy and I both wear that same leggings and NK heels out together and do a post of it. haha... but sure our top will style differently on us!!!!! That sounds fun, isn't it!?
Those NK shoes are AMAZING!
LS said…
my dbf used to dress very "boring-ly", only black or white or dark blue shirts with bare or minimal designs . After we started dating, I started getting him into more funky designs and he does like dressing up too.
And yes, my dbf is a rather sentimental guy, actually, I think it is more because I'm a very sentimental person, perhaps that is part of the reason why I got him that wallet.
Whatdo you mean by your DH is kind of "dump"?
litlstrawberry said…
haha.. LS, I mean my DH normally doesn't understand when I express my feeling if I didn't point it out very clearly..... he would kinda GUESSING what do I mean and then sometimes he would say.... hum...I never had that feeling/emotion so I don't know!! &^%$###^&**(.....
Geez...I mean, he is the dumpiest guy in the world and I picked him. hahahahaha... I think I am blessed cause' I get to train and educate him about how does a woman feel when blah blah blah...hhahahaha...
Anonymous said…
love the outfit! totally awesome :)
silverhartgirl said…
At first I thought wow I love those legging then I saw the skirt.I love the skirt and it looks great with the orange bag.
cheeky_deb said…
Love those you have an SA at In Step?
lilmissb said…
Another outfit that hits it out of the ballpark! LOVE every bit of that outfit especially the metal button mini. Where do get those brands? We don't get them in Oz.

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